A Jeanne Lanvin couture pink organza evening gown, ‘Bocage’, Summer, 1933 

Unlabelled, bias cut with raised waistline, flared skirt, the sleeves formed from a cage-like lattice made from organza strips, with a small point at each join to give texture, with broad waist sash

For an identical model see 'Lanvin’ Palais Galliera catalogue p229. The design for this dress is preserved within the Lanvin archive, 1933 Volume III. It was shown in pale green and originally cost 1800 francs. ]


An early Jeanne Lanvin couture grey-green satin afternoon dress, 1913 

With narrow yellow on ivory label to the broad waist stay, with rouleaux band defining the raised waistline, the sleeves, neck edging and side panels of paisley printed and woven kashmir wool densely over-embroidered in coloured silks and metal threads and couched silk cords, silver thread covered bauble buttons, embroidered and lead weighted hem.

Perfumes for the Signs

Capricorn (dedicated, egoistic, responsible): Cuir de Russie, Chanel 

Aquarius (assertive, detached, idealistic): Endymion Concentré, Penhaligon’s

Pisces (artistic, impressionable, compassionate): Songes, Annick Goutal

Aries (independent, impatient, energetic): Gypsy Water, Byredo

Taurus (dependable, stubborn, sensual): Fleurs D’Oranger, Serge Lutens

Gemini (intellectual, impulsive, changeable): L’Heure Bleue, Guerlain

Cancer (gentle, defensive, contemplative): Philosykos, Diptyque 

Leo (charismatic, aggressive, decisive): Portrait of a Lady, Frederic Malle

Virgo (analytical, critical, conscientious): Alaïa, Alaïa Paris

Libra (kind, indecisive, diplomatic): Le Parfum, Elie Saab

Scorpio (perceptive, possessive, focused): Thé Noir, Le Labo

Sagittarius (enthusiastic, irresponsible, adventurous): Arpège, Lanvin