Lani Tupu


This is a Lani Tupu Appreciation Post.

Because as Crais, he’s a a poignant and powerful character of great scope and complexity.

And as the voice of Pilot, he brings so much emotion and life that you completely forget that you’re looking at a puppet (this is a great strength of Farscape in general - when you accept puppets as though they’re actual living creatures with thoughts and feelings, something’s working right). 

But on top of that, it occurs to me that through those two characters, he also shoulders the bulk of the responsibility for representing the intricacies of both Talyn AND Moya. Both ships are living beings whose voices and emotions are conveyed through their links to Crais and Pilot, respectively, and consequently their characterisation is heavily reliant upon Lani’s performances. This is particularly impressive in the case of Talyn, who has loads of personality and a complex psychological state, much of which we experience via observation of the way Crais interacts with him. Providing the voice for a puppet is one thing - convincing the audience of the sentience and thought-processes of LIVING SHIPS is a whole other level of awesome. Bonus points for literally making me cry over them.

So, basically, I guess Lani Tupu kinda plays four central characters on Farscape, and every one of them is uniquely amazing. And I appreciate the heck out of it.

Also, he has a great name. 


Crais and Crichton in the episode Won’t Get Fooled Again, in the show Farscape.