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You remind me of subaki, cute and perfect

Me: *half collapsed on my bed with a nice shade of exhaustion under my eyes, surrounded by books about postmodern analysis of language, morality and gender in old and recent story telling, with 30 tabs open (among which 29 are about Little Red Riding Hood, feminism, victim blaming, the big bad wolf, the figure of the rescuer, color symbolism and various clips from Tex Avery’s Red Hot Riding Hood, and 1 is tumblr). I don’t know what time it is. I now have to write no less than 8 pages solely about the red hood. I can’t wait to write 3 or 5 lines about Velouria in this 100 pages long paper.*

Me: Impossible. The compliment goes straight to my heart but Tsubaki is a babe. 10/10 would S-support again.

Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 2)

3 - Physical Intimacy :

In the human body, the most vulnerable areas, are considered the neck, the face and the torso ( it contains most of our vital organs such lungs and heart ). If you do not like someone or if you are not close to them ( in other words, you don’t trust them), you will not give them access to those ‘vulnerable’ areas. You will always angle your torso away, cover you neck or look away even without realizing it. For example, in metro/subway stations, you will notice how everyone is almost always ‘curling’ into themselves around strangers. That’s mainly because the brain signals to the body whether that someone is 'safe’ to be around or not and the body reacts accordingly. Therefore, the more comfortable you are around someone, the more trusting and open your body language would be with them. 

By observing Kaisoo for several years now, I noticed how unguarded their bodies seem to be around each other. Personal space is not much of an issue in their interactions. They don’t flinch away from physical contact, even if it is initiated by either of them in a unexpected way.

 I find this is quite interesting because out of all the EXO members, I would say that those two are the most conscious of their personal and physical space. This can be seen in the way they shy away from fanservice, unlike some of the other members. They also tend to stick to the ‘corners’ in crowded stages, areas or choose to remain behind the rest, slight pressed to them. Those are all clues/indications of an introverted body language. So for them to be perfectly okay with little to almost no personal space between them, that’s an undeniable sign of how close/intimate they are. 

Note the pictures below.

Notice how they heads almost always angled towards one another in most of the pictures/gifs above. There is an evident natural ease in their bodies when they’re touching.

I also observed how they tend to press up against each other when seated or standing next to one another.

Also, in most off-stage group pictures they take, they are often maintaining bodily contact, gravitating to one end of the queue or to the corner.

They also maintain physical contact when there is no reason for either of them to be close.

 In this picture below, Kai had no actual reason to press up against Kyungsoo. As you can see, there is enough space for him to stand elsewhere.

Also, technically, if Kai wanted to balance himself, he didn’t have to wrap his hands around Kyungsoo’s waist in this picture below. He could’ve easily folded them behind his back.

Same observation :

In here, I can’t see the need in Kai wanting to hold Kyungsoo’s hand. They were already next to each other.

Also, Kyungsoo had no immediate reason to cling to Kai’’s back/waist in here either.

 or here

What I found most intriguing is how receptive Kyungsoo is of the contact. He almost never pulls away or rejects Kai. It’s incredibly trusting how he even allowed Kai to touch his neck in several occasions. The neck is the part that we ,as humans, feel most protective of. Even if a family member were to try and touch your neck directly, you will unconsciously flinch or pull away because it is an instinctive response. However Soo displays no such hesitance. It’s interesting.

Something else to note is that whenever they whisper to each other, they expose their necks to the other person easily and without much though. You don’t notice a flinch or a hesitation in the contact. 

I have one more section left to cover in my analysis and I would like to leave it for another last post as I seem to be unable to upload anymore pics for some reason. I apologize for having to stop here. 

As always, I’d love to thank all the creators of the gifs and pics used in this post, none of them are mine. Also thank  you to whoever reading this :) 

I found some tweet of Harvey saying that apparently the Isles only had different languages “a long time ago”, and look, I can understand from a creator’s viewpoint that creating languages for a fictional world, as well as modeling the situations when a traveler would encounter situation where they might not be understood due to the cultural/language differences, is a pain in the ass, but listen. “One language for all”, as convenient it is for storytelling, is not a real thing. It won’t ever be. Not only would they have different languages on the Isles, even in case a single language was forced upon them, it would be more complicated than “one island = one language”, each island would probably have a fuckton of their own dialects, this kind of thing in inevitable on a territory this big

also you can pry my “Emily comes to Karnaca, feels confused as shit about the way people talk” and “Corvo arrived to Dunwall, decides to talk as little as possible because his thick accent might give people another reason to ridicule him” headcanons from my cold, dead fingers

Analyzing Rhink - The kiss that started it all

Introduction to the madness/discussions

In discussing our head canons for these two amazing men, and their epic love for each other, we talked about when we thought their relationship changed from epic soulmates to soul mates who fuck.

After a very loooong ass discussion, where we flailed incoherently for 28 pages, we came to the same conclusion: The romantic/sexual side of their relationship is only a very recent thing. We don’t think they’ve been sleeping together for years. We pinpointed the beginning of “something more” to the News Musical: Wedding Fail episode, better known as the Newsical-kiss, Plexi-kiss or the kiss that nearly killed the Rhink fandom.

We believe that the aftermath of the plexi-kiss showed them a side to their relationship that was previously, completely unexplored. This got them thinking, questioning what was between them. It made them realize feelings that they a) didn’t know they had and b) didn’t know how to deal with. Unfortunately, Rhett and Link didn’t kiss through the plexi-glass and ride off into the sunset. We think the aftermath of the plexi-kiss led to more denial and a great deal of angst. The plexi-kiss was a catalyst and where the change in their relationship began.

We invite you relax, take a seat and listen to our theory of how the plexi-kiss punched Rhett and Link in the face with feels.

So let’s talk about that.

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Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 1)

When you are attracted to someone or feel a certain intimate pull towards them, whether you are conscious of it or not, your body will expose you.  Unlike the mouth, the body does not lie. It essentially behaves upon instincts, therefore bypassing the process of filtering that thoughts/mental conceptions systematically go through in conversations. For example, someone frightens you, you jump away while screaming. You don’t plan your reaction, you just do. Someone is saying something that you do not like or disagree greatly with, you fold your arms tightly around your chest without even realizing it.

I’ve been studying psychology for 5 years as an option class alongside my main Masters in literature and I was fortunate enough to have great psychology professors. We talked about various themes and aspects of the human mind as well as the body. What I am going to use in this analysis is knowledge that I’ve gained through the courses and my own personal opinions/readings. I wanted to apply that on the case study of Kaisoo. The conclusion does not matter as much to me as the freedom to explore this option.

I’m going to provide a list of clues and behavioral patterns that the body of a male exhibits when attracted or feel emotionally connected to someone else. Those clues must not be taken separately but it’s rather the whole of them together that might signal an attraction/pull of a certain depth/degree.

1) The head tilt :

Whenever a certain someone is speaking and you always find yourself unconsciously titling your head ( to one side, sometimes alongside angling your body as well) while looking at them. Not once or twice but often around them and for a considerable period of time. That means that they hold your interest, in more than one way. It might not be interest in the physical sense but  they do somehow  ‘fascinate’ you, whether intellectually or by just being who they are. It mostly translates into you liking that person,appreciating how they speak and who they are in general.

I noticed that Kai does have a tendency of doing this while staring at Kyungsoo. I’ve observed Kai in several interviews and he does pay great attention to whoever speaking ( due to his personality/polite upbringing). However, what made me decide to add this in here is the fact he does it even when Kyungsoo is not talking or the focus of the conversation, like in here :

In the gif below,  I want you to take notice and compare the difference between Kai’s posture and Luhan’s ( The blond behind Kyungsoo). Both are actually looking at Soo. Who looks far more interested/engaged in your opinion ?

Now, Note the way Kai angles his head and body in the examples below.

His body is displaying clues of interest. The torso and the legs angle at where the person unconsciously want to be. 

2 - The Eyes

Eyes are a fundamental part of how we communicate with one another. . A glare, a glance, a gaze, a stare, the direction/duration of it ( up-down, down-up, brief, long, darting, fixed..) all mean different things. In case of attraction, how you look at your interest and how you feel about them usually go hand in hand. Also, personality and self-confidence play a great role in determining how you look at someone you like/admire.

If you’re confident and usually the type who’s open about how they feel, your stare would be long, fixed and ‘open’. In the case of Kai, he does stare at Kyungsoo quite often. However what’s peculiar about his staring is how deep and honest it is. He does not hide it nor does he seem to be conscious of it at times. Some believe that he stares at everyone the same but I do believe there is a difference. 

Here are some pics/gifs of what I have mentioned above :

His eyes also tend to ‘soften’.

Now Kyungsoo is different, he seems almost unable to hold Kai’s gaze for too long when he is looking at him directly. In most of the instances I found, Soo is almost always staring when Kai is not looking back or unaware, which I find quite interesting.

The gif below is clear indication of how  flustered he seems under the attention. Form the darting eyes, to the evident gulp and the tight timid smile. He is projecting typical clues of being nervous. 

However, note how ‘open’ his face is when he meets Kai’s eyes. His smile always genuine, teeth shown. 

I think there isn’t much to say on this :) I will prepare the second part next as this post got too long and it’s getting quite late here. There are still some other clues to cover. I will get to it as soon as I can. I will see you soon. 


PS : I would like to thank all the creators for the gifs and the pics. They are not mine, they belong to their respective owners. 

A Long Post About Tsubasa, Language and Culture

A fun “but what if?” to think about pertaining to Tsubasa Family is the language gap. Like we all know that there is one and Mokona is the translation matrix but what if the translation isn’t foolproof?

On the very simplest level this would result in accents. Kurogane would have a Japanese accent and I can’t get it out of my head that Valeria was a Scandinavian-ish country and Celes some combination of Celtic and medieval Russian culture so Fai’s accent would be something to behold wow. I can’t think of what language Syaoran and Sakura would speak and imagine our dimension wouldn’t have a comparable one, but basically they’d have practically the same accent, which Sakura would notice after a while and be like…huh.

But the magical formula for Mokona’s translation is probably altered world to world. I imagine that people don’t hear others speaking whatever their personal language is, but that Mokona just translates everything to the most widely used language in the area her magic covers. This would result in characters’ accents being more or less pronounced depending on the world. In Tokyo and Yasha Kurogane probably had only a mild accent, for example, while Fai’s was very pronounced. In a country that spoke a duplicate of Syaoran’s language, he wouldn’t have an accent at all according to the others. I imagine this really shaking the Family up for the first few worlds.

Another thing about a translation matrix like this would be that there’s literally no way to make up words - there would be words that simply didn’t translate. Kurogane’s language may have three words for something that Fai has never heard of, etc., and this could result hilariously. These words would either be translated to the closest thing or just not at all; imagine all the “wait what?"s and "come again?"s. There might even be words for emotions that wouldn’t translate (German has super long combined words for feelings that native English speakers haven’t even considered, for example). Culture and worldview are largely tied to language - go ask a linguist - so I think there could be some really interesting conundrums there as well.

And different languages have different metaphors for things! I can’t imagine that Mokona’s matrix works well enough to avoid misunderstandings there - it’s probably like a slightly more sophisticated Google Translate. There’s only so much one can do. So imagine all the crazy stuff these guys hear from each other! In English we refer to turning someone down as "friendzoning.” In German this is “giving them a basket.” I’d have to look stuff up for other languages but basically it’d be hilarious if Mokona translated these things literally according to the language of the world they were in. What if even words were translated literally? The German word for mustache translates literally to “over lips beard.” This is my favorite headcanon to think about.

The ways sentences are phrased can be different too. I had a German aunt whose English sentences could sometimes be a little odd. I watched a movie in German where “speaking through mimic” was said as “talking with hands and feet.”

This is really long and only barely talks about culture (I’m not even gonna delve into that) but I can see this being an interesting obstacle for Tsubasa Family. I imagine Fai’s language(s) (don’t tell me Valeria and Celes have the same language I will fight you) being kind of the “odd one out” of the bunch (we’ve seen clearly that his culture is the most different). So while he’s already a pretty eccentric guy, the way he says things must make him seem even weirder. Just because of how the translation works.

tl;dr: imagine if Mokona’s translation matrix was imperfect or slightly simpler than we always assume. There would be all kinds of interesting communication gaps.

It would be even more interesting to see the Family pick phrases and words and customs up from each others’ languages and cultures as time progresses.

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Sry to bother you, but I just wanted to tell you that your explanation about the japanese in your post "Life and Love on the Ice" is not right. The word for ice in japanese is "koori (氷、こおり)" and that is also what is used in the anime. Yes, you can use "aisu" but this is just the english loanword. Also your explanation of "ai" is wrong. "au" means "to meet" or "to merge", not love. But "ai" alone is a noun and means "love". So your explanation of the pun may work. Have a nice day!

Hey anon-chan! 

You are totally right, au using the kanji 会 does mean to meet. I falsely recalled the verb conjugation of to love as aimasu as well (but with different kanji) when in reality the conjugation is aishitimasu. To be fair there are many examples of words in Japanese that sound super similar but they use different kanji and I’m a little dyslexic so this mix up happens quite a lot. 

However, ai is not just a noun. It can be, sure, if you’re talking about love as a noun (i.e. my love, your love, this love) but ai is also the romaji pronunciation of 愛 which is the kanji base of the verb aishiteimasu which literally translates roughly to ‘to exist in a state of [being in] love’. But the really cool part is that the dictionary form of the verb ‘to love’ in Japanese is…. wait for it…. AISU. Source: My Genki Volume II Japanese Textbook 

So. Yeah. Noun and a verb. Like English, actually.

As for the thing about ice… honestly I feel like Japanese is a lot like English in that there’s more than one word for things. Take Haikyuu for example. Haikyuu is (if I’m not mistaken) the Japanese word for Volleyball but the characters consistently call it by it’s loanword name, baree or bareebooru instead.

Kadi Reaction to Xiu_Chen’s Jagi Moment

So I just saw this video (x) and Kyungsoo’s reaction literally broke my heart to pieces and I have decided to do a quick analysis about this.

Notice: I will be speaking terms of time because I am bad at gif-ing things from tumblr videos and when I get the chance I will try to add the actual pictures from it. I got them in now :)

First let’s talk about Kyungsoo’s reaction.

After they say “Jagi” in the video, Kyungsoo smiles and looks over to his right which is where the whole situation was going down. I can tell you right now that Kyungsoo’s smile is fake and that he’s feeling uncomfortable/mocked. 

When Kyungsoo genuinely smiles (and this goes very everyone else, it’s just more evident on certain people), his eyes pull back. In the video if you start at 0:26, Kyungsoo smiles but his eyes stay at their usual wideness.They don’t pull back at all and starts to dart his eyes side to side (he does it more towards the end of the video).  

You’d think he’s checking out the room but really when someone does this, they do it because their brain is searching for escape routes. But because he is aware (I assume, if not, he’s doing it subconsciously) that looking away shows a lack of interest or a want to escape, he starts fake smiling (he is almost using the tight lip smile) to feign interest and to hid his uncertainty.

Something else he does is look up towards the cieling (i forgot to gif this oops, just watch closely on the previous gifs, you’ll see it) When people do this, they are remembering something they once saw and because he is also looking to the sides, it shows that he is also remembering something he heard. And what could this possibly be? He was probably remember the time (or times) Jongin visible called him Jagi. 

Next, something he does two times or so, is look down at his lap.

first time:

second time:

 When people do this it’s usually because they’re nervous, anxious, embarrassed, uncomfortable, shy or feel defeated (like when people lose a game and they hang their heads low) and you can definitely tell that he’s feeling pretty much all of these emotions.

Something else he does in the video is lick his lips.

 in this case it is caused by nervousness and not desire, so it’s a self-comforting signal. When we do this we want to touch (pull the lip) or lick it to release some inner tension by stimulating the nerves in our lips.This sort of licking usually happens quickly and in the video you can tell Kyungsoo does it quite fast.

But why would kyungsoo be feeling this way? Probably because, Jagi isn’t a word said by friends and has a special meaning. This word is something I assume Jongin mainly calls Kyungsoo which is possibly why Kyungsoo was more affected by it - it made him feel like they were mocking the name only Jongin calls him thus making him feel that way.

Now, Jongin.

Jongin is not as evidently affected by what was going on but he still had a reaction to the whole thing. 

At first he has a small smile on his (probably do to something that happened previously) then a couple of seconds after “Jagi” is first said, his eyes flicker upwards. Do you remember what I said this means? It means he remembers something he once saw (which could be remembering Kyungsoo’s reaction to him calling the latter ‘Jagi’).

 Then he starts to smile but of course it’s fake, no pull of the eyes and he spins to look at the others. (there’s a part where he almost looks like he’s snickering but I’m not sure). He continues watching but not his face is neutral so really there’s not much to say about that. then he looks back to his left, which is the side Kyungsoo is at, and he’s laughing but the moment he looks over, his laugh almost immediately pulls back. 

This happens just as Kyungsoo’s face goes from fake smiling to looking upset again and I’m guessing Jongin realizes how Kyungsoo may be feeling about the whole situation, especially since he continues to stop (fake) smiling.

Again this is just a quick analysis of the moment and it was really rushed and messy. I’m also sorry I couldn’t add gifs and pictures I’m really bad at it when it comes to using a computer.

How to do a Language Analysis:

The English language can be so deep sometimes. One thing may mean several different other things. It gets really confusing. I think that learning how to do a language analysis (If you can take anything away from school) is great. It gives you depth and insight to into the world and how YOU can be persuaded. It also gets used everywhere; in newspapers, advertisements on TV and on billboards, cartoons. Everything you see could potentially persuade you to do something.

Good Questions to Ask:

When looking at a piece of text or an image ask yourself these questions:

1.      What is the Title, where does it come from (Source), when was it made (Date)

2.      Who is the Author

3.      Issue: What issue is being explored within the article?

4.       Contention: What is the author’s contention in relation to the issue?

5.       Tone: Describe the author’s tone.

6.       Identify examples of metalanguage (persuasive devices, I’ll go into this later on) within this article.  

7.       Discuss the image in relation to the article.

8.      Discuss the title in relation to the article.

Answering Question 1:

The first question is pretty straight forward, but the important things to look at are the source and the date. Is the source biased? (i.e Fox news) Or is it objective? What was happening around the time it was made? What wasn’t happening? The title is important too. The title gives you an idea of what the article is about and the authors viewpoint.

Answering Question 2:

The second question is simple as well. But, again, you need to look at who wrote the article. Are they biased? Are they objective? Is this a personal issue for them? Have they written similar things in the past? These will help you understand where the article is coming from.

Answering Question 3:

The issue is extremely important. It is the basis for the article. For this question you need to read through the article. The issue is usually easy to find. You cannot write a one word answer for this question and the following questions. Ask yourself; What is the issue? Are there any sub-issues? Has this issue been in the news lately? If so, what point of view is the general public taking? For instance, in an article, the issue is about abortion. It is a controvercial topic and the writers stance is pro choice. The writer also notes the importance of making abortions legal and how this issue can be resolved. You need to put all of that in your answer. The issue is never just abortion or just refugees, there is usually something else going on. Its normally refugees and something, abortion and something. This question should take a paragraph to answer.

Answering Question 4:

The authors contention is very important as well. The Contention is what the author believes in within the issue. In the example in Question 3 the authors contention would be that they think pro choice is the right way to go. Of course you would write it more formally than what I did. You should also put in examples as to why you think the authors contention is the way it is. Use quotes and paraphrase sections of text.

Answering Question 5:

The authors tone is important. You should choose from the following words below. These are separated in to negative, positive and neutral tones.

It can be quite difficult to determine the authors tone. Usually more than one description is needed to explain the viewpoint. Again, you need to describe, meaning that you need to go into detail about the tone. You should consider the following questions; How does the tone persuade the reader? How does it make the reader feel? How does it help the author to persuade? How does this help the author’s contention? Include the answer to these questions in your answer.

Answering Question 6:

Metalanguage are different types of persuasive devices. They are used to persuade the reader. Thinks about what the author is including. Are there statistics? Is there emotive language? Justice? Include these in your answer, along with how the author uses this (quotes), what it does to the reader and how well it is used. Each device should take a paragraph.

Answering Question 7:

‘A picture tells a thousand words’ this statement stands true even in this case. It can be used to persuade the reader and to give an outline as to what the author is talking about. Take care and time to describe the image in your response.

Answering Question 8:

The title gives the piece its outline and is also catchy, with phrases including repetition and puns. Discuss all of this in your response. Remember to put the title itself in your answer.

Sehun's letter: Talking about Baekhyun's and possibly Chanyeol's sex life?[Analysis]

[Warning :long post and mentions of sexual things (obviously) ]

If someone already covered this, then I’m truly sorry and hopefully you won’t be mad at me. However since I didn’t see anyone write about this I thought ‘hey why not try it?’
Recently I stumbled upon Sehun’s letter he has written by himself for the EXO members. As he began reading it, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling because I really thought it was cute and genuine.
So at one point he then reached 'Baekhyun’s part’ and that was when I noticed something was different, as if the things he read to Baekhyun had a double meaning.
But let’s start at the beginning, shall we? So the first thing he said to him was this:

followed by these first physical reactions from the other members:

Unfortunatly, the lightning is very dark so I decided to lighten it up to see the reactions a bit better:

From what we can see from that photo is, Xiumin is smiling while Sehun and Kyungsoo are laughing loudly.
The same goes for Baekhyun who’s not only laughing, but also bending forwards while doing so.

You might ask what is so important about them laughing at Sehun’s letter to Baekhyun? Well look once again at the things Sehun wrote to him:
“Everytime till the night, hyung will be working really hard to practice his singing, and also please do this only occasionally

I wonder now, what made the boys literally laugh out loud at someone practicing his voice at night? I mean the subtext of this sentence is obvious: Hyung because of your singing we can’t sleep at night/ you disturbe the silence, please stop!

Then again, what is so funny about someone not getting any sleep from someone’s singing and why should that person complain so openly about it, if the problem could be easily avoided by directly telling that person then at night that he should stop the singing?

Or could it be that there is another reason why Sehun and the other boys can’t tell Baekhyun at night that he should stop the singing? That the reason why Baekhyun is so loud at nights isn’t actually because of him practicing his voice, but actually because of something else?

Something that might refer to sexual activities such as moaning? Because that is what could actually be the case. You don’t believe me? Okay, so let’s do one of my favourite things then: analysing their body language.

Whenever someone feels embarrassed or exposed, that individual is definitely going to have a very strong physical response to it.
The most common being: slumping down and thus avoiding eye contact with the person that exposed them. By doing so, the exposed one wants to distance himself from the topic by making his or her body as small as possible and thus 'hiding’ himself or herself.

If you look at Baekhyun’s posture in that photo again, this is obviously the case. He has his head down, thus avoiding eye contact and has his upper body turned downwards.
Now some of you might think that he’s embarassed that Sehun’s scolding him in front of the others because of his constant practice, however then let’s continue with the next frame:

Once again, focus on Sehun’s words: “Why not practice it in the day, […], I’m really very curious.”
By him saying that he’s 'very curious’ on why Baekhyun doesn’t practice his singing during the day, he consciously already suggests something sexual and thus is making an innuendo.
Since otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense, because what could he find curious about Baekhyun’s reason on why he sings at nights, when everyone is probably back from their schedules?
Wouldn’t it make so much more sense if he would he rather be curious about the reason on why Baekhyun is at nights sexually active with the members being at home instead of doing 'it’ during the day when almost everyone of them can go out or have their own schedules to attend? Because to me, it does sound more logical.

In addition to that, it’s also very interesting how Sehun refers to Baekhyun’s singing as 'it’ instead of directly adressing the problem as 'your singing’. Since Sehun’s intention at first glance is to complain about Baekhyun’s singing practice, he would also automatically refer to it directly since the emphasis is put onto the practice of his voice.

However if this wouldn’t be his intention, as i already assume, he woud actually use a distanced language to be able to refer to the real problem or in that case the real reason behind Baekhyun’s noises at night.

Another thing which embarrassed/exposed individuals will immediately do is change the subject or interrupt so that the focus is not put into the thing he or she is embarrassed about.

This also happens in the video. However it is not Baekhyun that interrupts Sehun, but it’s actually Chanyeol.

The person didn’t sub it, but in the actual video you can hear and also see Chanyeol saying something quickly which is this:

“As this is going on why is it turning like this…

First of all by him saying 'why is it turning like this’, he actually acknowledges Sehun’s double meaning behind his words and thus achnowledging the sexual innuendo.

But the important question here is: Why does Chanyeol interrupt Sehun and thus why is he embarrassed about Baekhyun’s sounds at nights? Could it actually be that Chanyeol knows the 'true’ reason behind Baekhyun’s voices at nights? That he actually is the reason behind Baekhyun’s 'annoying sounds’? Because yes, that’s what I think.

By Chanyeol interrupting Sehun and indirectly telling him to stop, Chanyeol unconsciously shows that he’s also embarrassed since he knows why Baekhyun’s so loud at nights and that not because of his singing but because of something which is probably sex-related.

Note also here Chanyeol’s body language: he has is shoulders slumped down and his legs crossed over, making him appear smaller and also more closed/distanced.

So in conclusion what does that mean? For me, I think that Sehun’s letter to Baekhyun definitely had a double meaning, a sexual one by referring to Baekhyun’s sex life. Since not only Baekhyun reacted so strongly but Chanyeol as well, you could assume that Chanyeol knows a lot more about Baekhyun’s sex life than the others. This could possibly mean, that Chanyeol might be a direct witness of it, if you understand what I mean. 


[24/02/2016] • {42/100} • (24/30) • today all I really did was prepare for my English practice sac tomorrow (which I’m dead for ahahaha ty @theoverstuffedpencilcase for all your help XD) I had a period 0 today… It sucked :(
Also for the studyblr challenge I also speak Cantonese but HAHAHA I don’t know how to write the characters XD

To understand intersectionality requires critical thinking. Perhaps this is why I flinch when I hear people refer to themselves as “intersectional feminists” — it’s taking a term designed to complicate our understanding of society and flattening it into a label. Intersectionality is a framework for understanding how a variety of oppressions can intersect, and one that surrounds political activism. But the label is donned more as a mark of belonging than a rally to action.

Intersectionality is not a label, by Latoya Peterson

Kuroshitsuji and the Language of Flowers

Part 3: Cover of chapter 84 (for @tanka34, thanks for the request)

What flowers are depicted and what do they stand for?

Rose: love, beauty; secrecy, nothing is perfect
Holly: domestic happiness, foresight, defense; life and persistence in times of darkness
Dahlia: elegance, dignity, commitment, creativity; change, betrayal
Gentian: intrinsic worth, integrity; bad luck
Lily: purity, majesty; innocence after death

Context of the scene

Chapter 84 marks the end of the Weston College arc. It has been revealed that the prefects killed Derrick, his friends and Agares in order to protect the school’s traditions. Undertaker has played the role of the headmaster and had turned the dead into Bizarre Dolls.
In this chapter Undertaker escapes and the prefects are expelled from school because of their actions.


Before I’ll analyze the picture above I’d like to take a look at the flowers when we’re first introduced to them at the beginning of the Weston arc.

The four flowers (rose, holly, dahlia and gentian) are the representative flowers of the four Weston dormitories: A rose for Scarlet Fox (Red House), holly for Green Lion (Green House), a dahlia for Violet Wolf (Purple House) and gentian for Sapphire Owl (Blue House).

Obviously, the color of the flowers mirrors each dormitory’s color. But maybe the flowers also symbolize certain characteristics of their respective house:

Red House is inhabited by students of exceptionally high birth. Not only is the rose the Queen of Flowers, it’s also England’s national flower which was introduced by King Henry VII as the Tudor rose. So a rose can be seen as a symbol for royalty or nobility and, therefore, is fitting for Red House.

Students in Green House excel in martial arts and sports. Foresight, defense and persistence – which holly stands for – could be seen as attributes of someone from Green House.

Violet House’s students are committed to the arts. Since a dahlia stands for creativity and commitment, this flower fits as well.

Blue House’s flower (gentian) symbolizes integrity and intrinsic worth. The students from this dormitory excel at studying. Their intelligence and strong principles can be seen as inner values and can be associated with the symbolic meaning of gentian.

The prefects, who wear the flower of their house on their school uniform, are a part of the whole system of the school with its structures, rules and traditions. Just like the flowers, everything seems to be beautiful and intact if one looks at it from the outside. But if one takes a closer look there’s a different view:

Roses may be beautiful but they also have thorns, meaning that nothing is perfect. A holly tree has poisonous leaves and the berries can even be deadly. Dahlias not only have positive symbolism. They also stand for change and betrayal. And in folklore gentian was associated with bad luck. It was said that if one picks such a flower, death would follow.

It’s the same with Weston College. The prefects uncover that under the facade of a perfect school there is corruption, mobbing and deceit. But they still try to keep the facade for the sake of tradition which is their downfall since it leads them to commit murder.

Now back to the chapter cover from the beginning:

We see the prefects lying on the ground as if they were dead. The flowers of their dormitory are growing out of their bodies. I think here the flowers represent the system of Weston College with its four houses. Even though there has been a serious disruption of the daily routine as there has been not only bullying and bribery but also murder, the school still exists and the old structures still remain. Edgar Redmond, Herman Greenhill, Gregory Violet and Lawrence Bluer have been expelled from school. Therefore, as prefects, they can be considered dead like it’s implied in the picture. They sacrificed their life and honor as a prefect in order to uphold the system and traditions of Weston. I think that’s why the flowers (which are symbol for the system) grow out of the prefects’ lifeless bodies.

Undertaker and his way of reviving the dead by turning them into Bizarre Dolls could be considered a desperate attempt to undo the murder and hide the truth. Also, after the old prefects are gone Weston continues to exist and everything is supposed to be normal again, like nothing has ever happened. The white lily, which is a symbol for restored innocence after death, could express that.

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Kuroshitsuji and the Language of Flowers

For thousands of years flowers have been used for symbolism and were means to express one’s feelings. Especially during Victorian times this ‘language of flowers’ was very popular. Since Kuroshitsuji is set in Victorian England and Yana likes to use elements from this time, it’s likely that she also uses flowers to express certain things. There are, in fact, some scenes in the manga where flowers seem to have a symbolic meaning.

I’ll try to analyze some of these scenes. (Sometimes there are different meanings for the same flower. I’ll choose what I think is best suited for the scene.) If you want me to pick a certain scene feel free to contact me via ask/chat/fanmail/…

Part 1 (ch. 50):

What flowers are depicted and what do they stand for?

ivy: loyalty, fidelity, friendship
foxglove: insincerity
buttercup: ingratitude, childishness

Context of the scene

This scene takes place at the end of the Murder arc after Sebastian revealed to Ciel that Snake was the one who tried to kill Ciel with the help of his snakes. Ciel, however, offers Snake a job as one of his servants and Snake accepts.


Since Snake accepts working for Ciel, he offers him his loyalty and, as we’ve seen in later chapters, Snake seems to care for Smile (as he calls him) like he was his friend. That’s what the ivy could stand for.

However, in this scene, Ciel is lying to Snake. He’s keeping secret that his circus family is dead and that he’s responsible for their death. He even tells him that they are looking for Joker and the others and that Snake will see them again when he stays with Ciel. He also says he wants them all to achieve happiness (including Snake). The foxglove, therefore, symbolizes Ciel’s insincerity.

The buttercup could have two meanings. On the one hand it could express the naivety and childishness of Snake to believe Ciel, even though he suspected him to be responsible for the circus troupe’s disappearance. On the other hand it could symbolize Ciel’s ingratitude toward Snake’s loyalty.