Back to School: How to Get an A*/8 or 9 in an English Lit Essay!

Happy September, everyone!

As we all get our gears in motion to start a new year, I thought I would share my top tips for scoring the highest marks in English Literature essays. 

(P.S. Lots of these tips are applicable to other subjects too)

1. Don’t write about the character as if they are real

Unfortunately, this is a common error in English Lit essays. It is absolutely imperative to remember that a character is not a person, but is a construct of the writer in order to present an idea or theme. No matter the question, you should be linking your answer back to the writer’s ideas and theme of the text, even if it doesn’t seem obvious what the theme is on the first inspection of the question. Using the author’s name frequently in your essay will demonstrate that you recognise the character is not a real person - ‘Shakespeare portrays Macbeth as a tragic hero, as defined by Aristotle as…’

2. Don’t analyse the plot

Avoid analysing the plot or when things happen in the text. Don’t write ‘When X happens it makes us think Y’. Instead:

  • Analyse the writer’s use of language, structure and form to create meaning
  • Do a close language analysis of specific words/phrases, including a sound analysis (plosives, assonance, etc.)
  • Do a structural analysis of what happens when and why that’s important (Freytag’s pyramid)
  • Do an analysis of form (stage directions, dramatic monologue, etc.)

3. Keep your answer relevant throughout

You need to be explicitly answering the question - not going off on a tangent nor trying to change the question to suit an answer that you want to write. One way of avoiding this is by starting each paragraph with a topic sentence, summarising what that paragraph is going to be about and how it answers the question. Another method is simply by rewording the question into your answer at the start and end of every paragraph. At least. For greater impact, include synonyms of the word, which can also help with the readability of your answer.

4. Avoid PEE/PEEL/etc. where you can

Thousands of students are taught the same, basic Point-Evidence-Explain (or variant) analytical paragraph structure. If you want to stand out, show academic strength, and achieve the highest marks then you must break free from the chains of PEE! (This also applies for your introduction format. ‘In this essay, I will argue…’ gets pretty dull after reading it 100 times)

For my students, I will be teaching them to write What-How-Why paragraphs:

WHAT has the writer done?

HOW have they done it?

WHY have they done it/is it effective?

This way, your focus is always on why the writer has chosen to use that specific language/structure/form, but it allows you to be creative in crafting your response. Being able to discuss the ‘why’ of literature is the key to unlocking the highest grades. Reading through examiners’ reports this summer has made one thing clear - it is not enough to merely spot linguistic devices or structural features. You must explain why the writer has chosen them and why that is an effective choice (or not).

5. Avoid sweeping statements about context

The main advice here is to only include comments about the context of the text if it adds to the analytical point that you are making. They should not be a bolt-on sentence, but they should enhance your answer.

Further, sweeping claims like ‘All Jacobean women were oppressed by society’ is far too vague. On the other hand, a comment like ‘Lady Macbeth is a disturbing example of womanhood because she denies her gender at a time where the role of a woman was clear-cut, even patriarchal, in Jacobean society’ suggests that you have a greater understanding of how context can influence the writer’s choices.

6. A plan is your best friend

Always, always make time to plan your answer. A method I recommend is, first, circling the key words in the question (character/theme, what you are asked to do, where in the text you are asked to look, etc.). Secondly, write all of your ideas down onto the page, highlighting parts from the extract if you have that in front of you. Finally, select a judicious number of points that you are going to talk about (quality not quantity here) and number the order in which you are going to make them.

If you are writing a comparative essay, each paragraph must start and end with a comparative point about whatever it is you are comparing (characters/themes/etc.) I suggest the following format:

X is presented in both text A and text B. However, in A the author uses device 1 and 2 to demonstrate X. On the other hand, in B, the author demonstrates X via use of device 2 and 3.’ Then write one paragraph for each text. Repeat this again for another similarity. And again for a third - if you think that is appropriate.

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things i learnt regarding learning languages

recently i finished second stage of linguistic olympiad, which focuses on translating rare languages based on logical analysis, basically you don’t know the language but there is a logic rule you have to guess to translate things, yeah, its fun, now im waiting for the results of the second stage.

the thing is, after practicing, doing many problems from previous years, i found myself understanding languages’ rules easier. i’ve always been convinced that to learn language is not to learn the rules by heart, but to understand them, so here are my tips based on that:

1. native speakers are your best resource. some may disagree due to them often not being aware of certain grammar rules, but thats the point. learn the usage, not the rules. rules will come naturally to you when you analyse them for yourself based on using the language. 

2. ive been learning russian for almost 2 years now and my teacher has been focusing on remembering the rules, as if thats the best way to learn the language. so we didnt have much access to any context, not to mention poorly made textbooks. but now that ive become familiar with lots of usage, i dont need to stress about the rules, but base the grammar on previous, similiar contexts.

3. you dont need the rules unless youre majoring philology. for real, i understand that its not your native language, but whats so bad about treating it as one? learn it just like kids would. use it.

4. about using it, put yourself in native speaker’s position, change the language of your fav sites, talk to people even if you dont know much yet, stop stressing about grammar. imagine people talking to you without using cases, conjugations - youre still gonna understand them, so why not start with that yourself?


- analyse the grammar yourself instead of learning written rules (thats also gonna make you remember it better)

- vocabulary > grammar

- make friends with native speakers

- embarass yourself, make mistakes, talk bullshit - its all a way to success

here’s another one i thought of

what if humans are the only ones capable of being offended?

like, an alien says, casually “i don’t like you” and the human… reacts?

the alien is all “am… i not using that word correctly? like is to indicate a preference for? and I have no particular preference for you human we just met?”

and the human is like “first of all, how dare you“

and the alien doesn’t understand why the human is angry? there was nothing about the value of human in the statement, so why did the alien’s statement distress them so?? the feeling of liking (or absence thereof) was completely dependent upon the [internal thinking mechanism process] of the alien???

and like 30 minutes of language analysis later, they come to the conclusion that, because the human is new, there is no reason for their presence to cause a pleasant feeling (which is liking? the alien guesses), that the alien wasn’t trying to cause offense (OF COURSE NOT, THEY DON’T HAVE A DEATH WISH), so the human is just like “oh, ok, i guess i’ll just have to grow on ya!” *failwink*

and then there’s the lightbulb moment for the alien, like

OH. This is why humans are aggressively social. pets/hugs/touches everything. forms pack bonds so quickly and fiercely. They like things. and they want to be liked in return.

Please stop mixing these up, I’m begging you

Because words mean things, here are some definitions. All of these taken from their respective Wikipedia articles.

Linguistics is the scientific study of language, and involves an analysis of language form, language meaning, and language in context.

Polyglotism or multilingualism is the ability to master, or the state of having mastered, multiple languages. Sometimes people who are currently learning languages in an effort to become fluent in them are also called polyglots.

Philology is the study of language in written historical sources; it is a combination of literary criticism, history, and linguistics.


Some linguists are also polyglots, but not all of them.

Basic linguistic knowledge is necessary to learn a language, but they’re still separate things.

Polyglots know how to drive different kinds of vehicles. Linguists are mechanics.


Human Pose Detection - Mining Body Language from Videos

Machine Learning investigation from samim examines body language in video using recently released open-source code library OpenPose:

From Gene Kelly’s Step-Dance to Bruce Lee’s Kung-Fu — iconic movement has made history. Communicating through Body Language is an ancient art form, currently evolving in fascinating ways: Computationally detecting human body language is becoming effective and accessible. This experiment explores enabling technologies, applications & implications.

For over 20 years, Motion Capture has enabled us to record actions of humans and then use that information to animate a digital character or analyse poses. While movie makers and game developers embraced such technologies — it until recently required expensive equipment which captured only few aspects of the overall performance.

Today, a new generation of machine learning based systems is making it possible to detect human body language directly from images. A growing number of research papers and open-source libraries addresses key aspects: Body, Hand, Face, Gaze Tracking. Identity, Gender, Age, Emotion and Muscle strain Detection. Action Classification & Prediction. We now can…

More Here

Translation of the latest thingy

This is the first paragraph, I’m still working on the rest.

Scunder “Warlord”

Scunder the Pillager was born in our year [idk what the year is], to Lendy and Sponder of acting fame. When they were first conceived, their parents abandoned him in the now famous Abandonment Alley, not wanting him to ruin their career. This turned out to be a mistake, as their little blunder cost Dust millions of lives, millions in cash, and many strategic resources that were probably better used elsewhere. After his defeat at the village of Gross, however, he surrendered unconditionally to Dust’s government.

body language analysis series;

(1/7) Jeon Jeongguk ;

The way he carries himself; with Jeongguk in particular there’s a big difference between the him off today (YNWA era) and let’s say, Debut era, because he was just lil baby back then. So, he hadn’t yet developed his personality quite as strongly, he was still growing into himself quite a bit.

Jeongguk’s current day body language is the only thing I’ll be addressing because it’s the most relevant and actuate of his adult/developed personality.

Anyways, Jeongguk’s body language is CRISP, oh boy he’s super duper easy to read. This is pretty heavily due to the fact that he’s a physical person in general, less verbal, he tends to rely on physical intent and expressions to communicate his thoughts and feelings. So when/what he’s feeling, it tends to light up like Christmas lights, even if he isn’t saying how he’s feeling verbally, it reflects so super clearly.

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Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 2)

3 - Physical Intimacy :

In the human body, the most vulnerable areas, are considered the neck, the face and the torso ( it contains most of our vital organs such lungs and heart ). If you do not like someone or if you are not close to them ( in other words, you don’t trust them), you will not give them access to those ‘vulnerable’ areas. You will always angle your torso away, cover you neck or look away even without realizing it. For example, in metro/subway stations, you will notice how everyone is almost always ‘curling’ into themselves around strangers. That’s mainly because the brain signals to the body whether that someone is 'safe’ to be around or not and the body reacts accordingly. Therefore, the more comfortable you are around someone, the more trusting and open your body language would be with them. 

By observing Kaisoo for several years now, I noticed how unguarded their bodies seem to be around each other. Personal space is not much of an issue in their interactions. They don’t flinch away from physical contact, even if it is initiated by either of them in a unexpected way.

 I find this is quite interesting because out of all the EXO members, I would say that those two are the most conscious of their personal and physical space. This can be seen in the way they shy away from fanservice, unlike some of the other members. They also tend to stick to the ‘corners’ in crowded stages, areas or choose to remain behind the rest, slight pressed to them. Those are all clues/indications of an introverted body language. So for them to be perfectly okay with little to almost no personal space between them, that’s an undeniable sign of how close/intimate they are. 

Note the pictures below.

Notice how they heads almost always angled towards one another in most of the pictures/gifs above. There is an evident natural ease in their bodies when they’re touching.

I also observed how they tend to press up against each other when seated or standing next to one another.

Also, in most off-stage group pictures they take, they are often maintaining bodily contact, gravitating to one end of the queue or to the corner.

They also maintain physical contact when there is no reason for either of them to be close.

 In this picture below, Kai had no actual reason to press up against Kyungsoo. As you can see, there is enough space for him to stand elsewhere.

Also, technically, if Kai wanted to balance himself, he didn’t have to wrap his hands around Kyungsoo’s waist in this picture below. He could’ve easily folded them behind his back.

Same observation :

In here, I can’t see the need in Kai wanting to hold Kyungsoo’s hand. They were already next to each other.

Also, Kyungsoo had no immediate reason to cling to Kai’’s back/waist in here either.

 or here

What I found most intriguing is how receptive Kyungsoo is of the contact. He almost never pulls away or rejects Kai. It’s incredibly trusting how he even allowed Kai to touch his neck in several occasions. The neck is the part that we ,as humans, feel most protective of. Even if a family member were to try and touch your neck directly, you will unconsciously flinch or pull away because it is an instinctive response. However Soo displays no such hesitance. It’s interesting.

Something else to note is that whenever they whisper to each other, they expose their necks to the other person easily and without much though. You don’t notice a flinch or a hesitation in the contact. 

I have one more section left to cover in my analysis and I would like to leave it for another last post as I seem to be unable to upload anymore pics for some reason. I apologize for having to stop here. 

As always, I’d love to thank all the creators of the gifs and pics used in this post, none of them are mine. Also thank  you to whoever reading this :) 

A body language analysis of Keith and Allura’s scenes in season 2

I sat on the fence a bit about posting this, but I’ve now been asked by multiple people to do a body language analysis of the Keith & Allura interactions in S2, so here it is. If you watched the scenes between them and thought “why does this look so flat and awkward, why is there no chemistry” - consider this an explainer. A lot of the awkwardness has to do with body language and facial expressions, which I’ll break down below. I’m going to talk about two things here: firstly, Keith and Allura’s little side-quest in 2x06 ‘The Ark of Taujeer’; and secondly, the hug between them in 2x12.

PLEASE NOTE: this post is pretty transparently anti-ka//ura. It’s basically a run-down of reasons why I think there’s no chemistry between Keith and Allura and why I don’t think their scenes together are romantic. If you ship ka//ura and for some reason decide that hate-reading this post is a good use of your time, please don’t @ me in the replies or clog up my inbox with “well, actually…” because I’m not interested. You’re not going to convince me I’m wrong about this so don’t waste either of our time.

Let me preview this analysis by pointing out that Voltron is an animated series. This means that every scene is carefully storyboarded and then hand-drawn one frame at a time. Character expressions, body language, behaviours, and positioning are all carefully planned out. This means any awkwardness in the scenes is a result of the story telling process; it can’t be blamed on 'bad acting’ or the actors 'not having chemistry’. The scenes exist as they do because they were designed to look that way. Non-verbal cues such stance, posture, and facial expressions are all used to convey character emotions and feelings, so you can tell a lot about what’s going on with characters by looking at their body language. That said, let’s get on with the analysis.

Behind a cut because this is pic-heavy and long.

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Translated Alien Wikipedia Article

Scunder “Warlord”

Scunder the Pillager was born in our year [a year, impossible to tell which], to Lendy and Sponder of acting fame….

him in the now famous Abandonment Alley, lot wanting him to ruin their career. T…

blunder cost Dust millions of lives, millions in cash, and many strategic resou…

defeat at the village of Gross, however, he surrendered unconditionally to Dust…

Early Life

Scunder spent most of his early life in the back alley of Guldo, salvaging for food…

living. after a significant amount of struggle on his part, he amassed a small army…

street thugs. They were quickly put in prison by the vigilant Kite Fiend, a common a…

plannbee  asked:

So just curious how are you differentiating jealous tae and rbf tae? He's called blank tae for a reason right, so can you elaborate a little?? He seems to have a blank/neutral face so I can't tell haha

Hello there Plannbee (are you secretly Brad Pitt? cause that’s almost the name of his film company!)!!!

Well I think I differentiate Jealous Tae from Blank Tae by the body language analysis and the psychological understanding of the situation mainly. Also cause he is never jealous of other members, his behaviour gravitates just Jin. 

We all know Blank Tae, that amusing phenomenon consist of our boy’s facial expression being neutral or totally lost in his own dream world. Here are some examples:

On the other hand Jealous Tae gives those indisputable micro expressions and unconscious body behaviours that are scientifically related to possessiveness on people who are in a romantic relationship with the object of affection. There are many actions that our body expresses when we feel jealousy for a romantic partner like uneasiness, touching the ear, eyes, mouth, frowning, trying to call the attention for yourself, staying between your lover and the “rival”, blocking the rival with your body, the death stare, puffing the chest. Basically we see him doing a long list of all those behaviours combined every time someone comes near Jin these days. 

Here we have some combos of Jin with each member and Taehyung’s extremely possessive reaction:

Jin + Rapmon = Jealous V

As we all know by now V really can’t with he highly popular ship of Nam’jin. When it comes to Nam’jin he just cannot even hide his discomfort and possessiveness towards his boy, it’s so obvious even I feel uncomfortable for him. But for the purpose of our analysis we will see his Nam’jin kiss reaction. He looks like he is in physical pain, poor baby. Here Taehyung examines the situation, his body moves in discomfort like he wants to run away from there and take Jin with him, he watches Jin’s reaction over the monitor, glances at RM’s happy reaction, has a gloomy droopy mouth, places his hand on his temples like he’s got the worst love migraine, hides his eyes, he looks away, gives a frustrated sign. He legit looks desperate and it’s painful to watch the entire segment. 

Jin + Jimin = Jealous V

He might be his bestie, but DO NOT MESS WITH HIS JINNIE being Jimin or not it doesn’t matter, V will turn into this possessive beast. Here we see the same pattern, examines the situation, V moving uncomfortably, looking straight at the Jin’min interaction, giving them the death stare, coughing to call the attention for himself, the very obvious jealous sigh of the ear touch, gloomy droopy mouth and looking away, very annoyed. I guess Jimin Third Wheeling is not always so welcomed…

Jin + Kookie = Jealous V

Here is the classic one that this confused fandom still believe as being a V’kook moment. Sorry but it’s Tae vs Jinkook moment. The same typical Taehyung jealous moves happen here. He tries to be subtle (epic fail) in examine the situation, after noticing how Jin’s entire body is spooning Kookie he gives the most annoyed sigh, presses his lips like he is mad as F, his body moves as if he could not control his actions and then he acts. We all know what happens next so yeah, sorry to break your hearts V’kookies but this nothing special, this is just another day of V being extremely territorial with his Jinnie. Also that ISAC day was too much to poor Taehyung’s heart since we saw moments of him following KenJin like he was about to combust in a jealous pit and Taejin having olympic lovers quarrels.  

Jin + J-Hope = Jealous V

Who would have wondered that even the sunshine rainbow duo of 2seok would troubled our Tae Tae that much??? Taehyung is sooooo done with Jin and J-Hope’s audacity of doing, well NOTHING AT ALL hahaha. As usual our V looks around to analyse the situation, then he cannot believe the audacity of Hoseok taking pictures of Seokjin’s luscious lips without his permission, in a deep dragon sigh he follows his actions with his best death stare hoping in earnest that they can read his behaviour and just stop this disrespect, right now! Mad as F pressed lips and hands on pockets to prove his masculinity just in case a medieval joust is needed to save his Jinnie’s honour from this green villain. HAHA Seriously V, I know Jin is the most precious gem of the universe but they are just taking pics babe, relax ok!  

Jin + Suga = Jealous V

Here is a combo of breathing on their necks, displeased face, following Yoongi’s action like a hawk, wanting to do the same and more to Jin and the death stare. Notice that this was waaaay before the love conquered phase and we are already seeing some signs of super possessive V. Also cause Yoongi knows better, we will hardly see him caught in a situation like that now a days. Our Suga has a strong survival instinct! 

These are just a few examples of the countless times V was extremely proprietorial of his Jinnie. What is most amusing is the fact this happens only with Jin, he never acts like that with anyone else or when the other boys interact. There is this sense in Taehyung that Jin’s affections needs to be exclusively his, even when nobody is watching (like on Jimin’s example, he prob had no idea he was being filmed) so his jealous nature extends beyond the fan service ships. Let’s say he is the jealous type.

Seeing those moments you can see he gets very annoyed with anyone that approaches or is approached by Jin in a touchy or more intimate way. It doesn’t really matter if it is Namjoon for the Nam’jin push, his bestie getting along to his boyfriend Jinnie, Kookie who is Jin’s golden baby being cuddly, J-Hope who is a harmless rainbow just taking pics or Suga treating Jin like he deserves to be treated. If they get too near Jin, there will be consequence! Of course Taehyung will never confront the boys, it’s not in his nature to be aggressive but he punishes Jin by ignoring him quite often (remember bon voyage, remember isac, remember before 2016). Being Jin the affectionate love cloud he is, V’s crescent possessive volcano behaviour, it is safe to say these two headstrong boys probably tend to have some epic fights that end in Jin being V’s little spoon LOL. 

I hope that now you can have a guideline to see the difference a little better and spot Jealous Tae moments more often. Sorry for the late reply darling, I wasn’t planning a MASTERPOST so soon but you deserved it, tkx for your patience!

Lots of love

capricorn represents mastery in all forms. this spans tasks on earth to profound mystical experiences. on top of the mountain, the individual is quite close to the stars. something in the Capricorn person craves true intimacy and awareness of the surrounding world and the mechanics that weave reality. for Capricorns, astrology can bridge the gap between the spirit and the material through language, analysis, and history. it is a topic the individual will approach with caution but engage deeply once its worth is realised. the individual seeks to apply astrological information to everyday experiences and building evidence 


I think one of the most important things my teachers stressed when it came to writing texts was that you should use connectives - your essay/text/whatever will be easier to read if you don’t start every sentence with “and” and actually connect your sentences. So here are a few words you can use to structure your text.

anonymous asked:

Hello! So I am going through your blog trying to find key things that make you believe larry and im a bit overwhelmed. Could you maybe explain a bit more? Im starting to think larry is a thing but im not sure yet. I need more evidence you know?

Okay. Let’s do this. I am going to link you to masterposts and analysis over the years. You can see for yourself then. :)

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anonymous asked:




louis and steve (note how comfortable their body language is in all of these despite the differences in context):

steve with a big group of people:

and then steve and he who shall not be named:

(sidenote - james arthur is the definition of someone with a punchable face)

Kaisoo Analysis : Body Language ( Part 1)

When you are attracted to someone or feel a certain intimate pull towards them, whether you are conscious of it or not, your body will expose you.  Unlike the mouth, the body does not lie. It essentially behaves upon instincts, therefore bypassing the process of filtering that thoughts/mental conceptions systematically go through in conversations. For example, someone frightens you, you jump away while screaming. You don’t plan your reaction, you just do. Someone is saying something that you do not like or disagree greatly with, you fold your arms tightly around your chest without even realizing it.

I’ve been studying psychology for 5 years as an option class alongside my main Masters in literature and I was fortunate enough to have great psychology professors. We talked about various themes and aspects of the human mind as well as the body. What I am going to use in this analysis is knowledge that I’ve gained through the courses and my own personal opinions/readings. I wanted to apply that on the case study of Kaisoo. The conclusion does not matter as much to me as the freedom to explore this option.

I’m going to provide a list of clues and behavioral patterns that the body of a male exhibits when attracted or feel emotionally connected to someone else. Those clues must not be taken separately but it’s rather the whole of them together that might signal an attraction/pull of a certain depth/degree.

1) The head tilt :

Whenever a certain someone is speaking and you always find yourself unconsciously titling your head ( to one side, sometimes alongside angling your body as well) while looking at them. Not once or twice but often around them and for a considerable period of time. That means that they hold your interest, in more than one way. It might not be interest in the physical sense but  they do somehow  ‘fascinate’ you, whether intellectually or by just being who they are. It mostly translates into you liking that person,appreciating how they speak and who they are in general.

I noticed that Kai does have a tendency of doing this while staring at Kyungsoo. I’ve observed Kai in several interviews and he does pay great attention to whoever speaking ( due to his personality/polite upbringing). However, what made me decide to add this in here is the fact he does it even when Kyungsoo is not talking or the focus of the conversation, like in here :

In the gif below,  I want you to take notice and compare the difference between Kai’s posture and Luhan’s ( The blond behind Kyungsoo). Both are actually looking at Soo. Who looks far more interested/engaged in your opinion ?

Now, Note the way Kai angles his head and body in the examples below.

His body is displaying clues of interest. The torso and the legs angle at where the person unconsciously want to be. 

2 - The Eyes

Eyes are a fundamental part of how we communicate with one another. . A glare, a glance, a gaze, a stare, the direction/duration of it ( up-down, down-up, brief, long, darting, fixed..) all mean different things. In case of attraction, how you look at your interest and how you feel about them usually go hand in hand. Also, personality and self-confidence play a great role in determining how you look at someone you like/admire.

If you’re confident and usually the type who’s open about how they feel, your stare would be long, fixed and ‘open’. In the case of Kai, he does stare at Kyungsoo quite often. However what’s peculiar about his staring is how deep and honest it is. He does not hide it nor does he seem to be conscious of it at times. Some believe that he stares at everyone the same but I do believe there is a difference. 

Here are some pics/gifs of what I have mentioned above :

His eyes also tend to ‘soften’.

Now Kyungsoo is different, he seems almost unable to hold Kai’s gaze for too long when he is looking at him directly. In most of the instances I found, Soo is almost always staring when Kai is not looking back or unaware, which I find quite interesting.

The gif below is clear indication of how  flustered he seems under the attention. Form the darting eyes, to the evident gulp and the tight timid smile. He is projecting typical clues of being nervous. 

However, note how ‘open’ his face is when he meets Kai’s eyes. His smile always genuine, teeth shown. 

I think there isn’t much to say on this :) I will prepare the second part next as this post got too long and it’s getting quite late here. There are still some other clues to cover. I will get to it as soon as I can. I will see you soon. 


PS : I would like to thank all the creators for the gifs and the pics. They are not mine, they belong to their respective owners. 


Jikook Body Language Analysis