Lance’s Family is Dead

So I’ve been thinking too hard on Voltron despite the fact that I said I wouldn’t and I’ve come to a realization. 

There are two parts of Lance’s character that have been consistent. One, his growing insecurity. And two, his love for his family back on Earth. Hunk also has a family on Earth, but it was always Lance’s family that was highlighted. At first I didn’t think too hard about this because, ya know, I never really got how it would go anywhere. 

And then we got to the end of Season 6. They’re going back to Earth–going back to the one place Lance has missed most. 

What is Lance lacking as a character? Reason. Like Hunk, he’s had no personal connection to the plot of the story. This means that until he was given that reason, he couldn’t really be given a hugely active arc. 

But when they go back to Earth, he’s going to get that reason. 

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the more into the Voltron series we get, the more it aligns with the 80s version. 

Lotor has become a modern day reincarnation of what he was in the 80s.

Shiro’s story has mirrored his story in the 80s now–he died, there was another version of him that was kind of crazy, then he kind of chills back out again. 

Keith has matured and become the Keith Akira Kogane of the 80s, being less rash probably and more the natural leader. 

Allura’s story mirrored that of her predecessor and has done so moving on, putting her in the blue lion and allowing her story to run parallel to Lotor’s. 

All the paladins are now in the lions they piloted in the original, while Shiro is out. 

Even Romelle’s story mirrors that of her earlier counterpart. 

Do you know Lance’s story in the original?   

“Then Zarkon came and destroyed our homes.” 

It’s going to take the paladins a while to get to Earth–they don’t have a way to wormhole anymore. Aside from Honerva, Sendak is still out there and as bloodthirsty as ever. 

He wants to get to the paladins? He’s going to target Earth. Yes, they all have family there (or most of them), but Lance’s family is the only one that is brought up continually. 

Lance’s home is going to be destroyed. And given how dark Voltron has gotten as of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d go so far as to kill some of his family members, namely his mother. Maybe Sendak will just capture them, but he doesn’t really seem the type to bother. He’d probably decimate Cuba first (or the area around it, should that happen to be what’s in his line of fire). 

I don’t know the exact details of 80s Lance, but I assume that–based on his behavior–his family is probably dead. 

Who are the two characters Lance has connected most with emotionally on the team? The two characters who’ve lost their families–Allura and Keith. And even Coran, now that I think about it.

You guys wanted Lance’s arc. Well, you bet your ass it’s coming, and it’s gonna be horrible. Every bit of what little arc he’s had has taken him back to Earth and his family. And that will be the catalyst. 

The writers have even created in us a subtle attachment to Lance’s family. We know what they look like. We know his siblings’ names. I thought these details unnecessary at first–I thought the scene where Lance cries and goes on about his siblings was kind of out of the blue given that none of the other characters really reacted. We even know the exact place Lance is from and what it’s like there. We know about Cuba and Varadero Beach. The writers of the show have created in us, through Lance, a connection to things he loves that we haven’t even seen. 

Lance’s arc isn’t going to be problem free. The writers have set up his story specifically to hurt him and us.   

But I get it now. I see you, Dreamworks. I see you

Everything from season 1 Lance to now has brought us here.