BK: The crown jewel atop the Little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall is a miniature version of the Earth Kingdom’s Royal Palace. It looks pretty nice from the outside but houses a tacky family buffet restaurant on the inside. William was a great artist from day one on Korra, but by the time we got to Book Four he was on fire! His designs of this oddly shaped, incredibly complex location are clear as a bell and easy on the eye.

MD: Sometimes the ideas that seem ridiculous at first end up being just the things you need for the story. The little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall was one of those ideas. At first I thought it was too over the top, but when combined with Prince Wu’s desire for importance and relevance, this microcosm of his kingdom perfectly supported his character arc. The Republic City Four Elements is the city’s poshest hotel and the first choice for discerning travelers and world leaders who appreciate the finest in luxury and service. Prince Wu loves it so much, he’s taken up permanent residence. Designs by William Nanqing Niu, Christine Bian, and Angela Sung. Paintings by Lauren Zurcher, Lane Garrison, and Emily Tetri. [x]

Fueling the creation of Bee and PuppyCat is serious business. What do you need to have at your desk to get your work done?  We asked some of the Bee and PuppyCat creative team what they have on hand to eat while they work.

Madeleine Flores, writer: Sandwiches, so that way I can eat while I draw and hold it away from my cat when she tries to bite it.

Frank Gibson, writer: Downstairs from the Frederator LA office is a little store called Tony’s. The guy who runs it is actually named Dominic and we all hit it off with him. He has his own drum smoker that he wheels out and uses to smoke/BBQ once a week and it’s fantastic. His pastrami sandwich with provolone, mustard and pickle is simple perfection.

Efrain Farias, art director and color stylist: I like to eat sweet things: cake slices, ice cream sandwiches. When I’m trying to be healthy I eat fruit, but if I want food-food I’ll opt for pizza.

Cory Holmes, clean-up artist: Grapes and cheese with a hot cup of Green, White or Oolong Tea usually is my preferred food. Chocolate as well but I seem to have a horrible relationship with chocolate cause I don’t save any for later. I’m horrible with food, I need to be stopped.

Lane Garrison, background painter: I try to keep super dark chocolate on hand (80% or higher!) for when I feel in a bit of a slump!

Garrett Jackson, co-writer for Bee and PuppyCat comic:

JUNK FOOD! When working with Natasha, we’ll grab chicken wings or Popeye’s or order a pizza, get a bunch of candy or ice cream and watch terrible reality TV while we toss ideas back and forth. If I’m writing by myself and eating, I’d say cookies and a tall glass of milk, or sometimes a giant bowl of ramen noodles. Or pizza poppers. Maybe just “food” in general? Whatever’s near me? I’m eating pizza poppers right now while I write this.

Natasha Allegri, creator: I think if I’m having a rough day, I’m working really hard, I will go get McDonalds - number one, Big Mac and large fries. I think the Big Mac is like the perfect burger. I learned that the onions come freeze-dried and they have to re-hydrate the onions in a vat of water over night, and when the onions are soaking in this water that tastes like onion it makes them this perfect, diced onion flavor.

Now everyone is hungry! Anyone for some lasagna?

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- Gwen


Prison break cast then and now

Working with Kristen was phenomenal. I have nothing but great things to say about her. She’s a total tomboy and she loves sports. We were playing basketball or throwing the football every day in the prison. We set up a driving range there. She’s a great golfer too, so we had an immediate connection with sports. She just loves acting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small film or a big budget film. She loves acting, as do I. This story is going to be really, really powerful. I think it’s going to cause some controversy that might make people ask the question, “What should we do with Guantanamo?”
—  Lane Garrison talks about Kristen Stewart