have some Rhodey taking care of Tony post-kidnapping hurt/comfort. I wrote it with slash in mind but it probably passes as a close brotp as well, if the ship isn’t your thing.

Rhodey groaned as he relaxed into the bed. JARVIS turned the lights off and Rhodey settled back further into the pillows.

Today had been a crazy day, especially after the bringing Tony home and the press conference that had followed. Rhodey was exhausted, not having slept since the flight from Germany to New York. Tony had been antsy on the flight from New York to California, and Rhodey couldn’t convince him to rest. After everything that had happened, Rhodey was just ready to collapse into bed and pass out. He rarely slept in a real bed these last couple of weeks, refusing to leave Tony’s bedside in Landstuhl Regional in Germany. Most nights he slept in the chair by Tony’s bed, keeping an eye on him and barely getting any sleep.

He had hardly been able to keep his eyes off of Tony since they found him. Three long months of searching and, shame though he was to admit it, his mission had begun to feel less like a search and rescue and more like a recovery mission. Of course, he would have kept going anyway, exhausting every resource and pulling every string, never giving up until he had found Tony. But he had been beginning to doubt Tony would still be alive when he did.

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Ramstein-Miesenbach & Landstuhl, 23 January 2011

Just yesterday I was thinking about how I couldn’t wait to explore the surrounding towns, and then today I got to walk around the two nearest towns, Ramstein-Miesenbach and Landstuhl.  We drove to Ramstein-Miesenbach first and parked in the center of the town.  We wandered around the side streets for a while until we were freezing, and then stopped in at a bakery.  Wow, so amazing.  I had some sort of glazed cinnamon pastry and a cappuccino.  The pastry was perfect; the dough itself wasn’t very sweet but the glaze on top gave it the perfect amount of sweetness.  And the cappuccino was so creamy and amazing.  After we warmed up, we continued to explore the town and soon found a house with five gnome castles in the front and back yard. (I instantly thought of my Fullerton friends!!! Amy G- I’m talking about you!) 

We got back in the car and drove to Landstuhl, which is a slightly bigger town on the other side of Ramstein afb.  We found some beautiful churches and buildings and just soaked it all up! There is actually a castle you can hike to in Landstuhl, and I reallllllly wanted to go, but we decided that we would go back to make the trek to Burg Nanstein another time.  We ended our half day trip with a stop at a Doner shop. They basically shave meat off of a spit and put it in bread with vegetables and sauce.  It. Was. Amazing. It reminded me a lot of Gyros in Greece, very very similar.  Doner is apparently a popular to-go food of choice here in Germany.  We then drove back to base and right now I am sitting in the dining room and watching the snow fall.  It began snowing as soon as we got back in the car, which was perfect! It is so beautiful and peaceful watching the huge snowflakes float to the ground (although I am not sure peaceful will be my word of choice when I am walking to work tomorrow and have to watch kids during their outside time in the freezing snow/ice). But for now, I will enjoy it. 
I’ve decided that I need to start dedicating some time each week day to learning German.  Maybe I will make it my goal to start that tomorrow night after work.  

Goodbye Houston,Hello Landstuhl?

Me and my parents were walking together and my dad asks me if I wanted to go on a business trip to Landstuhl, Germany for 2 years with him. I don’t want to miss freshmen year from a school like 10 mins away but then again life only happens once. Should I? Want is there to do in Landstuhl anyway? 

Rocky, he is a 4 yr old Belgian Malinois military working dog. Rocky and his handler were recently injured in a dismounted IED blast in Afghanistan. Military Working Dogs injured or wounded in action are provided the same lifesaving services as their human counterparts. USTRANSCOM Surgeon’s Patient Movement Requirements Center - East coordinated Rocky’s aeromedical evacuation to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Rocky and his handler are recovering and will be returning stateside soon.