FW13 Norwegian Wood - inspired by “The Dark Crystal” (one of my fave movies growing up) This skirt is named after the Landstrider:

“The Landstriders are gentle but very protective creatures in the world of Thra. They are very tall reaching up to a height of at least 20 feet tall for the adults and the offspring at least a height of 10 feet tall. They are designed to run as fast as the wind due to their long legs.” (via wiki)


Yesterday we did some more work on a stilt walker puppet and then took it for a test drive! We made the arms and legs with pine 2x4s, a poplar dowel for the grip on the arms, an old pair of shoes (to screw into the leg stilts) and webbing with sewn on velcro for the straps. Next step is to build a body around it; something spooky.