The Natural Canvas

British artist Andy Goldsworthy does not just make sculptures about nature, but makes them from natural elements that he finds. Materials commonly found in his work include leaves, rocks and even twigs, his installation space; everywhere. It can be argued that by creating these pieces, the artist turns the planet into his own canvas or installation space, as the works directly respond to their surroundings.

His natural manipulations draw upon the energy and life that is flowing through the landscape, paying homage to not only nature as an already existing piece of art, but that of a living one too. Each piece is site-specific to the landscape, transforming into the modernist ideal; conveying an experience of the real world while acknowledging the immediate physical reality of the materials. For Goldsworthy, it is not about showing the reality of man made materials like a canvas and paint brush, but the harmony of working with natural materials, that have always been readily available for our inspirations.

-Anna Paluch


Art By: John Chiu


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Art By:  Sergey Zabelin


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