'I Climbed Mt. Everest Because It Was There'

‘I became obsessed with myself because a magazine in the grocery store checkout line said it was in my best interest

‘I gave my life away to the Catholic Church because I was bored and wanted people to talk about me’

‘I became an exception to the rules because I’m dyslexic and can’t properly read the rules’

‘I went on a hunger strike because my girlfriend thought I wasn’t taking myself seriously’

‘I went deep diving in the open ocean to inspire the dolphins to save themselves’

‘I told people I don’t care what other people think about me so I wouldn’t have to hear what people actually think of me

‘I set the world land-speed record in a dream last night and feel the same as I did yesterday

‘I tried to put myself in a great white shark’s shoes but then remembered they didn’t have feet’

'I bought fresh fruit from a gas station and got back into folk music’

'I was the first man to walk on the moon and now nothing’s ever good enough for my wife’

'I became a politician and chain smoked cigarettes for 72 hours straight’

'I made you feel something once and you’d like to forget about it’


1935 Duesenberg Special “Mormon Meteor”

Financed by oil companies in 1935 this car was created off the Duesenberg Model J platform to break land speed records. It did so, with a top speed over 150 mph. This record stood against teams attempting to surpass it with powerful aircraft engines, a true testament to the Duesenberg engineering.

The next year the car was refitted with a 750hp V12 aircraft engine and a Utah newspaper held a naming contest for the car, dubbing it the “Mormon Meteor”.

The car was later modified for legal road use by the original driver and driven over 20,000 miles, it is now restored to original condition.

Fic: Night Watch (1/1)

Title: Night Watch
Summary: Snow returned her attention to Emma then. Oh, her stubborn, stubborn baby girl. Maybe if she had gone to the doctor at the first signs of illness, she wouldn’t be lying in the emergency room right now.
Spoilers: If you’re current, we’re good.
Rating/Warning: PG, for mild language. Family angst/fluff, as per usual.
Word Count: 3088, so sayeth OpenOffice.
Characters: Snow, Charming, Killian, and Emma.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. I’m just playing in someone else’s toy box.
Author’s Note: This story was inspired by, of all things, the ER reruns PopTV has been showing every Saturday. I’m a little rusty so feedback is very, very welcome! Enjoy. :)


Unable to resist the motherly urge any longer, Snow White brushed her hand across her daughter’s forehead. The sheer amount of heat radiating from Emma’s skin made Snow wince. Oh, her poor sweet baby.

“No change?” Killian Jones murmured, his voice catching. Hints of his earlier panic still remained in his tone.

A slight shake of her head was all Snow could manage. No, there was no change to the feel over baby’s fever. There hadn’t been a change in the hour and a half they’d been sitting in this small room in the emergency department of Storybrooke General. Hell, there hadn’t been a change since the frantic phone call from Killian that had shattered everyone’s until-then-peaceful night.

“How long had she had the low-grade fever again?” Charming asked. Sitting in the chair at the foot of the right side of the hospital bed, he was the furthest away from Emma and even that bit of distance was clearly killing him. Snow sat by her head on the right side while Killian had taken up residence on her left.

Charming’s query was mainly to fill the tense silence. The three of them had been over the hows and the whys of the situation a few times already in the last ninety minutes.

“A couple of days,” Killian replied almost absentmindedly. His gaze remained locked on his wife, who was sound asleep but squirming uncomfortably against the fire of her fever. “She was complaining of a sore throat as well but wouldn’t hear of letting anyone examine her.”

Snow returned her attention to Emma then. Oh, her stubborn, stubborn baby girl. Maybe if she had gone to the doctor at the first signs of illness, she wouldn’t be lying in the emergency room right now. Maybe this entire midnight adventure would have been avoided.

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Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Landspeed World Record, 2010. Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. achieved a new land speed world record for production cars, on the proving grounds of the Volkswagen Group at Ehra-Lessien. In the presence of the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) and a representative of Guinness World Records, the Super Sport achieved an average top speed of 431 km/h (268 mph).

NASA and NASCAR both started off as the same branch of the government focused on high speed propulsion named the National Autonautics Research Division, or NARD. But an internal feud caused a rift between two groups of employees. One group was focused on rocket propulsion, and the other was focused on hitting land-speed records for fame and fortune and thus the two groups split and formed the respective institutions we know today.

Was waffling on the idea of racing this weekend, but found out yesterday that it’s my friend’s first triathlon. That made it a no doubter. Won’t be breaking any land-speed records but, by a technicality, it will be a PR at THIS sprint distance.

250yd swim, 12 mile bike, and 5k run.

I’m looking forward to making my heart hurt!

A Tour of Spaceflight Centers - From Michoud to Marshall

Lovers of history, spaceflight enthusiasts - I spent the first week of May traveling the southeast United States from Austin, Texas and stopping at Space Centers (among other locations of interest) with my significant other. This is what I experienced. 

The first stop outside Texas on our first day of travel - Michoud Assembly Facility. This is not open to visitors and we knew this, but it was an extra 20 minutes out of a many hour trip.

There used to be a Saturn V S-IC, originally meant for Apollo 19, out front but it has been moved…

Just a hop and skip later and we ended up in Pearlington, Mississippi and Stennis Space Center’s visitor complex, the Infinity Science Center. There was a heavy emphasis on nature conservation and the environment as well getting students involved with experiments and hands-on learning. The highlight for me was the display of Wernher von Braun’s desk.

And the new home of that Saturn V S-IC that was at Michoud? Infinity Science Center. Recently moved, there is an ongoing effort to raise funds to restore and preserve it.

We drove most of a day to where I grew up, Saint Petersburg, Florida, where the first scheduled airline flight took place on January 1st, 1914. Tony Jannus flew a Benoist flying boat across the bay to Tampa in a trip that lasted a little over 20 minutes.

Walking around sunny St. Petersburg, we stopped at several museums including an old favorite, the St. Petersburg Museum of History, where they have a functional replica of the Benoist flying boat. An original Benoist pennant from 1914 flew aboard OV-103 Discovery on her final flight, STS-133, is also on display.

Following a stay with friends and family, it was off to Kennedy Space Center. There have been many changes since I had last been here, the new Astronaut Memorial and Hall of Fame being the most notable. 

The Orion Capsule that flew EFT-1 was also on display, along with a CST-100 Starliner structural test article and Dragon capsule.

A trip though the rocket garden as always. The day had started as a torrential downpour but was now sunny. Florida, weird as always.

Of course, you can’t walk through the garden without getting a picture with the Saturn IB. She learned that you don’t really have a sense of scale to these without getting right up next to it. It was during this time that I learned my girlfriend has a fondness for the Mercury-Redstone - it’s what she pictures when she hears ‘rocket’. Quintessential! 

OV-104 Atlantis is always my favorite stop. This time, I had brought my Atlantis flag, and with a friend who joined us we had a wonderful time with my favorite orbiter.

I have not been to KSC since the addition of the Challenger and Columbia display. It was an incredibly moving experience, seeing these pieces, as well as the displays of the Astronauts personal belongings that you see before entering this room.

We said our goodbyes and began a northerly drive up the Florida east coast, stopping in beautiful Saint Augustine for a night, seeing the Castillo and ancient city before going around the mess that is currently Atlanta, GA, and ending up in Huntsville, Alabama - Rocket City, USA. You can see that Saturn V, the only standing Saturn V, for miles.

It also happened to be Star Wars Day - what a lovely coincidence! It was quite a sight to see people dressed as Jedi, Sith, and Storm Troopers walking around a Space Center.

Of course, we were there for NASA, and I, to see Wernher von Braun’s legacy. I am of the belief that without von Braun’s vision, charisma and genius, we would have fallen so far behind on the dream of spaceflight as a nation, or at the very least, never made it to the moon at all. Look for an upcoming, detailed post on von Braun in the future.

Of course, there were many exhibits and displays of a historical nature, showcasing prototype gloves that were in development for Apollo, models of probes and satellites that have given us a more detailed look at our solar system, and Carl Sagan’s cosmic calendar to really get a sense of how vast the universe is (this is also shown on the newer Cosmos series, hosted by Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson). This History of Space Exploration timeline also gave perspective on the earliest efforts of rocketry by Robert Goddard, to where we are today. Comprehensive to say the least.

On display at the US Space & Rocket Center rocket garden is of course the Saturn V, a Saturn I, Mercury-Redstone, Juno I, among other military missiles.

We toured the Saturn V Center, enjoying the exhibits and displays, including one presented by IBM on the “brain” of the Saturn V, the quarantine trailer the Apollo Astronauts had to spend weeks in because of fears of “space germs”, and the Apollo 16 Capsule.

We concluded the day as it began to rain with a visit to OV-098 Pathfinder. Built in 1977, Pathfinder was a structural test article that weighted the same as the production orbiters would, and had roughly the same dimensions - she was used for fit-checking the various processing facilities that served the Space Shuttles. After her fit-check mission was complete, STA-098 was overhauled and made to look like a real orbiter (or as real as one could surmise), and was sent to Tokyo, Japan for the Great Space Shuttle Exposition in the early 1980s. After being brought back to the United States in the late 1980s, she was set up at the US Space and Rocket Center and given the honorary designation OV-098 and named Pathfinder.

We left as the rain began to fall, but not without stopping by for a visit to Miss Baker. It is customary to leave a banana.

A day later, we ended up in Vicksburg, MS and toured the Civil War battlefield, the USS Cairo gunboat, and stopped by some of the monuments and important sites. It was the last stop on our trip. We pulled into Austin, TX on Friday night, May 5th, exhausted and hungry. The next morning, after getting some breakfast, we visited a site we’ve been meaning to see - the Texas State Cemetery. Gene Cernan, Astronaut, Commander of Apollo 17, lunar land speed record holder, and last man on the moon, was first to be buried on the highest hill in the cemetary, closest to the moon. It was a solemn end to a long journey of history, spaceflight, celebration, tragedy, art, nature, science and exploration.

There are many more photos, and a lot more tales of this trip that aren’t directly related to spaceflight, but I hope my followers enjoy what I’ve shared and have tried to cram into a single posting. This was an incredible experience and it would not be possible without the support and patience of my fiancée, and her camerawork. Most of these photos are hers. Take a look at her blog, especially if you love history, live in Texas, or both!

Another thanks to my good friend Joey who joined us on our journey to KSC. Check him out here, but if you’re looking at this, you may be already following him.

Planning for a trip to see OV-105 Endeavour and the west coast spaceflight tour starts now! 

Here I am again, talking
Too fast, too loud, my
Hands like hummingbirds–

Too tiny to match my
Aepyornis otherness, I set
World land speed records

For uncomfortable silences
Cut short by senseless
Ramblings of a mouth

That can’t sew itself shut
A brain that never seems
To recognize the awkward.

For Sale on 1965 Honda S65 by @brewbikes – already has two land speed records! 88cc, 135lb, 485-hr build time. Price: $3500. ⚡
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anonymous asked:

why the fuck would you post that

Its just whats going on at the moment though id let you all know im about to break the land speed record with my nostrils. Gonna blow my nose so hard booger mount everest is gonna come out. The next time i blow my nose im going to make sure i create a sonic boom that pulverizes my brain into mush from sheer force