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My stuff for the Primary Big Bang! I was one of the artists for the great fic Make a Wish by @klance-my-way, so this is what I’ve been working on lately. Everyone should go check it out! ♡

If you wanna see what everyone else has been working on (and you should) just head over to @voltronbigbang to have a look-see! *:・゚✧ 


What’s a Big Bang you ask?

In short terms, a bunch of writers get together and write some stuff, and then we get some artists together and everyone pairs off and in the end we have a bunch of fics with personalized artwork for each one. It’s a cool thing, and if you’re into writing or art or klance you should totally do it.

What’s Klance?

Ohboy okay. So even if you aren’t in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom, you still may have heard of that angry red one and pretty blue one that should probably kiss. There you go. That’s klance. Keith and Lance and some great rival friendship and overall it’s a pretty good deal.

What’s Voltron: Legendary Defender?

Now you’re just getting facetious. But anyway. It’s a Netflix original remake of the old 80s Voltron, and it’s really good. A+ animation in space with some great characters? Count me in.


If you’re interesting in signing up, head on over to here to check out the rules and stuff. We would also be eternally grateful for reblogs and shares to help spread this around! Even if you’re not a writer or artist, if you’re into promoting creative collaboration, you can still help us out!


lance, man of ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinary folks

heavily inspired by this post! by @y-annah omgg i adopted the headcanons in their tags 

A Voltron: Legendary Defender story by 5557

“But, Lance…” His voice trailed away as Hunk attempted to regain his composure, too many questions flooding his mind to ignore, “What happened? Why’s everyone in the pods?”

Lance’s playful exuberance melted away and he stared bluntly at Hunk.

“You don’t remember the bomb?”

Hunk awakens out of the medical pod to find everyone else still inside, and only Lance is there to take care of them all. He’s glad to be reunited with Lance, but as time goes on, Hunk realizes that things are not entirely what they seem…

Rating: T
Warnings: No warnings, Minor swearing, Post season 2

Fluff, Angst, Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mild Psychological Horror, Horror, No violence or blood, Mystery, Suspense, 5557’s Particular Brand of Unsettling Reality and Character-Driven Humour, tagged relationship and friendship for plot reasons, Huddling for warmth, Hunk is so much more than food jokes, Hunk is a genius mechanic with anxiety, ADHD Lance, Depressed Lance, Season 2 Canon Compliant, Oh come on you guys it’s not that scary, Nobody dies,

Thanks to my fantastic partners in this Big Bang @voltronbigbang

Artists: Criss @cryptidcriss
Natsu @natsu-hina
Sven @legendarydesvender
Beta: Asena @neverdoingmuch