before lana clarkson was murdered she was cast in a play ab tragic hollywood blondes (such as sharon tate & nicole brown simpson) called “brentwood babes.” her role? marilyn monroe. but soon after, in january 2003, she was fired from the production for too many demands. someone associated with the film said she began turning to older men for financial help. in february she was found dead with a gun in her mouth in phil spector’s home.

10 People Who Married Convicted Murderers

10 People Who Married Convicted Murderers

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BY: Courtney Hardwick

You would think spending the rest of your life in prison would put an end to your love life. But for some reason, there are people in the world that are fascinated by criminals, serial killers in particular. For whatever reason, some people become obsessed with murderers, and even consider themselves fans.

A lot of serial killers, like Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy, have a…

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