Sarah Paulson Characters Preference: After Sex

request: could you do like after sex for Sarah Paulson’s characters?

1. Billie Dean

Billie wouldn’t mind post-sex cuddles, only if you wanted to. She would give you some lame excuse so she can leave and go back to her work. That’s because she is so confident but around you  she has no fucking clue.

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2. Lana Wintes

Lana would stay in bed for a long time. She would stay there caressing your hair and pillowtalking. She would tell you everything that had happened during her day and ask you to do the same, and would listen happily to you.

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3. Cordelia Foxx

Do you have any doubt that Cordelia wouldn’t let you get out of bed? She would even use magic if she have to. She would wrap her arms around your waist and whisper sweet nothings in your ear and keep you there for a long time, so you can feel protected.

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4. Bette & Dot

I think that they’d be so happy that they’d just leave your trailer with a dumb smile and a light blush. They would tell you shyly that they love you and leave in a hurry. They’d think about you all day and probably look for a second-round in night.

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5. Sally McKenna

We all know how needy Sally is. She would wan to stay in bed with you for hours, she would kiss you, pillowtalk and you’d watch netflix into her arms, because she has an urge to remind you that you’re hers.

When you refused to stay, she would cry her eyes out and practically beg you to stay. You’d soften and lay in bed again.

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Sarah Paulson Characters Preference: They find out about your eating disorder

request:  Could you do the eating Disorder one with Sarah Paulson characters?

a/n: sarah is bae.

Billie would probably know it since the problem has started. She’d talk to you and tell you that causing more pain would be worse, and next time, come to her so she can solve your problem.

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Lana would be so much sad. She would probably cry her eyes out (yeah, i know she’s tough, but no cookie. But you are her weakness). You would tell her that you just wanted to be as skinny as her. She would beg you to stop saying such bullshit and that you are the most beautiful and smart woman that she has ever known. Lana would help you through it, but she would be clear that she was sad and would tell you every time she can that you are beautiful. 

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Cordelia would be destroyed. She would give you the silence treatment for days and it’d only get the situation worse. Once she realised that she was terribly wrong, she would apologise over and over, kiss all your face and hug you, making you feel safe into her arms.

Then, she’d tell you how much she loves you and how she doesn’t want you to change a damn thing, because she really loves you the way you are. 

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Bette & Dot wouldn’t understand why you don’t think that you are perfect. Because their love for you is so pure that they think that you are a goddess. Their goddess.They’d beg you to start loving yourself like they do. They would prepare your favorite meals and tell you every day that they love you more than everything.

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Sally would feel like you would have hurt her. She would yell at you and even slap you hard across the face, because she loves you. After the slap, she would pull you into a hug and you both would drown yourselves with tears. She would beg on her knees for you to start loving yourself and she’d tell you that she used to have this disturbed thoughts abouts herself and would growls at you things like “It’s terrible because people think it’s just a coolness, that we will forget. But we never do.” Sally understands you and tries her best to make you feel perfect, and she ALWAYS worships your body.

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My school day In AHS-style.

When my alarm clock wakes me. ↑

My classmates, when I walk into the classroom.  ↑

When I see my classmates. ↑

This is my Teacher. ↑

My class, when our Teacher is sick. ↑

When I eat lunch. ↑

When school is over and I walk home. ↑

When I am finally at home. ↑

When I must do my homework. ↑