“Lana has outlived the live fast-die young period, if only because she is now older than James Dean ever was.

The tragic heroines in her songs might live tragic lives and die for love before their time, but the real Lana has endured.

Her songs might involve broken figures living in the dark, beautiful realms of the shadows, but her career is the opposite: a feminine triumph against all odds amidst an uproar of critics who purposely misread her.

Lana is an enigma that after a year I am still unable to untangle…”

James Franco / Lana Del Rey

My life is like a Lana Del Rey song. Dramatic, sad, poetic and dark. Deep and hard to understand. Very disturbing. But overall magical, hypnotizing and fucking amazing. And yours is just like a beat poetry. Out of its time, vague, depressing yet still enlightening. Just when you thought it’s finished, there comes another verse. It surprises you and makes you feel things that you have never felt before.
—  Hedonist Poet

Sultry Summer (Side A) 

by glittertomb for @jayeonuiai

(**disclaimer: this mixx tape is super gayyyyyyyy**)

☼ Holly Henry- Skin

❀ Petite Meller- Milk Bath 

✌ Lana Del Rey- High by the Beach

☁ Hayley Kiyoko- Girls Like Girls

♡ Melanie Martinez- Training Wheels

☀ Gia- Only a Girl

☺ Nicole Dollanganger- Sweet Girl

☆ Mirah- Pollen

✿ Yael Naim- Toxic

☮ Camera Obscura- Honey in the Sun

☄ Cocorosie- Sunshine

☯ Tender Forever- Hot

☾ Foxes in Fiction- Ontario Gothic