han intentado explicarme hoy

por qué el carácter británico es tan peculiar

han querido venderme imbecilidades de todo tipo

pan de arroz

agua turbia

pero escapé

salí antes

para soñar con muertos y complejos diagramas

de subterráneos correspondientes a ciudades

azules y frías

que no conocemos

y quería que estuvieras acá

y me dijeras

go how, angel

en tu fluidez


como notas musicales


en medio del humo

y la gentrificación.

« ┐(゚~゚)┌  have this blog’s first official post i suppose!! im sorry if the blog is a mess atm im hella slow when im putting themes together. but ASK LALIT THINGS!!! »

moyaofthemist  asked:

What's your favorite food?

There are so so sooo many foods that I love, mostly because, well, I LOVE FOOD!!! I have a mostly vegetarian diet, though I’ll eat meat if it’s being served. ANYWAY, if I had to pick some, they would probably beee…

  • Candied Hibiscus
  • Murgh Kari
  • Bhindi Masala
  • Gaajar Halwa
  • Idli with Chutney (coriander is my favourite)

There are some foods that Karim makes from where he was born that are good too, but I can’t help it; My country’s food is the best in the entire universe.