My favorite thing about room tours is seeing what sort of set up makes people happy. This bright explosion of color makes me happy. Being surrounded by my collections makes me happy and inspired. 

So collect what you want. Like what you want. And don’t give a shit about what other people think. Don’t let your happiness depend on the opinions of others. 

In memory of the original Toasty Sweet Fluff

I didn’t realize she was wearing a headband until I sketched her. I just thought she had marshmallows and sticks growing out of her head. If Scoops has ice cream hair, and Winter has snowball hair, then why not? I might do a cleaned up version of this with more marshmallowy looking dress fluff.


This morning I started sketching some key frames of Tippy Tumblelina doing a henshin sequence into… Dazzle ‘n’ Gleam (?) you know, the ruby red one. Yes, she’s in her panties in the first shot. I dunno if I wanna go straight to the dress or do a dress shot afterwards. I’m thinking the latter. I haven’t done any clean color frame-by-frame animation outside of work for the past 2 years until this Sonic the Hedgehog thing from a week ago, so while I’m on that high I want to make this happen.


So uh I live in Florida now.  The Orlando area to be specific and while hunting for a place to stay, I did some toy hunting as well!

So heads up Florida, Targets are getting in the new stock FAST.  These were no place in Ohio, but are pretty common down here. 

This goes for Monster High, Ever After High, and Lalaloopsy!  Even saw new MLP stock, the build your own sets, and the Justices had the new Coffin Beans.