Just around the riverbend by Anna Gorin
Via Flickr:
Have you ever seen a photo of a place that just looked so amazing that you planned an entire section of a trip around finding that one spot? This “river” bend of Lake Skadar, Montenegro, outside nearest tiny town Rijeka Crnojevića was that for me. I say “river” bend because despite looking like a river here, the river becomes a lake just past the town buildings and this serpentine bend is part of said lake (what exactly the scientific difference is, I haven’t a clue). 

 But proceed with caution with these kinds of places. Or rather, proceed with caution with Montenegro roads. None of the photos or travel guides told me about the mountainous routes to get here, which are really scary (and I’m from Idaho!), by which I mean dangerously narrow, blind corners, and jackass drivers, one of whom actually hit my rear view mirror passing so close and fast. 

Additionally this famous overlook, right at the base of an abandoned hotel that still sounds like it has people there (squatters or haunted??), is a bit too brushy to have a good clear view, and the odd haze over the mountains to the left wasn’t very photogenic either. It didn’t quite live up to my image of a Montenegro version of the southwest’s famous Horseshoe Bend, although it was certainly less crowded! In fact I think I preferred the little town of Rijeka Crnojevića to the scenery, which is saying something for this nature girl :) But it was an adventure, that’s for sure.