Herbert Hoover Dike.

In an attempt to control flooding the Herbert Hoover Dike was built around Lake Okeechobee. This dike has been regarded as an environmental disaster. It chokes off water from its natural southern flow  into the Everglades and instead send the water to the East and West Coast of Florida where is has created numerous algae blooms that have resulted in countless fish kills and deaths of endangered species like manatees. The lack of flooding also destroyed thousands of acres of wetlands that would otherwise naturally filter out pollutants.

Okeechobee, FL    

buckle in, its the florida pokemon au

choose a starter between totodile, treeko, or tepig 

the everglades is the penultimate location of importance (akin to mt coronet, cave of origin, dragonspiral tower, etc.) Raikou is the patron legendary, due to florida being the lightning captial of the US, and being similar to the florida panther. 

the main plot will probably center around natural wildlife area preservation, as the villain team is a corporation wishing to develop a lot of these lands. themes of valuing of human expansion/capital gain over pokemon and earth preservation

gyms are found in: 

  • tampa
  • tallahassee 
  • jacksonville 
  • orlando 
  • miami 
  • ocala 
  • port st lucie 
  • naples 

other notable towns include: 

  • key west - can find manaphy here 
  • titusville/cocoa - can find “extraterrestrial” pokemon around here, such as staryu, clefairy. deoxys can be obtained at the space center 

other important locations: 

  • ocala national forest 
  • everglades national forest 
  • the keys 
  • st augustine 
  • lake okeechobee 
  • st johns river/various springs 
  • disney/general theme parks 
  • i-4 
  • a ranch in the middle of the state 
  • a retirement home trailer park 

misc. notes: 

  • pinap and nanab berries can be purchased in southern pokemarts, while oran and sitrus are found in central/northen regions 
  • the ocala gym leader is a mountain biking fanatic; their gym is outside and has ledges/ramps using the acro and mach bike 
  • the naples gym leader is too old to be a gym leader and should have probably retired with her peers ages ago
  • pokemarts are replaced with wawa
  • fight an emboar with your bare hands in the swamps off 520 
  • palpitoads are everywhere and they WILL scream at you 

please let me know if i missed or need to add something. this is coming from someone who’s spent most of their time on the east coast/central areas of florida so i know more about those regions, but not as much others

list of obtainable pokemon under the cut, because it got a little long

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It’s All About the Water

“Where there’s water, there’s life.” Thus begins the narration of the film that welcomes visitors to the Everglades. Most people associate the Everglades with the word “swamp,” but one of the first things they tell you here is that the Everglades is not a swamp–it’s a giant river of grass. The water spills out over Lake Okeechobee in the wet season and begins its long, flat flow toward the sea over elevations as high as 3 whole feet! In the dry season, the river runs dry, leaving sloughs, solution holes, and puddles much like the watering holes in an African savannah. Wild life congregates in and around these areas in the dry season. I’m lucky enough to be here on the cusp of the Everglades’s two seasons (Wet and Dry). Everyone keeps telling me the bugs are coming (along with the rains).

The welcome film also tells us that water is the “engine that drives the Everglades.” I’m curious to see how many other metaphors and similes for water I discover on this journey.

Monsters Among Us


Dear Diary,

It was a Saturday the 3rd of September that the world that I had known was forever doomed … I knew I was about to enter the gates of hell (Dot Tattler)

Jupiter, Florida 1952

D-licious Milk D-livery more like D-scovery Milk D-livery

Mrs. Tattler? Mrs. Tattler?

-Bill Palmer (Milkman)

If you don’t hear a response usually that’s a sign to get the hell out of there but NOOO Bill the Milkman enters the house, finds Mrs. Tattler dead and decides to grab a rolling pin and do some inspecting upstairs where he finds some ’unfortunate creature’ in the closet.

Doctors analysis:

  • 1 bladder
  • 3 kidneys
  • 4 lungs
  • 2 hearts

Word goes around fast as Elsa Mars waltzes into the hospital coming across Penny who is a young nurse that wears red lipstick and is in need of some adventure. But don’t worry young Penny, Elsa will definitely give you adventure.

Life is to be lived.

-Elsa Mars

Elsa slips into the nurses outfit and manages to get into the Secure Wing where Bette & Dot Tattler are.

What pretty girls you are.

-Elsa Mars

We already see how different these girls are with their constant bickering through telepathic communication & eventually verbal communication. Bette who is the nicer sister (so we think) seems to be naive, innocent and sweet while Dot seems to be mean, quick witted and closed off.

Bette opens up about playing with herself and how she thinks Dot likes it in which Dot responds:

Shut your disgusting mouth you slut.

Lake Okeechobee- Outskirts of Jupiter Florida

A nice little picnic with two lovebirds turns into a bloody massacre.

Twisty casually strolls in! Definitely shows us a new way to juggle.

Elsa catches Jimmy Darling flirting with a waitress and what better way to c*&^block than to ask Jimmy to help her with the lighter.

We learn that Jessica continues to play these promiscuous characters as Elsa has sex with the landlord to continue staying on the land.

As Jimmy & Elsa wrap up their little lunch date the waitress asks if she wants to close up her tab in which Elsa responds,

Oh darling, it’s on the house. Stars never pay.

We dig deeper into Jimmy’s character (no pun intended). We seem to be in a waiting area filled with women discussing their sexual frustrations. Turns out Jimmy Darling is a sex god and pleasures these deprived women. I guess that’s a new way of getting crabs (pun intended).

Don’t worry I won’t bite.

-Jimmy Darling

Elsa attempts to get the facts about what happened with Bette & Dot the day Bill found them. 

Even I am aware that your mother died two days before you were found with fresh wounds.

-Elsa Mars

Unfortunately, Bette couldn’t get her story straight. Turns out Bette stabbed her mother for not taking her to see technicolor and Dot stabbed Bette while she was sleeping (But not for her crime, for her own …)

These sisters are a lot more complicated than we think.

Twisty goes around killing people but steals kids. He has 2 locked up in his trailer 

Oh clown you’re so talented. Please release us so we can tell the world.

This causes Twisty to chuckle and shake a bell aggressively. He then starts blowing up a balloon and attempts to turn it into a dog but then it pops and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! 

Twisty is a failed clown with A LOT of issues.

Bette & Dot escape from the hospital and begin packing at home where Elsa finds them and pretty much scares them into joining the Freak Show being that the police are after them for murder.

 Dear Diary,

It was the glorious 3rd of September when I was freed from the shadows … The future never seemed brighter (Bette Tattler)

& then we finally enter into the Freak Show …

We meet Meep who eats a chickens head from excitement.

Jimmy Darling is already working his charm with the girls.

Ethel Darling who is taking care of the girls:

This place is as good as it gets for folks like us.

Bette & Dot are expected to perform to bring more people and money to this ‘rinky dink’ (Amazon Eve) freak show.

We’re nobodies trained monkey.

-Dot Tattler

We see that Pepper has a sibling … possibly brother?

A hysterical Penny the Candy Striper (nurse from hospital) comes storming in and tells Elsa she wants to go and claims to have been drugged.

You liked it here with us. No, no … you loved it.

-Elsa Mars

Elsa then plays a film of what looks like an orgy but is really a drugged Penny pretty much being raped (pretty disturbing to watch)

Remember when you leave here you say nothing about your time with us.

-Elsa Mars

Jimmy also wants out as he tells his mom (Ethel) that he can find a way for them all to live outside of the Freak Show.

So now you’re Moses leading the Israelites?

-Ethel Darling

The Detective finds the twins due to the Freak Show signs advertising them. He calls them freaks. Jimmy doesn’t like that. Jimmy kills him.

You saved us.

The show sells 2 tickets! 

Dandy & Gloria Mott attend the show.

Dandy seems like a spoiled brat!

They’re all my seats. I can sit anywhere I like.

He then makes his mom move her seat because that’s his seat too and that’s where he wants to sit. He should have sat closer so he didn’t have to use those binoculars.


-Dandy Mott

We get this amazing performance of Elsa Mars singing 'Life on Mars’ by David Bowie.

Dandy wants to buy the twins … $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 … NOT SOLD!

They finally feel a part of the family and are finally home.

Twisty is then seen on the carousel (normal…)

The 'freaks’ hold a ceremony for the death of the detective and make an oath that anyone who calls them freaks or threatens them in anyway will end up like him. They all take out knives and Dot seems to like it there now.

Elsa admits to Ethel that she brought the girls for herself and not for the freak show. She wants to be a star and that would be the only way to attract people. 

Seems like Jessica plays a lot of these characters that hold onto this everlasting hope/dream.

Ethel leaves and we get Elsa’s big REVEAL!

I mean we were all pretty much expecting a 3rd leg … but we were hit with a curveball and turns out Elsa does not have the bottom half of her legs.

Upcoming in the Season:

  • Dandy gets his very own clown (Twisty) … Should be interesting.
  • Desiree Dupree turns out to be a hermaphrodite.
  • The twins go missing.
  • Another season of Sarah Paulson stealing Jessica Lange’s spotlight!

So this was honestly a LOOOOONG start to the season with A LOT to take in. There are a lot of secrets in this freak show we have yet to find out. I think the reason Twisty is so terrifying is because he has this fixed emotion on his face and it’s hard to determine his intentions. 


Daily Monster 151: Snoligoster

Region of origin: Lake Okeechobee, Florida, United States

Resembling a furry snake or legless ‘gator, the snoligoster uses its propeller-tail to travel torpedo-like through the cyprus swamps it calls home. A man-eater, it catches prey in powerful jaws and tosses them backwards onto its dorsal spike, saving up several for a later meal.

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Perhaps the largest environmental challenge Florida is facing is the need to restore the Everglades. This is a problem that goes well beyond South Florida.

The headwaters of the Everglades is the seemingly insignificant swamp in southern Orange County. From there The water flows into Shingle Creek and then into Lake Tohopekaliga. The flow continues south into Lake Kissimmee and the Kissimmee River (which due to dredging that resulted in the loss of thousands of acres of wetlands now resembles a canal rather than a river).

The Kissimmee River empties into Lake Okeechobee where the water is then diverted from its natural flow and much of the water is directed to either coast of Florida, which has lead to several environmental disasters and the loss of many fragile coastal habitats. 

While restoration is a daunting task I am hopeful since the passing of Amendment 1 that we can get the ball rolling on this daunting task.