Herbert Hoover Dike.

In an attempt to control flooding the Herbert Hoover Dike was built around Lake Okeechobee. This dike has been regarded as an environmental disaster. It chokes off water from its natural southern flow  into the Everglades and instead send the water to the East and West Coast of Florida where is has created numerous algae blooms that have resulted in countless fish kills and deaths of endangered species like manatees. The lack of flooding also destroyed thousands of acres of wetlands that would otherwise naturally filter out pollutants.

Okeechobee, FL    

ay, como me encanta miami, especially on spring break. the topless girls, the idiot gringos, the smell of croquetas in every single bakery, the greasy cuban pizza, the sun hitting my beautiful porcelain skin and best of all ? hay tanto crimen aqui que you can literally get away with anything. if i hear any of you dumb bitches complain one more time about miami, i’m drowning you in lake okeechobee. i don’t care if i have to pay fifteen dollars for the uber trip there. don’t fuckin’ test me, because i will do it.

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My grandma has lived in Florida her whole life and says she remembers the few weeks in the 60's where like 5 different people from her town were found washed up on lake okeechobee and she says that it was just "business as usual" because "dead things always wash up here!"

Honestly it takes a lot to phase native Floridians about fucked up shit tbh. Like not many news stories phase me. Pro tip: if you’re ever bored, look up Florida man bc you will get some interesting/fucked up true stories

Daily Monster 151: Snoligoster

Region of origin: Lake Okeechobee, Florida, United States

Resembling a furry snake or legless ‘gator, the snoligoster uses its propeller-tail to travel torpedo-like through the cyprus swamps it calls home. A man-eater, it catches prey in powerful jaws and tosses them backwards onto its dorsal spike, saving up several for a later meal.

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