Lake George


natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman // Paddling around an Alaskan lake filled with icebergs, what more could you ask for? It’s experiences like this that keep reminding me how important protecting our climate really is. On another note, Icebergs can be very unforgiving, as the vast majority of each piece of ice is hidden underwater and they can flip over at any time. Luckily we didn’t have any issues with this, but it is definitely something you have to be cautious of. This video is of my buddy @kyle_kochan paddling around Lake George back in May.
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natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman// Everything was calm at Lake George this day: the water, the air, the feeling I had… you couldn’t ask for more. You could even hear the glacier calving consistently in the distance, the ice in the lake pulsing against the rocky shore. The faint sounds of a plane in the distance the only reminder of civilization. This is why I love being in semi remote areas: everything seems to slow down, and it allows you to take everything in the way it was meant be.


The choice of colors in Georgia O’Keeffe’s art and wardrobe often reflected the tones of the landscapes that surrounded her. During annual visits to Lake George, New York, she painted local bodies of water and their forested surroundings in deep, cool shades of blue, green, and brown.  

When she O'Keeffe moved to New Mexico she dressed more casually than she did in New York. She also incorporated more color into her wardrobe. Her city style was structured around dresses, blouses, and skirts in black and white, but in the Southwest she began wearing Levi’s jeans, which she called “the costume of this country.”

O’Keeffe paired her jeans with men’s long-sleeved cotton shirts. One of her favorites was designed by Walter McCrory, a well-known shirtmaker whose customers reportedly included actors, royalty, and politicians, as well as this iconoclastic artist. Its blue and white colorway recalls her paintings of the New Mexico sky.

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Ficlet: Clear Sailing (M)

From my prompt me post:

@cheile said: “Can I just ask for something happy because too much angst exists lately? a second moonlight sail on Lake George when they get home perhaps? except with the right results.”

Be warned, this is so fluffy you’ll probably choke on it.


He knew he was staring at her, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t stop.

He tried to focus on the ripples across the dark water, the rhythmic creak and whip of the sails, but it was no use. His gaze continued to drift back to her: following the lines of her torso, the jut of her clavicle above the edge of her dress; caressing the slight upturn of her lips; lingering on her hair, caught by the mild breeze and tossed in a cloud around her shoulders.

“You’ll give a girl a complex if you don’t cut that out.”

Chakotay jerked his gaze away from the hollow where her neck met her shoulder. “What?” he asked sheepishly.

A smile was flirting with her lips, so he relaxed a fraction. “You’re staring,” she pointed out, and the smile widened into a grin.

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