Both pictures were done at different times but since i drew both of us in the same shirts i decided to post them both at the same time.
“Patience” is my Drawing of Self development, all good things come to those who wait and stay true. Everything heals with Time.
“Is today over yet?” Is just pretty simple, its just something fun i wanted to draw about how my mornings usually go, but Raths in my place instead

Kari: Check it out guys~! This entire island is one giant body!!

(OOC: A picture i made featuring one of my favorite artist here, genchiart and his Original Character Ricky! You and your characters are kind of a big inspiration to me!^^ Heheh, I hope you get this picture and like this! TOOK ME SUPER LONG TO DRAW DX! Still not sure if i got this “tagging people thing” Right! XD wuffinarts wkdart Ill make some for you both too!) >:D