“Hey whats up? You say those scars on your wrist are from your cat? Ha! I knew you were joking~. Bye the way i think you’re neat~.”

 Ugh….Some crush i had back at my old job i worked at that im still trying to get over. Now im not going to Rambal on about true love and crap, just know that…Social anxieties a bitch. Also got the Drawing idea from another picture here but I can’t find it.

Some fun outlines from some sketches i did a while ago, don’t judge me on my shading, im still learning D:<

But honestly, that bottom pic is like all i want right now. Some heavy rain and you got a perfect day to chill inside right there! And Raths the perfect person to lay with on days like this, Warm, Cuddly and full of open ended conversations that range between life and whats his favorite color and why~. Meanwhile im reading One Piece and trying to guess this ending! Ps( I’m on SAI, how do I stop these pictures from coming out so blurry!?)