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How did you and Greg meet? Btw your guy's relationship is on point.

I found him from the video of him kissing shane dawson and then I went to watch his channel and I really like it and him. So I tweeted at him a bit and one day he followed me and dm’ed me and we starting talking but not really talking very often. He was following me for about 2 months before we started talking consistently and then we started skyping and then we started dating :)

Before you spread accusations about how I treat my wife, you should first probably ask my wife. She’s so freaking awesome for telling people how it is.

Interview with Lainey, who is widely known on tumblr.  :-)

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1. What’s your favorite color?

2. Who are your top 3 favorite singers/bands?
In order:
Taking Back Sunday
The Used
Twenty One Pilots

3. Best thing about marriage?
Having someone who is always there for you & loves you even at your worst.

4. Any cool tattoos and/or piercings?
I have my nose & ears pierced & I have two tattoos. One is on my ankle & one is on my hip.

5. Top 3 favorite foods?
Apples, Chocolate, & Quinoa

6. Favorite TV Shows or movies?
My favorite movie is Flatliners. My favorite TV show is currently Orange Is The New Black.

7. Who’s your favorite Disney Princess?


Thank you so much for letting me interview you! You are so gorgeous! 



This day, November 11th, we celebrate Mr. Gregory Jackson’s birthday. Over the years, this man has given us countless smiles, like these ones~

Some impossible ships, like these……..

Lots of Fangirl material

A shocking realization that his ass is way better than most girls’ asses…

Too many boob squeezes to count

Some moments we just do NOT know what to think of………….

He’s made us want to cry

He’s made us laugh til our bellies, sides, and faces hurt…

But most of all, he’s given us all incredible inspiration

So, happy birthday, Onision. Thank you for existing, you beautiful fluck <3