Ok, so this is what pisses me off about people who say Greg (Onision) beats and abuses Lainey, i mean look at that, look at the way she looks at him, thats not the look of someone who is abused (trust me, i have seen the way abused wives look and act, and it’s not the look on Lainey’s face) thats the look of someone who is deeply in love and is content with her life and no matter how much hate she gets she stands by the person she loves, so you can hate Greg all you want, say he is a sociopath with no feelings but don’t you dare say he doesn’t love Lainey and she doesn’t love him.

End rant.

regarding lainey and onision

can you guys fucking stop trying to make greg look like an abuser? lainey said that there isn’t a problem and asked you guys to stop and yet you still do it. you’re trying to make a problem when lainey said there isn’t. if you genuinely wanted to help lainey, you would follow their wishes instead of making shit up, photoshopping tweets, and talking about something you know nothing about. respect lainey and greg’s privacy and mind your own business.