I’ve seen lots of people doing this mistake and I’m so done with it so let me correct this..

Stop calling Ragnar’s sons as “Ubbe Lothbrok” or “Hvitserk Lothbrok”. Lothbrok is a “nickname” for Ragnar, not a surname. His sons’ “surnames” are Ragnarsson until they get their own nickname. Björn’s nickname is Ironside because no axe or spear touched him in the first battle and Sigurd’s Snake-In-The-Eye because he basically had a snake in his eye.

I’ve also seen Lagertha’s name written with Lothbrok and it’s also a mistake. She doesn’t have a special name with her first name, so the last name is *her mom’s name*sdottir

Thanks, I feel relieved

  • Ivar: *loses Lagertha in a crowd*
  • Ivar:
  • Ivar:
  • Ivar: Such a tragedy to lose our Queen... looks like we need a new ruler.
  • Björn: *steps up and opens his mouth to speak*
  • Ivar: *gives Björn the death glare from the throne* Not you.
  • Björn:
  • Ivar: Bow to your generous and benevolent king. *gives a charming smile*

“I’m on the battlefield, Knocking soldiers down like house of cards, I’m a one woman army, Yes, I’m a one woman army

‘One Woman Army’ by Porcelain Black


make me choose | @allthenightstocome asked: favorite romantic relationship + vikings ► ragnar and lagertha

↳   “ Who knows, Ragnar, what the gods have in store for us. But this, I can never imagine. If you have gone to Heaven, then we will never meet again. And yet, I think Odin will ride like the wind, and rescue you, and take you to Valhalla, where you belong, my own sweet Ragnar. And there, there we shall meet again, and fight and drink and love one another. For I have never stopped loving you. Not for one moment. You and I were born to be together.