George Barbierfor Cartier, 1914. 

Librairie Chretien, Paris. 

George Barbier was a frequent contributor to the Gazette du Bon-Ton and an influencer of other designers of the period. He met Louis Cartier who introduced his work his  to Charles Jacqueau, Cartier’s head designer.

snippet from LoS 5/23/17

Snippet from Lord of Shadows - unexpected alliances…

Lord of Shadows

Kieran muttered something under his breath and said, “I will swear loyalty to Mark. I will do as he bids me do, and follow the Nephilim for his sake. And I shall argue with Prince Adaon for your cause, though it is his choice in the end.”

Something flickered in Julian’s eyes. “No,” he said. “You will not do this for Mark.”

Mark looked at his brother, startled; Kieran’s expression tensed. “Why not Mark?”

“Love complicates things,” said Julian. “An oath should be free of entanglements.”

Kieran looked as if he might explode. His hair had gone com- pletely black. With an angry look at Julian, he strode toward the Shadowhunters—and knelt in front of Cristina.

Everyone looked surprised, none more than Cristina. Kieran tossed his dark hair back and looked up at her, a challenge in his eyes. “I swear fealty to you, Lady of Roses.”


Some of the fair folk from Elsewhere University - Anna Monday, the Foxy Lady, Jimothy, and the Rose Prince! More about each of them on the Elsewhere U blog.

The further down this whole rabbit hole I go, the more I’m realizing that my idea of fairies is much more in line with Lovecraft’s writings, than, say, Tolkein’s.

Did a sketch of an older Chibi Moon/Black Lady about a year ago, but I abandoned it. I literally only came back to it just so I could test more photoshop brushes I made (roses, thorns, gems). I think I went just a bit overboard…

Tools: Paint tool sai, Photoshop CS3
Time: 3 weeks on and off?

*sigh* there’s a lot more I wanted to do with this, but honestly? I’m tired of wasting time on it…

I FINALLY went and saw Beauty and the Beast today...

 … and I feel like there are some thing that I should bring to your attention.

- “belle” was so wonderful and colorful and just exploding with creativity 

- there was literally a harry potter reference iM DEAD

- i genuinely like Gaston?? like he doesn’t seem bad at all until the end?? when she denied him he literally just backed off??

- belle’s weapon of choice is a stick so 

- “so let’s go to the east wing, or as i like to call it, the ONLY wing” lumiERE YOU’RE NOT SLY

- okay the scene with lumiere right before “be our guest” was amazing 

- “if the master finds out what you’re planning, he’ll blame it on me!” “yes i’ll make sure of it”

- “a broken clock is right two times a day, but this is not one of those times”

- “mm, i don’t have taste buds but I’m sure this is exquisite!”

- oh and lumiere dabbed

- belle being So Done with adam for the entirety of the movie

- honestly i just loved plumette like she was so cute

- gaston (the song) made me want to dance on top of tables so 

- belle’s little giggles after the beast walks away from her in the library


- lefou’s slow but AMAZING character arc (”i was on gaston’s side but we’re in a bad place rn”)

- maurice’s conversation with d’arque killed me omg

- “grandmother?!” yeah you go mrs potts attack everyone

- belle being SUCH a badass during the fight scene

- tbh i wasn’t ready for gaston’s death i just wanted a character arc

- okay so was no one weirded out by agatha just standing there?? like did belle not notice that there was some creepy lady staring creepily at the rose and making creepy faces?

- uM i wasn’t okay with the dog being upside down fight me disney

- but the scene where they’re all freezing and the scene where the curse is lifted was SO CUTE aH

- i have SO MUCH to say about LeFou because omg he was so cute with gaston but that little tiny part at the end when he was dancing with that other dude was amazing

-okay but prince adam’s growl at the end had me so shook? boi who gave you the right? i was not prepared?

- emma and dan belle and prince adam are legit goals. the dancing scene at the end was wonderful (”how do you feel about growing a beard?”


- also same at madame garderobe for always carrying around her dog

- okay. let’s talk about how many diverse characters there were including a mAIN CHARACTER BEING GAY AND ADORABLE. like the librarian was supposed to be an elderly white man but nAH HE’S AFRICAN AMERICAN AND YOUNG

- basically disney hit it out of the park and i am now in love with this movie ant it’s cast

not roses, ranunculus

no offense but i’m not sure, if they were roses in 2.18 ace reporter or ranunculus. 

- It is thought that the blooms are captivating and dazzle the eyes. They are ideal for a new love interest or for someone highly admired.

- are used to create whimsical and romantic bouquets, particularly for weddings

- bonus: in the victorian era ranunculus were used to show your love interest that you are available / not yet spoken for someone / not yet married

but I’m fine with the roses or every other floral choice they make, bc every scene involving flowers in this godgaydamn show is romantic.

  • Things I'm willing to accept about the cursed child: Albus and Scorpius are besties, Slytherin!Albus, Albus and Scorpius are adorable cinnamon rolls, Albus and Scorpius falling in love, Scorpius is a total nerd, Hermione is Minister of Magic, black Hermione, everything would go to shit without Neville, Dracos redemption arc, Romione is always real
  • Things I'm not willing to accept about the cursed child: Delphis existance, her hair, time travelling, Cedric as a deatheater, Voldemort day, Harrys parenting, Ron giving Albus a love potion as a present, Ron doesn't remember his wedding, the trolley lady, Rose ditching Albus for no reason, Scorpius asking out Rose even thought he spent the whole time falling in love with Albus, that the whole thing is supposed to be canon