Sailor Lads VS Sailor Ladies!

Photographer: Short Fuse Pinups

Event: MegaCon 2014 Sailor Scout Cosplay Meet Up

Sailor Ladies

Tuxedo Mask – Trey Rose

Sailor Moon – Tonya Ferguson

Sailor Mercury – Veron

Sailor Mars – Keia Coenen

Sailor Venus – Sugar High Cosplay

Sailor Uranus – blueshoescosplay

Sailor Neptune- mew21cosplay

Sailor Saturn – More Devine Cosplayer

Small Lady – cosplaysnapped

Sailor Chibi Moon – Tonya Ferguson daughter

 Sailor Lads

Genderbend Tuxedo Mask – Jess Bamboo

Genderbend Sailor Moon – Scott Prongs

Genderbend Sailor Mercury – Andy Moony

Genderbend Sailor Mars – Dimitri Kopansky

Genderbend Sailor Venus – Chester Daugherty

Genderbend Sailor Uranus – Cloud To

Genderbend Sailor Neptune- Nathan Henderson

Genderbend Sailor Saturn – Vincent Anderson

Genderbend Sailor Chibi Moon – David Francis


“There’s always gotta be a carefree dude who gives light to some shy, dark girl who tries to conceal her emotions; a cool guy with a dark past; a beautiful and strong gal; an absolute genius; a spunky young lady; a quick-witted lad; and add in a tough chick who’s actually sweet inside”

Dang. I needed to get this off my mind. 

SO here. Have some crappy doodles of a Naruto and Teen Titans Crossover because childhood that’s why. (Shikamaru be “Yeah… I’m not feelin’ this”)

And yeah there’s the bonus of Sarada as Nightstar 

PLs don’t kill me.

  • Mark Blackthorn:Why be rude when u can be nude ;)
  • Emma Carstairs:why get thinner when u can get more dinner?
  • Cristina Rosales:why be nice if u can throw knives?
  • Dru Blackthorn:why have abs when u can have kebabs?
  • Ty Blackthorn:...I don't get this game.
  • Julian Blackthorn:why be a lad when u can be a dad?
  • Everyone:...
  • Julian:...
  • Julian:I'm gonna go to bed.
A Poem I Wrote in Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Wait, Wait
Let me get this straight
You think gay marriage is bad?

You’re ok with love,
but only if it’s straight,
but not lady-lady or lad-lad?

What’s the difference,
may I ask, between the union of two souls?
does their gender really matter,
or is your vision just marred in coal?

If love makes the world go round,
why should only you be allowed to spin?
why not if she wants to marry her,
or if he wants to marry him?

How would you feel If I stopped you from marrying your soulmate, because of a notion I have,
that narrow minded people are ‘not natural’
and that their minds are bad?

You don’t see me stopping you from making your marital choice,
Then what makes you think that on this issue,
people need your voice?

I am glad to know that you have your rights,
and your life is going on just fine,
so, please go on living your own life,
and let me live mine.

By Shubhangi Joshi


Iglesia de la Medalla de la Virgen Milagrosa
(Church of our Lady of the Miraculous Medal)

Architect: Felix Candela Outeriño
Location: Mexico City - Colonia Narvarte
Facebook: Home Page 
Princeton Art Museum: Article (English)
Wikipedia: Home Page (Spanish)
Public Transportation: Metro Division del Norte 

Designed by Felix Candela Outeriño in 1953 - 1955 this one of kind church is located near Metro Division del Norte in Colonia Narvate in Delegacion Benito Juarez. The exterior part of the church holds a unique design but the truly amazing sight is the interior of the church with a combination of unique structure and lighting that creates a truly unique design.

“The interior of Milagrosa is the most striking part of the church because Candela insisted that while the exterior of a church is primarily for inviting people in, the interior is the key expressive feature of the building. He noted that “it’s about attaining an expressive interior space, a surrounding sculpture that one admires from the inside. But this sculpture cannot be capricious and arbitrary, since one has to respond to the external laws of structural equilibrium.“ - Princeton Art Museum Page (Felix Candela)