Can we just agree I’m cleverer than you?

Hi diddle diddle, time for a riddle!

EN: When I’m boring I start to do things like this. This is my “Lady Riddler” costume, and I have nothing else to do than take me some pictures with it. Hope u like it.

SP: Cuando me aburro me da por hacer cosas como esta. Este es mi traje de “Lady Riddler”, y no tenía más que hacer que tomar fotos con él. Ojalá les guste.

Attention!!! Warning!!! Important!!! Well, only if you are my follower

These lovely ladies and gentlemen are kind enough to follow me. Thanks for following me, liking and re-blogging my posts. Since Tumblr is acting out lately, I decided to make these mini promotions, thank you for following me and acknowledge your existence in general. These are my old followers

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