Got too many emotions for this cutie pie, it’s time for a list rant

  1. Look at his lil hair part! It looks so fluffy and well kept. Eddie you should just keep your hat off. You got no receding hairline to cover now
  2. I legit want to know how long it took him to place all those candles there and light them? Because anyone who’s tried to put things in bushes knows it’s darn hard to keep them steady for long.
  3. That fetchin’ smile is too pure for Riddler’s face. You can’t tell me this man is in the wrong with a smile as innocent as that
  4. He got them big old eyes (they honestly look like kiwi’s style of drawing. I love it!) So blue. So adorable.
  5. Batgirl, you’re doing the right thing and I know he’s a weirdo but gosh look at that face. Such a sad puppy dog face.
  6. Major props to DC Superhero girls for not turning Riddler into a fluffboy. She said she wasn’t interested and he’s just like “welll can’t blame a guy for tryin’~” and that’s the end of that.


((Also super happy you’re drawing again omg??<3 keep being lovely luv!))


Can we just agree I’m cleverer than you?

Hi diddle diddle, time for a riddle!

EN: When I’m boring I start to do things like this. This is my “Lady Riddler” costume, and I have nothing else to do than take me some pictures with it. Hope u like it.

SP: Cuando me aburro me da por hacer cosas como esta. Este es mi traje de “Lady Riddler”, y no tenía más que hacer que tomar fotos con él. Ojalá les guste.

#Cosplayer @lyddie_kyddie with a cool Lady #Riddler! #cosplay

@Regrann from @lyddie_kyddie - Found this amazing shot of my Lady Riddler on Facebook from Thychi Cosplay 😁 so cool! I love finding photos from Anima North that others happened to get of my cosplays 👌 #riddlemethis #riddles #guesstheriddle #riddler #ladyriddler #theriddler #Batman #cosplay #riddlercosplay #lyddiekyddie #lyddiekyddiecosplay #dc #dccomics #dccosplay #batmancosplay #animenorthtoronto #animenorth2016 #cosgirl #cosplayaccessories #cosplaying #fb #tb #Regrann