Can we just agree I’m cleverer than you?

Hi diddle diddle, time for a riddle!

EN: When I’m boring I start to do things like this. This is my “Lady Riddler” costume, and I have nothing else to do than take me some pictures with it. Hope u like it.

SP: Cuando me aburro me da por hacer cosas como esta. Este es mi traje de “Lady Riddler”, y no tenía más que hacer que tomar fotos con él. Ojalá les guste.



((Also super happy you’re drawing again omg??<3 keep being lovely luv!))

The Signs as Batman Villian

Aries- Lady Shiva (Sandra Wu-San). She is determined to be the worlds greatest Martial artists, even if it means fighting anyone who crosses her path. She has also taught Batman some moves or two during combat.
Taurus- Mr (Victor) Zsasz. He is a serial killer with no remorse for his killings. He he carves a mark into his skin for each life he takes.
Gemini- Two Face (Harvey Dent) He has had half his face burned off, which created a dual personality. He is obsessed with duality and flips a coin to make radicle decisions.
Cancer- The Penguin (Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot) He is one of Batman’s oldest foes, known for his love of Ornithology, trick umbrellas and his shady business dealings.
Leo- Catwoman (Selina Kyle) She is known for her astonishing acrobatic skills and stealing anything she wants, along with Batman’s heart. She cracks cat puns and her whip, during combat.
Virgo- Hugo Strange. He is a evil psychologist and chemical genius. He knows Batman’s true identity and has even before he met him. He also has an obsession for the Batman.
Libra- Harley Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel) She was a psychologist. She is profoundly sympathetic, she just can’t get over her unhealthy relationship with the Joker. She is highly intelligent and uses a comically large mallet during combat.
Scorpio- Talia Al Ghul. She and Batman both have romantic ties with one another, they had a child. Talia’s father was ruler of the Criminal Empire and thought Batman was a suited husband for Talia. (but Batman did not want to be apart of crime) So they never worked out. Talia has a love/hate for the Batman. She has an expanded life span through the use of Lazarus Pits.
Sagittarius- The Riddler (Edward Nygmq) He is an intellectual genius, yet over confident of himself. He has a compulsion to create puzzles and lethal death traps, and he is also a criminal mastermind.
Capricorn- Mister Freeze (Victor Fries) He is a expert in cryogenics (study of low temperatures) and wears an exo-suit to keep his body in sub zero temperatures and enhance his strength. Would die living in room temperature.
Aquarius- The Joker. He is the Clown Prince of Chaos. He is extremely intelligent and insane. He is always one step ahead of the hero. He is a skilled chemist and has access to a variety of gadgets. Skilled with hand to hand combat, and is a highly functions sociopath. His origin still remains a mystery to this day.
Pisces- Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane). High level of intellect. A master of psychology and chemistry. He is a tactician/strategist. He invented a ingenious gas that, when inhaled the consumer will start to hallucinate their biggest fear(s). He is addicted to fear and had studied it. He compulsively seeks out his only fear, Batman.