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Whoops, my hand slipped

(Previous redraws for those who’re interested)
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I’m selling these Adventure Time patches in my Etsy shop!

Can’t see your favourite character? I’m working on an LSP patch and Princess Bubblegum if these sell well, but feel free to send me a request for another character, even one from another fandom if that’s what you would like. I aim to please!

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Adventure Time Bomb (1 /2)

“Go grab your friends, we’re going to very distant regions…”

They are already pretty weird it’s sometimes hard to tell which one is the pokemon on which one isn’t. This of course results in a lot of pokeball based head injuries.

Hope you like it :D!

6 years old

5SOS DOODLE - Adventure Time AU - Ashton + Lady Rainicorn 

“I dont understand a word you’re saying, but okay!”

Princess Bubblegum’s long lost brother, Ashton, has come to stay in The Candy Kingdom. During his stay, Lady Rainicorn, PB’S Royal Steed, grows very fond of the new Prince Bubblegum. Due to the language barrier  Ashton struggles to understand Lady, he tends to just agree to do everything she says. Things that include hugs, high speed tours around The Land Of Ooo, Visits to all of her friends but mostly hugs. No matter what it is, Ashton doesn’t mind because she’s just so cute.