5SOS DOODLE - Adventure Time AU - Ashton + Lady Rainicorn 

“I dont understand a word you’re saying, but okay!”

Princess Bubblegum’s long lost brother, Ashton, has come to stay in The Candy Kingdom. During his stay, Lady Rainicorn, PB’S Royal Steed, grows very fond of the new Prince Bubblegum. Due to the language barrier  Ashton struggles to understand Lady, he tends to just agree to do everything she says. Things that include hugs, high speed tours around The Land Of Ooo, Visits to all of her friends but mostly hugs. No matter what it is, Ashton doesn’t mind because she’s just so cute. 

The Jakesons

What better recreational activity to get the whole family together than good ol’ TV?

Jake the Dad episode was sooo cute, I mean look at those babies!! It was sad that they grew up so fast. Maybe all kids are like that to their parents. Before you know it, they’re all grown up and ready to take on the world on their own.

Guess which other cartoon family likes bunching together on a couch to watch TV!