So I did a thing…

Basically, I drew what I thought Dipper and Mabel would be like in the future, both physically and mentally. I hate that it’s on lined paper, but there’s nothing I can do now. 18 year old dip looks like alex

Anyway, I figure that Mabel’s pretty much going to remain the same all throughout her time as a teenager (and hopefully through adulthood as well), The only differences are physical. I do believe she will get more mature, however. In my mind, she’s always going to be her silly, sticker-obsessed, pig-loving self, no matter what; but I think she’s going to learn when it’s appropriate to be mature and when it’s okay to be silly.

For Dipper, I believe he’s going to slowly get less and less paranoid. As he gets older and more capable of protecting himself, with and without the journal, he’s going to become more confident, I think. Then he’s going to go through a “swag” phase around 16 (blame Soos), but in the end he’ll be mature enough to take on adulthood.

I figure that by time he gets to 14-15, the TV show will be over, and maybe they won’t need the Journal anymore (or maybe they will, what do I know). But I am pretty sure they’ll still be visiting Stan over summers (or more often), and I’m 100% sure they’ll still be the best of buds all throughout their lives.

If you read all that, I commend you. Now I’m going back to drawing.


Lady Mabelton and Sir Dippingsauce in maching sweaters

I imagine Mabel making Dippers sweater too big so that when it comes up she can call him a shortie then proceed to shout alpha-twin everywhere they go :D

I know, I know, this sweater-thing was done hundreds of times, in so much better ways, but I just had to take my swing on it :D

(I also tried to make a “I will take a photo of my workspace because that looks cool” thingie XD Bill approves :D)

Ladies and Gentleman, presenting…LADY MABELTON!

Lady Mabelton’s first album, Knit This Way, featuring these hits!

  • Knit This Way
  • I’m Legalizing Everything!
  • Girl, Why You Ackin’ So Cray-Cray?
  • Onward Aoshima!
  • I Chewed My Gum So It Looks Like A Brain!
  • A Billion Sweaters ft. Miya Parker and Austin Moon
  • I Love My Piggy ft. Waddles the Pig
  • My Favorite Parts The Theme Song
  • I Wanna Date A Vampire
  • And Much, Much, Much More!

Just Call 1-800-Sweater! Or visit!


Seriously, I’m trying to write ‘Hooked’ (For Lady Mabelton’s debut album) and the music is sooooooo hard to write!

Seriously, if I’d knew it would be this hard, I’d be watching RC9GN and avoiding my problems.