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if infinite members were to be the stereotypical local/neighborhood character, like that cute barista at your regular coffee place or the loopy tea leaf reader/fortune teller lady that turns out to be not that loopy after all, who would they be?

  • Sungkyu - the handsome dude who actually has a steady job and does well with his life - you hate him bc he doing well, but you can’t hate him because he got a face that was painted or smth. also your mom friggin compares you to him 
  • Dongwoo - the silly dude in the neighborhood (aka neighborhood idiot?). - ran into a pole one day, was never the same. has a whack laugh. but he’s too nice, he shares ice cream with you outside the neighborhood corner store on your bad day. he tells you cute little jokes and sometimes says little phrases in different languages and you wonder if he knows what he’s saying????
  • Woohyun - the cute chef at the neighborhood Italian restaurant - i guess the price of seeing cute boys come with some pasta. but truth is, his pasta sucks so you suck it up to see him. 
  • Howon - the school bully - con: he beats your younger bro up, pro: he has a pretty face. pretty hard to shrug it off when he’s a cutie. also a good dancer. dammit. 
  • Sungyeol -  your childhood friend who everyone has a crush on. - your greatest friend, lived next door to you since forever you know the drill. Also he’s pretty handsome so he gets a lot of girls at his doorsteps so his decides to flaunt it at your direction. also HE STEALS YOUR MILK. so lock the doors  
  • Myungsoo - the cute barista you waste $5 at the cafe - the greatest 5 bucks you waste. it’s a good thing he doesn’t question why u come so much. you also stalk his instagram bc he’s photo-god but, you know, what other embarassing things can u do right?
  • Sungjong - the cute helper/teacher at the local daycare. - bless my child with your amazing looks and cuteness plz. we need more of that in children. 


ask me random questions plz


Bloodborne fanart, Bloodborne Tarot Cards - Part 1.

  • 0 - The Fool - The Good Hunter
  • I - The Magician - Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • II - The High Priestess - Vicar Amelia
  • III - The Empress - Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
  • IV - The Emperor - Martyr Logarius
  • V - The Hierophant - Laurence, the First Vicar
  • VI - The Lovers - Father Gascoigne & Viola
  • VII - The Chariot - Cainhurst Carriage
  • VIII - Strength - Eileen the Crow
  • IX - The Hermit - Provost Willem
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune - Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower

  < Part 1 | Part 2 >

I’m so tired of tumblr forcing fans of Moffat-era Who to defend ourselves and why we like the show. Rant below the cut.

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s All Hype!

i feel like i’m severely going to regret taking this much on but fuck it, YOLO, im dead inside :))))

in honor of Ladynoir July i’m going to desperately try and do one multi-chapter for every week of the month! so that means this first week i’m going to be using Days 1-7 to make a multi-chapter, and so on and so forth until the month is over. we……..will see how that goes lol

but in the meantime enjoy the first story!

[Day 2: Banter]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s All Hype!
Pairings: Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: Alya accidentally gets the Internet in a frenzy after announcing that Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating, but the two heroes are adamant about correcting the error and making sure the world knows that they’re just friends. So Alya proposes a staged public break up to set everything right.

In hindsight, she really underestimated how utterly freaking difficult that would be.

Day 1: Patience

“Ah, my lovely Lady, bless our good fortune that I may be able to accompany you home on such a cold Autumn’s night. Perchance the stars may be able to lead us back to your marble palace before dawn.”

Ladybug threw her head back and cackled. “You’re such an idiot, what are you even saying?”

Chat Noir scoffed. “Such a sharp tongue, my Lady. Whatever would your father say? Although, I suppose I could lock this secret away between the two of us should you permit me to seal it with a friendly kiss.”

Ladybug stuck her tongue out. “I’ll seal it with my foot up your nose if you’d like.”

“So not only does that sound impossible, but that sounds like a sinus infection waiting to happen,” he replied. “Do you know where your feet have been? I could catch a disease.”

“The depths of your dramatics are truly unfathomable,” Ladybug deadpanned.

“You know, my best friend tells me the same thing,” Chat Noir wondered. “I was thinking of getting involved in acting. I played a detective once. I was pretty good.”

“You should play a knight or something,” Ladybug suggested. “You know, really play up the whole needless chivalry and romantic waxing that you’re so good at. I mean, you’re getting practice for it right now.”

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A New Home (Elriel)

Written for this prompt: ‘would you consider writing a damsel in distress type of story for Elriel?’ (Fair warning, this one has some angst - but with a fluffy ending)

He should’ve expected this. Elain was a seer – a thing so rare that it had taken them months to figure out what she was. Azriel didn’t even know of any other seers alive today, that’s how few there were in Prythian and its surrounding realms. So he should’ve known this would happen, should’ve expected this. There were contingency plans he could have made, safety measures, something, anything. Anything that would have stopped this.

He shouldn’t be standing here, holding a bloody scrap of Elain’s dress.

Azriel’s insides were cold, his focus narrowed down to the pale pink cloth he held between his fingers, the edges stained a horrible shade of red that was all too familiar. 

They’d planned this, the people that took Elain. They must have been watching them for days. How else would they have known when Azriel would be gone? When Azriel was due to make his weekly report to Rhys? How else would they know when Elain liked to explore the wild forest that surrounded his cabin? A place that no one but he and Elain were supposed to know the location of?

(The cabin was the only property that Azriel kept secret from the others, hidden deep within the forests that separated Velaris from the Court of Nightmares. It was his own personal sanctuary – a place he went to when even the shadows became too much for him to bear. A place of quiet contemplation… well, until Elain had brightened its walls with her mere presence. Until Elain, lovely Elain, had made his sanctuary a home, even if only a temporary one. Until he could recall, with utter clarity, what Elain’s laughter sounded like in the sparse space of his cabin bedroom.)

This was supposed to a relaxing trip, a way for both he and Elain to spend some time in just each other’s company… to be at peace. This time of year was hard for them, after all, awash with bad memories of Hybern and stabbings and Kings who threw innocent human girls into the Cauldron for spite.

So this wasn’t supposed to happen, this wasn’t supposed to happen, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

He was supposed to be the spymaster; how could he have let this happen? (He’d failed. Failed the person that mattered most to him. Failed the one person who had seen every inch of who he was and not recoiled… who’d embraced him instead.) The scent of blood overwhelmed him as he continued to stare at the scrap in his hands, which he had found impaled on the branch of a tree that had clearly seen better days. Bits of its bark had broken off, the trunk cracked from what he was sure was a hit with preternatural strength. The ground around it bore the signs of a hellish struggle.

One thing was clear; Elain had fought back with all her might. But being untrained can only get you so far, the pragmatic part of Azriel’s mind told him. Panic was threatening to claw through the ice-cold fury piercing his heart, but Azriel didn’t let it. He couldn’t. He needed clarity, the clarity of Azriel the legendary shadowsinger, not the confused desperation of Azriel the man in love. He examined the grounds for a moment longer with the same cold and ruthless practicality that had earned him his feared reputation.

And then he saw it – remnants of faebane amidst the broken branches. And he knew, he knew who had done this. Despite their victory in the war, a few Hybern’s more cunning troops had escaped into the mortal realms on the continent. Most of them had become brigands, outlaws, thieves-for-hire.

But some… some had become traffickers. And seers were a rare ‘commodity’. Elain’s kidnappers were likely to sell her to the highest bidder.

There were no words to describe the anger that hit Azriel at this realization; the sheer rage that settled in his very bones, in his blood… in the shadows that whispered to him. Find her, he thought to them, sending his power out into the world. His shadows would track down her familiar essence as he searched the forest from the skies.

Azriel was already running as the plans solidified in his mind, his wings spreading wide. In the next moment, he was flying, powering through the harsh wind. Normally, he would revel in the thrill of being able to use the wings he was born with, after that gift had been denied to him for so long… but now, now he was only focused on getting her back.

Perhaps he should go to Rhys… perhaps he should go to Feyre; they’d want to know, after all. Elain was their family, as much as she was his. The both of them, the entire Inner Circle, would do anything to get their seer, their friend, back. But Azriel couldn’t leave now. He was already on the hunt. (He wouldn’t let this go until he crushed the bones of those responsible, until he drove Truth-Teller through their skulls.) 

He was in the air for longest hour of his life, when he felt it, his shadows tugging at him, whispering to him. There, they told him in words that weren’t really words, there she is. Down by the river, there waits the lady of fortune for the master of shadows. There she is. Find her. Avenge her. Retrieve her.

There she is. There she is.

Azriel felt his lips pull back into something vicious when he finally spotted them from above. He was completely silent, a wraith in the darkening sky as he catalogued the exact layout of the clearing where he could see the barest hint of light pink stand out from a wash of greens and browns.


The relief that flooded through him was short lived upon noticing the four figures surrounding her, herding her in like she was some kind of wild animal. (His insides roared at the mere thought of anyone treating Elain like an animal, like cattle.) But Elain, gentle Elain, blessedly alive Elain, she was standing strong despite the odds against her, despite the rope still around her wrists.

She’s escaped them, he thought with savage pride. Elain abhorred violence, this much was true, but she was also intuitive in a way that most couldn’t ever hope to be; not many understood that were was a natural strategist hiding under her innate gentleness. But Azriel did, and he had no doubt that she waited to escape until they reached this clearing very much on purpose, knowing it would make it easier for him to track her.

Clever, clever woman.

Azriel didn’t linger in the skies any longer; he tucked his wings in and dived. He went hurtling to the ground, unafraid as he snapped out his wings to catch him at the last possible second. A mighty boom echoed through the clearing as he landed right in front of Elain, keeping her behind him protectively. 

There was silence for a long moment, as Elain’s assailants all stared at him in shock and fear, eyes lingering on the sheer number of siphons he wore on his armor. And then he heard a shuddering gasp of relief from behind him, felt bound hands touch the center of his back for the briefest moment, as if needing reassurance that he was really there. 

“Azriel,” Elain whispered.

The sound of his name from her lips shattered the strange sense of peace that had settled over the clearing. One second all was silent, and the next there was a sudden burst of movement all around them as the four faeries charged for him. Azriel unsheathed Truth-Teller with utter, disarming calmness. There was a gleam in his eyes, though, that promised violent retribution. 

(Elain had no doubt seen what was about to happen, stepping back slightly to allow him some more room. Azriel felt her absence keenly, but used it to fuel his fighting rage.)

The first of the faeries reached him then – and it didn’t take much more than a second for him to be dead on the ground, a gaping hole where his eye had once been. Azriel smiled darkly, a grim thing without any joy in it, Truth-Teller already whirling into the next body. From there, the fight became a blur, his blade and his shadows easily overpowering the last three faeries. He didn’t even consider letting them live and interrogating them, as he should have. All he knew was the fury, the fear of having Elain ripped away from him. All he saw was that bloody scrap – the only thing they had left him.

So he was merciless in his slaughter, his shadows reveling in the bloodshed he wrought. Avenge her.

And when it was finally done, when their blood coated the blade of his legendary sword like a second skin, Azriel finally turned back to Elain. For a moment, he was afraid of what he would find in her eyes when they looked at him now. Would she be frightened of the lengths he would go to for her? Would she be revolted by his bloodlust?

(Would she turn away from him?)

He needn’t have worried, however; he realized that Elain was thinking none of things when their gazes finally, finally connected. There was no fear in those beautiful brown eyes of hers; only relief and love and concern for him. She darted to him without hesitation, throwing herself against his chest, her still-bound hands clutching desperately at his armor. A shudder went through her when she pressed her face into the bare skin of his neck; as if she finally let the fear she’d been keeping at bay in. It was the sound she made, that little half-sob that she couldn’t quite hide, that finally made him spring into action, his arms crashing around her. He tangled his fingers in her loose hair, holding her close, and just breathed her in. 

She’s here. She’s really here. The relief hurtled through his blood then, nearly sending his knees buckling.

“You came for me,” Elain said, voice thick with tears, the words the very same from so long ago. 

Azriel kissed her temple softly. “Always,” he said. “Always.”

Elain responded by leaning further into him, using the grip she hand on his armor to lever herself up so she put her lips to his ear. “Thank you.”

Everything in him, every lingering tense line in his body, softened at her gratitude. Lovely Elain, he thought. He ran his over the back of her head, holding her for a moment longer before he parted from her, but only enough so that he cut away the rope from her hands. Her wrists had been rubbed raw under their strain; the only injury she sustained other than the cut on her upper arm, the sleeve of her pink dress ripped around it (the scrap, he thought). Azriel was cautious as he examined the wound closer, relieved to find the bleeding had already slowed. He ran the tips of his fingers lightly from the tops of her arms back to her wrists.

Carefully, he took her hands in his, lifting them so he could place the softest of kisses on each injured wrist. (Elain often did the same for him, when she was feeling especially tender, kissing every inch of his scarred hands as if she could erase every bad memory he had by replacing them with good ones.)

Elain’s smile was tremulous but genuine, her eyes fill with quiet adoration. “Oh Azriel,” she let out.

He picked her up easily, letting her rest in his arms. “Let’s go home.” 

“Home,” she repeated, wrapping her arms around his neck. She nuzzled into his neck again, laying her head against his shoulder. It stayed there the entire flight.

Instead of going back to the cabin however, Azriel flew them to Velaris, to the house that was waiting for them in the City of Starlight, their family along with it.

(Even so, home wasn’t actually a place to Azriel anymore… no, his home was already in his arms. And he wasn’t planning on letting go any time soon.)

First Day

Hello it was my first day of work today at Dollar General!

The lady who helped me check/log in forgot about breaks for me. I’ve been here since 10am, and now, at 3:30pm, I have my first break. But it’s 30 minutes long to make up for it. The lady that did that is gonna get a scolding, though.

I had one lady who was on the phone the whole transaction, and thought that we were stupid for not having a sign on the first register that says it’s closed, even though no one was even in line or over there, and the light was off. It was obvious to everyone else that it was closed.

I also had a customer who’s total amounted to $16.16. I did not even notice until I was making change and I forgot the amount. He told me and we both thought it was neat that it was $16.16.

I also had a man who spoke mainly Spanish. I do not speak Spanish. Fortunately, the lady that helped me check in did. She talked to him and I rang him up. I told him “No hablo Espanol” very sheepishly. He found it funny apperently that I told him that. He was a very cheerful man. I like him.

And the last noticable customer I had, was a mother and her adorable child. They also spoke Spanish but the lady who helped me check in was not there to help me. Thankfully they only bought one item. Hot dog buns. We got through the transaction without a problem. The young boy that was her child insisted on handing me the buns, and taking the bag with the buns in it when I was done. He told me, in English, “thank you ma'am” I think. I know it was longer than just “thank you” but I don’t remember the rest. The mother also told me thank you. They were very cute and I wish to hug that small child.

It is currently 3:48pm, and I get off at 5!

I just overheard my store manager here tell a lady on the phone that I am learning very quickly and working hard. I feel so proud of myself for making a good impression. I was so worried.

-by @samsilly12345

Sex at 3am.

Hi guys ! It’s Raphaëlle talking ! Just wanted to tell you how much I love you, and that, if you have any ideas for imagine, you can always come and ask me !

Disclaimer: Smut. Like hard, pure smut. Oh, and swearing. And a breeding kink.

Words: 2339.


Imagine, you though something happened to him.


The clock on your bedside table was showing 2:34 am the last time you checked. And still no signs of him. You were starting to get worry. He’s been gone since 19h and told you he was supposed to be back between 23h\0h00. Never, never he was that late. And if he was, he would let you know. Send somebody to tell you that something was wrong and that he had to stay longer at the office.

 But tonight, nothing. Not even a text. 

It wasn’t normal.

 Scenarios after scenarios started to create itself inside your head. What if the Bat caught him? What if, right now, he was inside a cell of Arkham? No, that’s impossible, Frost would have come to tell you.

What if they’re all dead? What if the police showed up while they were crashing the mayor’s birthday party and kill them all? Could it be possible? 

Was it how it was supposed to end since the beginning? Him dead and you heartbroken? 

You couldn’t stand it anymore. Reaching for your phone, you call him.

After ten ringing, his voice mail snaps. 

You try again. Three, four, five times. Still the same thing: no answer. 

You could feel the panic raising inside of you. Suddenly, it was more difficult to breath, and the room felt tighter around you. You took off the silk purple sheet off of you. The warm of the room was becoming too intense. You could feel the drops of sweat rolling down your naked back. 

You try Frost’s number. Again, it direct you to his voice mail. You screamed in frustration, you could feel the tears at the extremities of your eyes.

You pitch your cell phone as far from you and run out of the bedroom into the living room. You turn on the TV and put it on the news. You knew that, if Mr. J was dead, they would talk about it. Whatever the time is. 

But you’re welcomed by the fortune lady who’s talking about her tarot cards and how much energy they have. 

You scream, while you let down your tears. And then it hit you. How deep your bond to that man is. How the fact that you don’t have any information can make you sick so rapidly. You needed him to breath, to live. Otherwise you’ll fall into an abyss of eternal darkness. You passed your fingers through your (h\c) hair. Multiples times. And then, you pull. You pull with all your strength. And then, you winced as you feel your hair getting pulled out of your head. You became crazy. Like an addict who didn’t have his regular dose. 

You started to trash. You throw the remote control at the TV, just so the lady would shut the fuck up. Who gives a damn shit about her tarot cards? The couch is flipped upside down. The pictures and paintings on the wall are destroyed. The wooden table in the middle of the room, is now all over the floor. You start to go after the lamps when you’re bring back to earth by the voice you were looking for. 

WHAT THE FUCK, (y\n)?” J screamed. 

You stopped what you were about to do and stand still in the middle of the ruined room. You’re breathing hard and fast, your naked chest moving upwards every time you take an inspiration. 

You’re not dead?” You said, softly, like you couldn’t believe it.

 His purple coat was stained with splash of red, as well as his naked white chest. His green hair, though, didn’t move an inch. 

Dead? Why would you think that? And why would it gives you the right to destroy the living room?” He said, irritated. 

You told me you’ll be here at 23h. Its 3h in the morning J. Nobody came to tell me you’ll be that late.” You told him, you’re chin’s trembling while you’re trying to maintain the sobs inside of you.

I did. I send that stupid trainee.” 

Well he never came.” You stated, exploding. 

You sit down on the floor while your body’s vibrating with all the sobs that’s coming out of you. 

It’s silent for a while in the room. You can only hear yourself crying. 

Frost. Where’s that fucking trainee? Well, when you’ll find that little bitch, bring him to me. I have some words to tell him.

 You can hear his boots on the floor coming towards you. His cold pale hands passed under your arm pit and lift you up off the ground. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck to support yourself.

 His big hands go to your naked butt. They caress it gently.

 “Shh, baby, Daddy will make him pay for that, I promise.” He told you, calmly.

He start to walk outside the trashed room and towards your bedroom. Like magic, all of the despair and sobs are gone, as if they were never there.

 “C’mon show your beautiful smile to Daddy.

You take your face out of his neck and show him your teeth. In return, he show you his. 

When you’re inside the dark bedroom, he depose you gently on the silk sheet. He take of his bloody coat and pants, leaving him in only his boxer that had difficulty to maintain all of him inside. 

He come over you, deposing both of his arms between your head and he kiss you. Hard. You can hear the mixing of saliva your tongues are making. He groans, you moan. 

Oh, baby, daddy have been thinking of you all night long. I’ve been hard all night long, thinking about that thigh little cunt of yours.” He says hotly in your ear. 

You can feel his fingers sliding down your body, stopping a while around your bellybutton, to tease you, making you envy him. 

When he puts his finger on your most intimate part, he can already feel the beginning of wetness that he have created by just kissing and touching you. He start to circle your clit and you moan softly. 

Yeah, you like that, hm? Tell daddy, that you like what he’s doing too your little body.”

I like it, daddy. I like it very, very much. Your big fingers make me feel good.” You tell him in an innocent voice.

 You start to hump your waist against his big hand while you put yourself on your elbows to see his fingers on your pinky cunt. 

I’m happy to hear that baby girl.” 

But I’m sure that you’re big cock will help to make me feel so much better.” You state with the same tone of voice. 

You hear him chuckle and see his dick twitch inside of the black fabric. 

You want daddy’s thick meat to fuck your little cunt, baby? Is that what you want?” He asked you.

 He push harder against your clit. He put a wicked smile on his face when he sees you squirm under him. 

Yes daddy, that’s what I want.” 

Then say it, say it. Pretty, pretty, pretty…” 


God you’re so… good.” He said, stopping his circular motion on your clit. 

He lift himself off of you. He stand on his knees on the bed, hovering you, like a king. His chest fall back heavy, and the bulge in his boxer makes your mouth water. You lick you lips. 

Come and take it off.” He ordered you. 

You put yourself on your hands and knees and start to go towards him. When you’re centimeters away from his crotch, you bite your lower lips. You lift your (e\c) eyes towards his face. He does a move with his face to tell you to keep going. 

But before taking the boxer off, you lick his cock. You can feel it twitching incontrollable under your wet muscle. You put your tongue back inside your mouth rapidly and take off his black fabric in a swift movement. 

The long and thick organ that you love so much bobs before you. You could stare at it for an eternity. All of the veins and the perfect mushroomed tip are like a masterpiece coming straight from the gods. 

Open your mouth, little slut. Daddy’s got a lollipop for you to suck on.” He said while taking your hair in his fist and making you swallow all of his juicy meat in one shot. You don’t care, even if your throat burn from the intrusion. 

You dig your cheeks as much as you can and start to bob your head up and down while the tip of your tongue’s playing with his tip. You can feel the saliva coming out of your mouth and rolling down your chin. He was fitting so tightly inside your throat that you could feel every vein popping and pumping with blood flow. 

You could feel your wetness intensely dripping down your legs and on the bed.

You take all of him out of your mouth and start to stroke him with both of yours hands. 

Daddy, I love your cock so much, but it makes my throat so sore.” You explained. 

Well, baby, keep on sucking and you’ll have ointment that will take care of your perfect little throat.” He groan out. 

Deciding to tease him a little, you start to do kitten licks on the head of his cock. You let go of his tip and go lower. Licking both of his balls, you take one of them inside your humid mouth and suck on it. 

His groan are louder now, and his head his facing the ceiling. 

You smile, proud of yourself and go to suck his cock again. 

Sweet little mouth, always so good on daddy’s cock.” He start to rock back and forth inside of your mouth. 

He pick up the pace, fucking your mouth furiously. He doesn’t let you any chance to breathe. 

Suddenly, you find yourself on your back, with him on top of you. He puts his hands on the bad head to help him ram his cock inside her mouth. His groans were more and more frequent now. 

Fucking mouth, suck my cock dry. C’mon, milk it!” He groan out loud. 

You could feel the rush you sticky liquid being pushed out of his cock and running down your throat. 

I’m feeding you, you little cunt. Swallow, baby girl. Swallow it all.” He said, staying inside your mouth to make sure you do. 

When he’s sure all of his cum is now inside your belly, he take his cock out of your mouth. You take a deep breath, filling up your lungs with the air that it needs before you feel his red mouth on top of yours. He force his tongue to enter you hot and humid canal. While kissing each other, you can feel his cock getting hard again. You put your hand on it and depose his big cock in between your dripping folds. He moans, just like you. 

Still need you. Still need to breed your little pussy.” He says, humping your wet organ.

 “Daddy!” You cried as he tore through you, sinking to the hilt inside your small cunt. He gripped your tinny hips between his hands, groaning as he tried to keep your wiggling body still on his cock.

Be still, babygirl, Daddy needs you to be still.” he groaned, as your little cunt kept wiggling around the base of his cock, clenching around his shaft as it tried to suck him all up. Tried to keep him prisoner forever. 

But your tight little hole was too much for his already over excited cock and he couldn’t resist the urge to move anymore.

Oh god.” He grunted, as he pulled back, fighting the suction of your little cunt, that wanted to keep his giant meat inside of you forever, before plunging back between the clasping muscles of your pussy.

The bed was rattling with the strength of his thrust. And he was getting so deep as he rutted into you, that you became like a manufacturer of juice. You were soaking his cock and balls as he pounded your sweet little cunt. You could hear the noise of flesh slapping against flesh. You weren’t going to last much longer. Mr. J neither. 

C’mon Daddy, please, feed my little pussy with your baby making cream. Please, it need it.” At your words, you could feel his cock swelling inside of you, stretching you beyond possible.

He grabbed your tiny ass, pulling you onto his cock, forcing his meat as deep as it could go, jamming the head up against your womb over and over making you cry out. 

He became like an animal, trying to get his cock as far up inside his female and breed her. He couldn’t think of anything else, then his shaft up high inside you and shooting all of the damn cum he could produce. 

C’mon babygirl. Cum. Cum around me, let Daddy feel you milking his cock.

And that’s exactly what you did. You came, screaming around his cock, your small body trembling in extasie. You could feel your wetness dripping down his shaft and onto the bed, where there were already a big wet spot. 

His hips were pounding, ramming inside your young body until big shot of hot and potent cum blasted out of his cock, flooding your cervix and leaking around his rutting cock. 

His body shook as he lifted off you. He groaned as his cock slid from the grip of her cum filled hole with a loud slurp. He watch your cunt with attention, before lifting his eyes towards your face. His sweaty face, was smiling. 

Your little pussy was very hungry. It swallowed up all of my cream.” He told you, smiling wickedly. 

He leaned down and kissed you softly, gently pushing his tongue into your mouth. 

I-I think it’s still hungry, Daddy.”


~Red Riding Hood~

Red wasn’t always known by her now famous moniker. A long time ago she was a Lady, in a fortunate household. Possessing all the makings of a comfortable, easy, life, Red threw it all away chasing a Wolf. 

Of course, it was no ordinary Wolf, but instead a dark, cruel man praying on young maidens and murdering them in unspeakable ways. Red was, unfortunately, one of those to stumble across a victim. The trauma of the incident hung over her head until she finally decided to act, teaming up with a Huntsman and using her own maiden-status to lure the Wolf into a deadly trap, defeating him once and for all.

The sight of her formerly white cloak, now doused and splattered with the blood of the Wolf, earned her the nickname “Red Riding Hood.”

It was the final straw for her cold, unloving parents. Having had enough of her wild, uncontrollable ways, they turned her out of the house. Luckily she had already formed a close bond with her Huntsman and the pair married, started a Tavern/Inn business, and lived happily in the woods for a great many years.

In The Girl Fairy Tales Forgot, Red is a widow and a self-professed protector of vulnerable women and children. Possessing a gruff nature but a gentle heart, she took both Paige and Kai under her wing. She teaches Paige ways to protect herself, and becomes a much needed strong female influence for them both.

She knows, deep down, that she can’t replace what both of them have lost- both willing and unwillingly- but she’s willing to help however she can…

“They’re good folk, after all.”

Well…that just happened. Only seven episodes in and I’m pretty sure Yusaku might have indirectly killed Blue Angel because of what the Knights did to her. And before anyone points out that Aoi is just in a coma, I said Blue Angel, not Aoi. Aoi is in a coma for all we know while Blue “Angel” is still apparently in Link Vrains from what episode 8 summary is telling us. Now if Vrains is supposed to take after 5Ds like how Zexal did with the original series and ARC-V did with GX, I think we should be VERY worried about what the future for Aoi/Blue Angel will be because from what this scene could be hinted at along with the new support Trickstars have been getting lately, I think Blue Angel is going to be turn into a Blue Devil. Might not be the exact name but yeah, I’m starting to think Aoi is going to become a fallen angel from this point forward. 

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Wcif the brows + makeup on your edit of the three eyed lady? Thank u!

Hey, I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna lump all the WCIF’s that I’ve been asked regarding my fortune teller lady into this one ask!

  • The brows are by Praline and can be found right here!
  • The eyeshadow is entirely drawn / painted on by yours truly, same goes for the dots, the blush, and the contour.
  • The lipstick is an very heavily edited version of my Au Naturel lipstick.
  • Underneath all of the painting / editing, the skin was originally Cottonswirl by Zeusar

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Do u have any advice for someone who is being bullied? It's happening to me rn and I don't know what to do, I'm terrified that if I tell someone that it'll make the problem worse. Any advice? P.s ❤ your blog x

yeah of course! let me tell you a story that happened to me when i was in 8th grade, and hopefully by the end of the story, you learn something 

background: i was born and raised in jakarta, indonesia, and i went to an all girls catholic school almost all my life.

so you guessed it, drama was EVERYWHERE. in 8th grade, someone i thought was a friend of mine started backmouthing me because she thought i wasn’t a good friend, just because i’d “leave” her while i was making friends with other girls. so she and a few other girls started rumors about me that weren’t true, and in just a matter of 1-2 weeks, the whole grade (so about ~140 girls) hated my gut. only 2-3 girls wanted to be friends with me. and the way that schools work in indonesia is that all the classmates you start the year with, are the ones you end the year with. around the same time it happened, my grandfather passed away, so the 2 events really took a toll on me. i was depressed, would miss school, and lock myself in my room most days. my parents were very concerned that they took me to see a psychiatrist, and i did. it helped so much because i felt like someone was actually listening to me (which is why i decided to major in psychology in college). 

anyway, the school year finally ended and i was relieved, hoping that i wouldn’t be put in the same class with them in 9th grade. but lady fortune didn’t like me too much, you guessed it again, they were in my class again. i was so devastated and my mom told me to try speaking with the headmaster, who happened to be a nun (her name was sister Alexis). my mom and i went to see her one day, and i told her everything that happened to me in 8th grade and asked her if i could move class. sister Alexis was the strictest nuns at school and i was honestly not expecting her to say yes. but then she told me something that changed my life, for the better. 

she said, “tiffany, in life you will face many difficulties, and you will meet people who dislike you and would do anything to bring you down. life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. they (those girls) already know that you’re in the same class with them, and once they find out you move class just because of them, do you want them to think you’re a coward? that you’re running away from them? won’t that make you look even weaker? but it’s all up to you, if you really want to move class, i won’t say no” 

then it just clicked in my head. did i want to run away from them? did i want to give them the opportunity to think that i was weak and afraid of them? so i refused her offer to move me to another class. i stayed in my class and started fresh. if i moved to another class, i would’ve probably never had the 2 best friends i have up until today. 

hope this somehow helps you and somehow gives you inspiration!!!! 

also one of the novel’s most incredible and typically forgotten moments is definitely when Mr Rochester dresses up like an old gipsy woman and then comes in to read all the young ladies’ fortunes, and they inexplicably don’t recognize him, and he brings Jane in last, and is like, “have you been paying attention… to any man… IN PARTICULAR?????” and she’s like, “no.” “NOBODY??? NO MAN AND WOMAN ESPECIALLY????” “nope,” Jane says. “Mr Rochester’s going to marry Blanche Ingram btw,” he says, and Jane’s like, “yeah I know,” and he’s like, “NO REACTION? YOU HAVE NO REACTION???” and she’s like, are you going to tell my fortune or what?

and then finally he takes off his disguise and is all “wasn’t I impressive, Jane, wasn’t my disguise good, Jane, sit and talk to me, Jane, lavish me with attention, Jane,” until unfortunately somebody comes by and reminds him that he’s already married.


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