I saw a women break open a fortune cookie, reads the fortune and get upset. She then ripped it up and dropped it on the floor as she made her way to her table. Out of curiosity I went to go see what she was so mad about.

"A man’s best possession is a sympathetic wife.”

This was some sexist bullshit going on. Women aren’t possessions, we are people. 

So as I storm back to my table I pass the lady who had the fortune originally.  I sit down and listen to the conversation she is having with whom I guessed to be her girlfriend. And to my surprise she wasn’t even upset about the sexism.

"It’s not even a fucking fortune!"


American Horror Story: Freak Show

The Colloredo Circus is an entertainming travaller circus guided by mother and son Christine (Jessica Lange) and Tobias (Zachary Quinto) Colloredo. Tobias, the lion tamer, fireplayer and master of the Circus, takes life as a joke, except when the matter is his lover, Marissa (Lily Rabe), whom he intends to marry someday and administrate the Circus with. But that can’t be, not while his mother, the fortune teller, is alive and well to stop it. Sick and old, Christine still acts protective of her child, and will stop at nothing to prevent her fiery son to be with his loved one. It gets much more complicated with the fact that Marissa puts her life at risk everyday doing her show - the magic performance - with the magician Lucas (Evan Peters). At every corner, though, is Delphine (Sarah Paulson), a dancer that aspires much more than just a number on the show and carries a secret that can destroy everything she ever worked for in her life. The Colloredo Circus travels through all the country, therefore being impossible for people not to notice, but some of those people might have bad - or good- intentions that can bring it all down.