Two new costumes from Katsucon 2014.

Top is Elsa from Frozen. Photo by Oshi. The wind while wearing this was insanity. I had to take advantage of it while I was in this costume. I suspect I will be doing another shoot of her while there is still mountains of snow everywhere. 

Bottom is Ninetails from Pokemon. Original Designs by Cowslip of Deviantart. Photo by Christa J Newman Photography. Dream pokemon cosplay is done. I am so happy with how this lady came out. <3

More photos coming soon.


Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea

Taken at Magfest 2014

Photos by Oshi

My fourth Bioshock Infinite costume and honestly probably my favorite. Elizabeth is the first NPC character in gaming in a while that isn’t a one dimensional being with no personality. She is full of life and amazing. And in Burial At Sea, she is nothing short of a strong, fierce, and determined woman. 

I’ll stop gushing now. She is awesome. Nuff said. <3

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BEYONCE FORMATION by @SYNCLADIES - Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies

New Syncopated Ladies video! So many amazing tappers!!


Behold some of the only existing photo/video of my Gazelle cosplay from Colossalcon. Before the Masquerade while they were finishing up seating, I got up on stage and performed to entertain the crowd beforehand. So, I was lipsyncing to “Try Everything” as Gazelle. Concert lights and a very enthusiastic audience, it was the first time in all my years of performing that I was not nervous at all. All I wanted to do was perform. And it was #cosplaygoals. 

Thank you to The Fan’s POV for shooting this little surprise that I had for the masquerade. You can check out their full video here. And check out my cosplay page, Lady Ava Cosplay, for some more photos of her and all my other costumes! <3