Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

“A corpse… Should be left well alone…”

[ps: tumblr, why do you blur my image??? argh.. open in a new tab to see it in decent resolution D: ]

Hey there! This is the first page of a short comic I’m planning to do. For now I’m having to put it on hold, so I decided to share this little teaser :D
And in the worst case scenario, if I’m not able to resume the comic, at least this is a cool standalone illustration as well~


Dreams & Nightmares

I wanted to draw the Doll and remembered about this Lady Maria’s piece, so i decided to do them mirroring each other. And since i was messing with them already, i did aswell some small changes to the Maria’s one °3°~♪
Sometimes i feel like if i dont take care i might end up just drawing those two forever haha

Anyways, hope you enjoy them!