“So this is where you snuck off to, you rat-bastard!” a woman’s voice called from the alleyway. How long had she been watching? 

Captain Jace put the Lady down immediately.

“Get outta here, Devil-Woman,” the Captain replied, “can’t you see I’m busy?”

“You owe me 5 silvers!” the strange woman pointed aggressively, “pay up, or I’ll put a bullet in your belly!”

“Well…” he shifted uncomfortably, “how about an I.O.U.? Besides, it’s a well-known fact you’re a cheat!”

“And you’re a dirty rotten scoundrel!” she spat, “here you are, pawing at this lovely lady! I bet you don’t even know who she is!”

She’s about to become my new wench, that’s who she is!” he shouted in response. Lady Daria did not think becoming a pirate’s wench sounded very glamorous. 

“That’s the Lady Daria,” the woman exclaimed, “world-famous novelist, you uncultured swine! Then again, I forgot…you can’t read!”

“I oughta gut you, trollop!” the Captain roared.

“Well how about this,” the woman purred, “we’ll duel for the Lady’s hand. How does that sound, my lady? I need a new first mate. Endless adventure, riches, and a prig in every port if you desire! It’d give you much inspiration for your stories! Besides that, my ship is much bigger!”

“That’s only because you won it in the divorce, Aida!” Captain Jace objected, “but yes, I accept your offer! I’m looking forward to shutting that filthy mouth permanently!”

“We shall see,” Aida grinned, “sundown. We’ll find out who the better pirate will be.”

Lady Daria had a bad feeling about what was about to transpire. 

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@penelope-and-wonders, of course Aida would be making an appearance!


Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber + TVD

i was tagged by @taeonie to do the kpop tag (a very interesting one i’ve never done it!) thank you very much nadine!! 💕

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Ultimate bias? the one and only, jeon jungkook

Ultimate Bias Wrecker? no one honestly fnbkjh

Favourite Kpop song(s)? DUDE get ready

girls::: blackpink - playing with fire, stay with me, boombayah; chungha - why don’t you know; gfriend - sunshine, rain in the spring time, rough, me gustas tu, navillera; ioi - very very very; snsd - all my love is for you, all night, beep beep, born to be a lady, everyday love, divine, gee, girls (never gonna look back), how great is your love, forever, indestructible, the legendary into the new world,, one last time, say yes, stay girls, genie, himnae, mistake; sunmi - gashina; taeyeon - fine, i, fire, 11:11, U R; tts - baby steps, only u; twice - like ooh ahh, tt, jelly jelly, one in a million, someone like me

boys::: bts - move, i need u, blood sweat and tears, 24/7=heaven, born singer, butterfly, converse high, dimples, sea, for you, i like it, lost, love is not over, not today, outro wings, run, fire, spring day, 2! 3!, war of hormone, whalien 52, go go, baepsae, hold me tight, just one day; got7 - this star; jay park - all i wanna do korean version, drive, forever, joah, me like yuh korean version, mommae, solo, stay with me; seventeen - 20

First Kpop Song? officially? view by shinee, but i once heard ring ding dong when i was bored in class when i searched for “kpop”

Favourite Kpop Album/Single? all albums by snsd; bts - wings, the most beautiful moment in life part 1 and her

Favourite Kpop Ship? jikook, jinkook (not romantically!!!), jungkook and i, momo and i 

Hard Stan or Soft Stan? a softie

Favourite Kpop company? none lol

Backstory of how you got into Kpop? #view4thwin was trending on twitter and i went to check it, heard it, liked it, got into kpop ha