Doesn’t it just make you want to jam a tire iron through your windpipe that there are enough peckerfaced weasley future-date-rapist teenaged children with rich white parents to necessitate an entire subcategory of Restoration Hardware furniture, lighting, and accessories, RH Teen, to fill the expansive bedrooms of these careless smears who’ll never appreciate or even so much as think twice about the $4,000 “study station” they’re currently masturbating onto

meanwhile I, a 30 year old with a decent income, am having to drag my computer through the filthy hypodermic-needle-laden ditch of or similar trying to find a knockoff industrial bookshelf that isn’t Two Thousand Eight Hundred American Dollars, like there’s one I have my eye on but it’s made out of that godawful soft shitty acacia wood just like every other goddamn household good, decorative or otherwise, in this miserable Decor Trend Period we’re trapped in and even that is $450

I guess my points are a.) if I can leave an obvious dent in wood with my fingernail using the slightest pressure, it does not belong in my house, and b.) eat the rich and make antique brass light fixtures out of their bones

Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek - The pier of IJmuiden at sunset

IJmuiden  is a port city in the Dutch province of North Holland and is the main town in the municipality of Velsen. It is located at the mouth of the North Sea Canal to Amsterdam, and lies approximately 17 kilometres (11 mi) north of Haarlem.
The internal capitalization in the city’s spelling is because IJ is a digraph in Dutch, and is therefore sometimes considered to be a ligature, rendering it a single letter.
The port of IJmuiden is a deepwater port suited to fully laden Panamax ships, and fourth port of the Netherlands.

Panamax and New Panamax (or Neopanamax) are terms for the size limits for ships travelling through the Panama Canal. Formally, these limits and requirements are published by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), titled “Vessel Requirements”. These requirements also describe topics like exceptional dry seasonal limits, propulsion, communications, and detailed ship design.
The allowable size is limited by the width and length of the available lock chambers.

Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek (July 6, 1840, Amsterdam - January 24, 1912, Hilversum) was a Dutch artist.

BATB review part 3

The support characters did not add much, if anything to this film. The film ladens us with all these glimpses of sad backstories, but asides from a sad moment, it’s never expanded upon. A lot of the Beast’s characterisation in the original was given to the supporting cast, especially lumiere.

I can’t say much asides from Ewan McGregor, as always, is competent in his role, the other actors had nothing to work with and it’s sad how diminished their roles were despite getting names and backstories. In the original film, the staff and Belle’s friendship was a strong point in the film, but this version we don’t see much if any real interaction that isn’t just wanky sadness.

It saddens me because the supporting cast were such talented actors, yet they were under utilised and pushed to the back.

Lefou’s character gets more snarky and points out things in a scene, but it’s not funny, it feels so cynical and trashy about the original film. His character has no real redemptive arc except Gaston outright leaves Lefou to be beaten up and Lefou goes “I’m not into Gaston any more lol”. His one second scene with Stanley is barely even seen, let alone focused on.

Stanley’s crossdressing scene made me SO uncomfortable as a gay man who, throughout his life, had people conflate transness with gayness. Stanley may have enjoyed wearing a dress, but having the other two straight men run off screaming in pain, and having the audience around me laughing at Stanley’s mincing proposition was painful. It was tone deaf, and poorly thought out, and having people cheer for this as gay representation is outright insulting and bullshit.

Gilded Rococo circus-themed bedroom of Cecil Beaton, complete with a Botticelli-esque shell-laden bed frame draped with red and gold silk. By his bed was a framed rose given to him in 1932 by Greta Garbo.

From Cecil Beaton at Home: An Interior Life Photography by James McMillan, Collection of Andrew Ginger published by Rizzoli.

via: AnOther

PSA: Remove Armour Class Restrictions

Hey friends! Some (most?) of you may already know this, but just in case you don’t, here is how to remove class restrictions on crafted armour in Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you do this, you’ll be able to craft any type of armour for any type of combat style!

To remove Light Armour restriction: Craft armour with Dales Loden Wool in the primary slot

To remove Medium Armour restriction: Craft armour with Snoufleur Skin in the primary slot

To remove Heavy Armour restriction: Craft armour with Silverite in the primary slot

Dales Loden Wool is dropped by Red Templars in the Hissing Wastes, Emprise du Lion, and the Arbor Wilds

Snoufleur Skin can be hunted on the frozen river of Emprise du Lion near the village, and in the wheat fields near the second camp of the Exalted Plains

Silverite is found in Emprise du Lion, the Arbor Wilds, and the Frostback Basin

Happy crafting!



Meet Nina Bo’nina Brown

Odd how being a dick to people who politely asked him not to use the r-slur got Jon a plebcomic but going on a racist tirade laden with false claims didn’t.

It’s almost like these people are trying to preserve the status quo rather than just “being rational” and “calling out bullshit”.


For the person who re-blogged one of my posts about ManChildTrump, and claimed that despite having no previous experience, Ronald Reagan was a great President.

And, by the way, Reagan served as Governor of California before he became POTUS.


Switching it up and trying some Hamilton Comic!

Comic by @gakime

Should i do more?

trechos de musicas 🎶🎶
  • Esse lance de amar por enquanto eu não quero, meu coração ainda está tão machucado 😔 ✋💔
  • O nosso santo bateu, o amor da sua vida sou eu  🎶😍
  • Ninguém precisa entender, que quando a cidade dorme a gente sai pra se ver 🎶😍
  • Era meu grande amor hoje é só mais um ex 🎶 😝
  • Será que eu mereço tanto amor?Onde eu fui pedra você plantou flor.. 🎶 💜
  • O meu cupido é gari, só me traz lixo. Lixo, lixo, você é prova disso. 🎶 💃
  • Dessa vida nada se leva e no fundo todo mundo espera, um amor que venha pra somar, pra completar.. 🎶 👫
  • A quimica é louca é paranormal do alem do alem 😍 🎶
  • Eu não vou te esquecer em questão de segundos, mas pra  facilitar, pego minhas coisas e sumo… 🎶
  • Confia no dinheiro que é um pedacinho de papel, mas não confia no Deus que desenhou o céu! 🎶 🙌
  • Naquele segundo eu pensei que até te odiava. Mas respirei fundo e vi que eu te amava.. 🎶
  • tu terminou cmg achando que eu ia chorar? aham, aham, aham, pode pá. 😝 👏
  • Espetacular o sorriso dessa princesa 🎶👑💄
  • Continuo apaixonada, mas agora pela vida ❤
  • Ela só quer um cara, que trate ela bem. 🎶👑