Is this one of your pickup lines?

requested by awwmylawwley: I love your writing! It’s awesome and fun. I’d like an imagine about a new spanish girl y/n’s at the field lacorsse, so a flirty Isaac comes and teach her how to play without knowing she’s a lacrosse master, finally she kicks his ass and he kiss her

A/N: omg thank you, baby. i really appreciate that but i’m so sorry i screwed it up and i’m not proud of this one shot. I’ve just wrote it because I post imagines so rarely and I feel bad about it. It was written by force ‘cause I have no inspiration lmao and I have such a strong headache:( ps. sorry for all the mistakes, i’m dying and my bed is waiting for me.

Isaac’s POV

When I came at the lacrosse field, everyone was here so it meant that I’m late. It wasn’t funny.

“Shit.” I murmured under the breath and then I heard whistle right next to my ear.

“LAHEY! YOU ARE LATE! TEN LAPS, NOW!” Coach yelled and I only rolled my eyes, without a word I started to jog around the field. “FASTER!” He shouted after me so I speeded up a little. Everyone was far from me but I could hear what they are talking about, because of my supernatural abilities. Kira was talking about me with someone I didn’t know. I looked at them and then that girl looked away, because I catched her on staring at me. She wasn’t embarrassed at all. I could smell her courage and she was amused because coach shouted at me or whatever. I decided to ignore it but I became curious about her. I was wondering if she even can play lacrosse.

They started to play without me, when I was still jogging around. The new girl fell onto the grass in one moment and she started to curse in Spanish, I couldn’t help and I laughed quietly, it was so funny. I was close enough so she could hear it and she looked at me with her jaw clenched. It caused my smile, she involuntarily smiled too after a while. Then I focused on me and I haven’t seen the rest of the match.

“Can I join?” I asked the coach when I finished my laps. He nodded looking at Stiles.

“Yeah, replace Stilinski.” He said and then he whistled. “STILINSKI GET OUT OFF THE FIELD! YOU’RE DESPERATELY HOPELESS!”

“But coach, I feel the game now.” Stiles replied, he almost couldn’t take a breath and his face was red as a tomato.

“GET OUT, STILISNKI!” I took my lacrosse stick and I started to play in one of teams but game finished too soon. I haven’t seen Y/N in the action. Yeah, I know her name, because Kira called it once or twice. Anyway I don’t know if she’s good, but she can’t be, she’s a girl, isn’t she?

“Hey, honey.” I smiled, walking towards her. She looked at me, fixing her ponytail. “I’m Isaac.”

“Hi.” Y/N replied and she smiled simply. “What’s up?”

“Have you ever played in lacrosse before?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Because I think your game sucks, babe.” I said, raising the corner of my lips. Even if I haven’t seen her I was sure that she’s weak.

“Is this one of your pickup lines?” I heard her laughter so I laughed too.


“Okay then, so show me how to play.” She shrugged and grabbing her lacrosse stick, she came back at the field. I smirked following her.

“Maybe a little match after it? If I win you’ll kiss me, deal?” She looked at me a bit surprised, but she still had a smile on her lips.

“Deal. But if I win–”

“I’ll kiss you.” I interrupted her with a smirk. She shook her head and then we started. I showed her a few tricks, starting from the way she has to hold the stick (of course I had to embrace her from the back and you know. It wasn’t purposely, nooo.) and so on. I didn’t know why she kept smile on her face and she seemed be amused. And when we started our “match” I found out why. Guess what, I lost. She totally kicked my ass. She slayed, really. I was completely shocked and I didn’t know what to say. She laughed staring at me and I sighed.

“What?” She asked innocently and I wanted to laugh.

“Nothing, I just.. I didn’t know that you’re..  quite good.” I shrugged.

“Quite good? Oh my god, I kicked your freakin’ ass.” Y/N said amused.

“Oh, shh. Nobody needs to know.” I replied and I put my pointing finger against her lips.

“Just kiss me. I want to go home.” I laughed under the breath and nodded. I leaned towards her and I connected our lips, putting my hand down on her cheek.


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