Bambi & Emme… Snuggle Bug♡

Bambi’s Look:
Necklace - tok–sik / Carrot T-Shirt - jinglestartk / Undies - imtater / Pillow - imadako / Robot - kiruluvnst / Thigh High Lace Socks - sims4-marigold / Bear Sneaks - tok–sik

Emme’s Look:
Emme was a special gift to me by the amazing fiftyshadesofpixel
Big Hair Ribbon - sims4-marigold / Crop Top - slythersim / Undies - imtater / Pillow - imadako / Layered Bracelets - karzalee / Bear - kiruluvnst / Loose Wrinkle Socks - sims4-marigold

it is definitely vastly cheaper and more practical to buy socks than to knit them, even if you’re buying super-luxury socks.

But god, do I get a lot of satisfaction from knitting myself a pair of well-fitting socks.

I can make them super-complex in their design! I’m making a pair with a trilobite design in it right now. Couldn’t buy perfectly-fitted trilobite lace wool socks for any kind of money I could afford.