When not stretching out behind the desk in the Oval Office, Kennedy defined the Ivy League casual style of the early ’60s. On land, this often meant blazers in navy blue wool or brown Harris tweed, paired with khakis in the summer or gray flannel trousers in the cooler months. The sport jackets were often cut like his suits with slim notch lapels, 2-button fronts, welted breast pockets, jetted hip pockets, and 4-button cuffs. Underneath, the shirts and ties were the same as his suits – white shirts with blue-ish ties.  His shoes were typically off-white canvas sneakers with white laces, worn with thin socks in either white, blue, or black. On sockless days, he would wear dark leather penny loafers that was usually paired with a sweater and white boat slacks. Around his various vacation homes, he would wear velvet Albert slippers with his initials in gold.



This is a very cute style. Lots of pink, but also white. Also, it’s not thaaat much nymphet, more of Lolita-cosplay-stuff, but it definetely deserves getting a post so yeah!
The essentials are:

- pink stuff. just pink…everywhere

- lace!

- white socks, stockings…

- lack shoes

- eventually chokers??? in pink???

- nude/pink makeup

- skirts or dresses, no pants!

Make accents with cute stuff, like the girl above who put a butterfly in her hair. 👆🏻Simply let out your inner Kawaii-Chibi-Cute-Girly-Part!!


shiro ref! 🍃

♡ jacob’s ladder
♡ cucumber pack
this outfit
♡ white-lace socks
♡ green polka pumps

info! 🍵

♡ cheerful, optimistic, a little shy, protective, generous
♡ likes tea, early morning, plants, gardening, wind chimes, & stationary
♡ admires ursala
♡ talks and sings to her plants every day
♡ often sits near cliffsides and day dreams
♡ windy weather is her favorite
♡ wishes everyone happiness and peace
♡ likes to make friendship bracelets and charms

It’s Mayor Saya!  ( `ε´ )

✧ Loves Marshal and all her other villagers
✧ Doesn’t always wear her glasses
✧ Wears Beret/ Boater hat/ Crown
✧ Lace socks (Edited color and appearance)
✧ White leather shoes (Edited color and appearance) 
✧ Short, white hair and blue-green eyes
✧  Not in game: Pink Rose earrings and Lokai bracelet