The owl in Beauty and the Beast

Some fans are looking for Harry Potter nods in the new Beauty and the Beast.

One that they have latched on to is the owl in The Enchantress’ lair and briefly shown in The Beast’s courtyard.  The Enchantress’s owl is not a snowy owl, like Hedwig.  Hedwig is a Snowy Owl.  Different breed.  That’s a barn owl.  The sort of owl Jareth could turn into in Labyrinth. 

Jareth also helped inspire the character of Rumplestiltskin in Disney’s Once Upon a Time, another Disney incarnation of The Beast from Beauty and The Beast.

Labyrinth is also the first family fantasy film where a girl in a ball room gown dances to an original song with the male lead, who happens to be wearing a blue frock coat.


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