Please fire me. I worked as a lifeguard at a water park and a mom came up to me and asked me to tell her weeping, hysterical child that there are no jellyfish in the wave pool.

And a man had his infant child 4 feet deep in the wave pool, I whistled at him and told him all guests under 48 inches must have a life jacket on. He yells back, “I’m in the Coast Guard, I am her life jacket!”


If you spend a lot of time on social media, you might have noticed some Americans have confused Labor Day with Memorial Day or even Veterans Day. Today is not about honoring veterans or the military dead, it is strictly about celebrating workers and the labor movement. I actually received a few texts yesterday and today hoping I have a great Memorial Day weekend. A bunch of dead union organizers are rolling over in their graves right about now. Anyway, let’s remember all the workers who fought for the eight-hour day and national minumum wage/overtime pay or against child labor. They live on in murals across the country. I know some of you out there do not have the world’s greatest jobs (hey, Millennials I’m talking to you!) but if you find your job somewhat tolerable, then you have these people to thank.

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The Longwood Gardens Furry Ambassadors aka The Integrated Pest Management Program.  (located in Kennett Square, PA)

The Longwood Cats cover the grounds from the Nursery and the Peirce-du Pont house to the Abbondi Composting facility. Each cat has an assigned area of the Garden and a human caretaker.  The responsibilities these felines take on are varied. Their primary job is on the Rodent Control Task Force, but they also work as greeters, work supervisors, lap warmers and highly skilled catmint pruners. They work in exchange for food, shelter, and a health care plan. Every spring, Lenape Veterinary Clinic in West Chester, PA makes a trip to Longwood to administer an occupational health exam and give booster vaccinations.  

Photo Sources:  Cats in Gardens  Diana Wind

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Image description: A square shaped meme with blue and green coloring blended together and the following words in white capital letters: “On this Labor Day, we recognize that close to 30% of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities who are employed are working in sheltered workshops.

In sheltered workshops employees:

Make less than the federal minimum wage, often less than $1 per hour
Are often segregated and isolated from the community
Do not have the benefits of workers’ compensation
Do not have the privilege of collective bargaining
Are exploited and trapped in cycle of poverty.

Labor is a disability civil right issue”


Top 10 Hardest Working Animals Never Take a Holiday

Phrases like “busy bee” and “workhorse” reveal how much insects and animals toil away, but even bees and horses didn’t make a newly released list of the top 10 hardest working animals.The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) compiled the list just before Labor Day to honor the world’s most dedicated workers.

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It’s After Labor Day, So Why Is It Still So Hot?

Even though Labor Day is behind us, and meteorological summer is over, the seasonal heat is hanging on across a large swath of the country, setting records in some places. Afternoon temperatures across parts of the West, South and Northeast are reaching the 90s, which is 15° to 20°F above normal in some spots.
While such unseasonably high temperatures aren’t unprecedented, climate scientists expect intense heat waves to become more common as the planet warms.

The heat wave that has a hold on much of the country is due to an area of high pressure parked off the East Coast, Bob Oravec, lead forecaster with the National Weather Service in College Park, Md., said. High pressure tends to lead to stable air and clear skies, which can help send temperatures soaring.

The NWS reported record high temperatures across the New York City area on Tuesday, with Newark Liberty International Airport hitting 98°F, besting the old record of 94°F set in 1939. LaGuardia hit 95°F, beating out the record from 1945 of 91°F, while Central Park beat an even older record: It also hit 94°F, according to the NWS, beating the record of 93°F set in 1919.

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