Carbonated Label Lust Refreshment

In a world that seems to be dominated by the Big Two, Coca-Cola and Pepsi might have to make some room on the shelf for some of these underdogs of the soft drink industry. Whether you call it Soda, Pop, Fizzy-Drink, or Tonic, one thing that we can all agree on… they’re damn tasty!

There’s something to be said about enjoying a frosty carbonated drink in a genuine glass bottle. From the solid feel of the shaped glass to the ritualistic popping of the metal cap, it either swells you with memories of nostalgia or translates into a sense of high-end quality. And you know everyone swears that it tastes better from a glass bottle.

Maybe container material does play a role in perceived taste, but how much of it relates to the brand promise that a classic bottle represents? In that case, how does the brand promise in the overall packaging affect your decision to buy? In our limited observational research of the craft soda industry, three schools of brand-type emerged.

  1. Turn-of-the-Century Heritage Brands.
  2. 50′s Baby-Boomer Nostalgia Brands.
  3. High-Design Contemporary Brands.

If you think these micro-brews don’t affect how the bigger drink companies position their products, have you noticed the throw-back labels on some of your favorite brands? How ’bout those all-natural Pepsi’s and 7Up’s with real cane sugar and real fruit juices? I think they’re trying to remind the public where they came from. Pretty much where these smaller soda bottlers are right now. Real ingredients and attention to quality.

What are some of your favorite hidden gems of the soda world? And what made you first decide to try them out? Flavor? Packaging? Branding? Tell us your answers at the bottom of this post.

Image from the Sincerely Jules Instagram

LABEL LUST | the Chanel Espadrilles

Casual, functional yet chic! I am crazy for these espadrilles by Chanel. I’ll admit, I was never really interested in espadrilles or any kind of canvas shoes apart from Converse but to be honest, I think the giant Chanel emblem drew me in!

What are you lusting over these days?


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Here is the wonderful Pat McGrath in action showcasing the Dolce & Gabbana Creamy Foundation. Pat is a huge makeup artist idol of mine - love her work and collaborations so will definitely be adding this to my kit when finances allow! Looks absolutely stunning! What foundations/brands do you love?

Summertime Label Lusting

Photo by Jason Anfinsen

Mmmm, BBQ sauce. Let’s be honest, it can make or break your grilling experience. Too spicy, too sweet, too bland, there are so many ways to mess it up and so few ways to rescue a good meal gone bad. When sauce is a key factor in taste, what makes certain consumers take risks while reaching toward the shelf of competing flavors? We all have a go-to bottle of BBQ sauce, don’t we? I know I do. But still, each time I approach my favorite flavor I briefly contemplate my decision. This bottle, boring. Poor typography, so-so logo, all around indistinctive label. The other bottles? BAM! Decorated in personality and flooded with adjectives that make my mouth water.

Does what’s wrapped around the bottle properly represent the taste inside? There’s nothing more frustrating than craving a taste explosion and winding up with a sauce that backfires. There’s always the opposite possibility, the labels that over compensate in design may under-whelm in taste.  What’s your experience when searching for a bottle of finger-licking BBQ sauce? Do you go for the go-to or the newbie? Why do you pick that particular bottle and how have the results surprised or disappointed you?

Fun fact: Barbecue sauce can be traced back to the 15th century, when Christopher Columbus brought a sauce back from Hispaniola.


LABEL LUST: Venetian Print Silk Shirt by Versace, £745 on, also worn by Cassie.

Since these statement prints by Versace have stepped onto my fashion radar, I’ve seen details of it trickle down into high street stores such as River Island and Topshop.. and I absolutely love it! but I don’t know why..

Maybe it’s because it’s such a massive statement piece that it doesn’t require much effort, for example, with this shirt I’d tuck it into some black skinnies, throw on some heels (or flats if its in the day) and I’m good to go ;)

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