Malle’s Rufio Woods
in iCad’s wood colors & in 3 sizes

After so much concrete, how about some fishtail parquet wood floors? I really love the ones in this set by Malle, so I recolored them in iCad’s Wood colors and added an extra, smaller size. All files are labeled and a collection is included as well! Hope you enjoy them, and I wish you a very fun weekend ;)

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August 16, 2015- Selena Gomez slayed us earlier today when she served sexy elegance at Jennifer Klein’s Day of Indulgence Summer Party. She wore an Atea Oceanie Ivory Slip Dress from the label’s Spring 2015 collection. Sadly this dress is now sold out :( 

She complimented her look with a Louis Vuitton Purse  and Jimmy Choo Pumps

Get her look with these silp dresses:

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the packaging on that Star Wars Cover Girl makeup line is the laziest thing i’ve ever seen, it’s like insulting honestly

“it says STAR WARS on the side of this lipstick and that’s all it’s gonna take to make a sale so let’s not put ANY extra effort into this and be depressingly transparent in our attempts to just sell you this thing!!! like honestly ANY franchise name could be printed on this nail polish bottle with zero other packaging tweaks and you acknowledgement-starved nerd girls would still eat that shit up!!!!”

yeah no not here for it sorry!!!!

In 2002, the late Yves Saint Laurent graced the world with his final haute couture collection. Sadly, the company’s couture business has remained dormant ever since. Twelve years laters, and with the absence of the ‘Yves’, the newly branded Saint Laurent house relocated both its ateliers to the historic Hôtel de Sénecterre, reuniting the brand with its Rive Gauche heritage. The restoration of the 2,100sq meter site, completely in traditional 18th century French style, was overseen by the brand’s Creative Director Hedi Slimane. Earlier this year the designer officially revived the couture label unveiling his debut collection of one-of-a-kind women’s and menswear pieces which embody the essence of the Rive Gauche. The highly exclusive collection carries the iconic Yves Saint Laurent ivory silk label and will only be available to close acquaintances of the house with each order being recorded in a gold monogram book, naturally! #meandmybentley


‘[BL]IZZARD graduate collection - Izzard - Esmod Berlin - via NJAL

“Izzard experiments with new materials and shapes, together with mixing materials that may not be usually considered to go with each other.”

Arthur and Puff are everywhere …
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Old Digger Bundaberg Rum label by State Library of Queensland
Via Flickr:
Creator: Unidentified Location: Brisbane, Queensland View this image at the State Library of Queensland: Information about State Library of Queensland’s collection: This image is in our Commercial Label Collection at SLQ. You are free to use this image without permission. Please attribute State Library of Queensland.


There are two theories which could explain my recent tendency towards dressing in clothes which pop. 

  1. Hayfever is prematurely affecting my brain
  2. It breeds confidence

I like to think the latter theory fits my current situation better. We all know that sense of self consciousness when we walk out of the house any day, however small it may be. It tugs at the bottom of the stomach in twangs and as the clothes become bolder, the twangs grow with them. Lately I have decided to go against those little voice telling me that people will look at me funny, telling me that I am overdressed or under dressed, that my outfit is too daring or too simple. Because who’s to stop me from looking fabulous if I want to? Unless you’re a attending a funeral or plan to rob a building in the middle of the night, dress codes can be disregarded as silly social expectations. Now, I already find myself more comfortable wearing whatever it is that I decide to wear. 

Sometimes simple is better. At other times, there is no such thing as OTT. Today seemed to me to be the perfect day to don this culottes and bomber set. The grass felt greener, the sun warmer. Really no different from grey on grey, this patterned pair is a fail proof way to hail in spring when it hasn’t even started yet. This outfit is the wrecking ball of the culotte trend and sweeps up the sneaker trend in its midst. However, it keeps a point of difference with its unique pattern which sets it apart from becoming monotonous. It transitions from day to night like a dream, because it glows at any point in the day. 

I don’t know about you, but my head’s definitely up in the clouds.


  • C/meo Collective Bomber jacket and culotte set (sample)
  • Country Road mesh insert tee
  • Nike class tennis sneakers
  • Wittner ‘Flame’ purse

Love, Ingrid

We would like to introduce you all to the NEW face of d-rayled @jamiecahill89
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