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Could I maybe have some Victorian/Vintage themed crafts? Like tea sets and leather kind books or, whatever you'd like.

Thanks for submitting a request! This was a fun one to do. 

DIY Clear Labels through Packing Tape Image Transfer

DIY Embroidered Vintage Wall Clock

DIY Teacup Candles

DIY Vintage Clock

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I think we need to spread the idea that it’s OK to not have an opinion about something.

It seems we live in an age where you either have an opinion or you do not exist online. We’re replacing character and personality with labels and opinions. Everyone has to have an opinion about everything as fast as possible, or else they don’t matter and therefore fade away.

If you feel like if you don’t know all the facts, or you think that new information might come out, or you believe a situation is too complex, you don’t have to form an opinion or a judgement. You are under no obligation to pick a side, and under no obligation to stick to a side.

Not having an opinion isn’t a sign of stupidity, or weakness, it’s a sign of restraint, consideration and wisdom.

At least, that’s my opinion.

Notte infinite aspettando quell’alba che non sorgerà
pensavo soltanto ad una cosa, fuggire lontano da qua
ricordo avevo solo buio intorno
so che avrei dato luce a questo sogno
io lo sapevo
ci credevo
me lo ripetevo
ogni maledetto giorno.
—  Mostro, ogni maledetto giorno.