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Could I maybe have some Victorian/Vintage themed crafts? Like tea sets and leather kind books or, whatever you'd like.

Thanks for submitting a request! This was a fun one to do. 

DIY Clear Labels through Packing Tape Image Transfer

DIY Embroidered Vintage Wall Clock

DIY Teacup Candles

DIY Vintage Clock

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Notte infinite aspettando quell’alba che non sorgerà
pensavo soltanto ad una cosa, fuggire lontano da qua
ricordo avevo solo buio intorno
so che avrei dato luce a questo sogno
io lo sapevo
ci credevo
me lo ripetevo
ogni maledetto giorno.
—  Mostro, ogni maledetto giorno.
I want to stop labeling foods,

Although we all know that the health benefits and nutritional value of an apple outweigh the health benefits and nutritional value of an Oreo, lets be real- that Oreo is delicious.

A goal that I have for myself this year is to stop labeling foods as good and bad. For many years I’ve restricted what I can eat due to foods being “bad”. By bad I simply mean foods that are low in nutritional value, high in calories, or you know…too delicious. Foods like chips, pizza, muffins, bagels, french fries, etc. Foods that I absolutely love. But I wouldn’t touch them for years.

Due to myself restricting so badly I would often binge on these delicious foods as soon as I had a bite of one. I went into a frenzy of eating every “bad” food I could find because who knew the next time I was going to “be able to” eat these foods again.

I’m currently working on enjoying everything in moderation. I still aim to have a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious foods but I’m done saying no to onion rings, ice cream, and candy in moderation. So far I’ve found that I do not binge nearly as much eating this way and that I’m so much happier overall.

It’s been a hard transition, and it’s going to continue to be hard but I’m happy with the path I’m taking and really hope that I can keep this up. Mostly because, man, that grilled cheese and chips for lunch today were really delicious.