Inclusion moving L to B

Turns out I’m not lesbian, I’m bi , at the moment,
I’m sleeping with a guy, and for my atonement,
I’m scared you’ll all reject me,
and eject me from this scene I’ve seen
and been a part of for years,
to grow apart from my community
for this digression,
lesbian imperfection,
lesbiman indescretion,
desecrating my lesbimating,
consecrating blasphemanley,
decorating me with no gold stars,
-no honours here,
just drama battle scars.

You fuck and you fickle,
you swap and you prickle,
you flock and little by little,
you tangle and obsess to undress
and attach by attack,
with a lack of finesse,
hacking my heart with your best guess
pressing me to say yes
and commit,
week one, click , cat, house, tick.
But you’re all dicks.
Week two, it’s a mess,
and you’re testing my faithfulness
with pressure,
and take my unrestfulness,
as a message
that you need to cling and cry
and desperately prise
us apart
and then Pride-wounded heart,
angrily hungers to hurl hurts back.
Attack! Attack!
Retreat, ladies, you’re all crazy and mean,
I mean who wants to be on your scene. I’ve seen how you are,
how you live and you booze,
how you fling and you flooze,
how you win and you lose,
how you masturbate away your hate
rubbing clits on your cliquey lesbimates,
but you’re straight??
You’re with a man?
Wait- So you’re straight now? How can you?
I can’t know you now.
No, no, …you… wow!
Ow! You disappoint us,
you’re not one of us,
I dis-appoint you from our community,
disavow you from our impunity,
disdain you for your opportunity
to find love in a way that’s in tune with you.
You’re singing in a new key,
and we
eject you,
bisexual reject,
will never be accepted here.
You’re not queer. You’re not gay.
You’re not one of us , you’ve strayed
into straight,
..but I’m not, I’m still queer,
I’m still here,
lesbiMan who’s dear to me
but I don’t want to lose my identity,
Swapping L for B,
I’m still in the crew just two to the right,
might you just see me for who I am
Not a label or a fight-
We fought for these rights
but inclusion starts from within
and I want to stay in.
So though I sin in your eyes,
letting a man in between my thighs,
this shouldn’t make us enemies,
new to B in the LGBT
please include me.