Do you believe in love at first sight .. or how about falling in love in a week .. or when is the right time to fall in love.. Who set the rules for a time frame that will be acceptable for someone to fall in love with another person?? I think i fell completely in love with this guy that came to KFC to see me one day . I was scared at first because i don’t know what i was feeling and then only thing i can think about is seeing , hugging , kissing, smiling , spending time with that person . The moment that i felt is arms around me i felt like i was in some other place .. so the day before Valentines i decided to tell him. When i told him that I was in love with him i let him know that i wasn’t expecting him to say it back or to feel the same way .. He said I LOVE YOU TOO… at that moment I believed in love at first sight. Since 2/10/2009 we have been inseparable..



let me lead you featuring la rok.  version 1.  armand van helden.