Poem 3

(based on the painting La Voix Du Sang by Rene Magritte, which you can see here

Dear Mr. Tree, why do you weep so?
Does society have such an effect on you?
Your beauty has been impeded by the disgraceful world,
And your life shortened beyond repair.

Mr. Tree, does the moon keep you safe?
Will you hold fast to that glowing ball that gives you light?
It will be your friend in your darkest times,
But it cannot stop society.

Mr. Tree, do the mountains protect you?
Do they rise up against the wicked ways?
The barriers will cannot last forever,
But they may keep your dreams alive.

Mr. Tree, could you forgive the world?
And those who do not see your importance?
Soon the repercussions will come
From interrupting your solitude.