Teacher and student face each other, woman and man. Between them: heat, an insurmountable wall. The wall prevents them from climbing across and sucking out the other’s blood. Teacher and student are seething with love and a comprehensible desire for more love.

'The Piano Teacher' by Elfriede Jelinek

Las 20 películas más tristes que he visto

1. La vida es bella

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3. En busca de la felicidad

4. Hachiko

5. El diario de Noa - The Notebook

6. I am Sam

7. Patch Adams

8. El Rey León- The Lion King 

9. Mi chica- My Girl

10. Titanic

11. P.S. I love you - P.D: Te quiero

12. UP

13. La lista de Schindler

14. Toy Story 3

15. El pianista- The pianist

16. Gladiator

17. El último samurai- The last samurai

18. Bambi

19. 7 almas - Seven pounds

20. Un punte hacia Terabithia- Bridge to Terabithia