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Themostrandomfandom’s Author Interview

Yes, we have saved some heavy hitters for this last week of BrittanaCon Author Interviews!  We aren’t sure if you’ve heard of this quiet little fandom genius who goes by JJ or themostrandomfandom but you should probably go check out her stuff if you haven’t. ;)  Not only is she the best Brittanalyzer around, she’s written on of the most moving and epic Brittana stories to ever exist, The Knife Thrower’s Daughter.  She’s been a big supporter of our Con, we can’t wait for the second annual Dramatic Reading of JJ’s Tags at this year’s convention!!!  Thanks so much to JJ for her support and for taking the time to answer the plethora of questions we sent and thank you to all who submitted them!  Enjoy!

1) What do you think are your particular strengths as a Brittana writer? What do you wish you did better? (Submitted by Lindsey via email)

One of my strengths as a Brittana writer is my ability to write “quiet Brittana” (i.e., Brittany and Santana just enjoying private, low-key moments together). Another one of my strengths as a Brittana writer is in allowing Brittana’s gestures to do a lot of “work” within my prose.

Something I wish I could do better as a Brittana writer would be to write “Snix.” In canon, Santana can be truly caustic, even though I think that, at her core, she is an inherently sweet and vulnerable person. When I write Santana, I tend to heavily favor her sweetness over her edge. It is very difficult for me to write Santana being genuinely mean to people, so I always tend to always vindicate her or even downplay or sidestep some of the harsher things she says.

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