Reasons why The Greatest Showman was better than La La Land

It had a diverse cast that weren’t white, skinny, middle upper class people

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They could actually dance #sorrynotsorry

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The romance was real and made the audience actually feel something

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It celebrated more then just show business success, it celebrated humanity.

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The songs were musically apealing using crescendos and decrescendos and reprises instead of the same piano riff played over and over again.

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All the songs were fucking bangers, not just one piano song.

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The choreography and setting was fucking stunning.

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Had scenes that gave the audience chills. (Not gonna lie I cried during this is me while bopping my head)

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The movie left the audience leaving the cinema smiling so what if it was predictable so was a while girl making it in Hollywood. The songs were raw and heart felt with more then two characters. The cast were diverse in a realistic setting. The ending didn’t leave the majority of audience looking up YouTube videos for ending explanations. Also this is me is my literal religion.

High key will fight everyone on this.

The good bits of 2017

There’s Probably more things that aren’t here, I loved making the list last year to prove it’s not all bad, and this year is just the same, not everything this year has been bad, there’s tonnes of good things

Feel free to add your own stuff as well

Good things from 2017:

- Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon

- jacksepticeye’s #overnightwatch stream

- the eclipse

- The switch’s amazing intro to gaming

- The moonlight v la la land slip up

- The Wonder Woman movie

- Harry Potter and the portrait of what looked like a large pile of ash

- Lord Buckethead running against Theresa may

- Covefefe

- A talk on North Korea being interrupted by the guy’s kids

- Dear Evan Hansen

- The disaster artist brought the room to thousands of new people

- Pixar’s Coco

- And the subsequent removal of the frozen short from before coco

- Spider-Man homecoming

- NBC’s the good place

- Baby drivers amazing choreographic fight scenes

- Ted Cruz liking porn on his official twitter

- Dream daddy dating sim

- Donald trump’s twitter being deleted for 11 minutes

- Fortnite gave pubg something to fight with

- Mario odyssey and Zelda breath of the wild put Nintendo on all gaming top 10 lists

- Stranger things 2

- The new IT movie was amazing

- Star Wars the last Jedi

- Thor Ragnarok

- The emoji movie was so shit it was stupidly hilarious

- The snowman, cause ya know what is deffo scary and not at all a hilarious idea, scary snowmen

- Jodie Whitaker as the doctor

- Blue planet 1 & 2

- A series of unfortunate things gave us a better evil Neil Patrick Harris than doctor horrible

- Castlevania got a cool gruesome anime

- Doki doki literature club defied expectations and creeped out many

- American vandal helped Netflix poke fun at itself and the education system

- Sonic forces let us all create our own fursonas

- Mario and rabbids: kingdom battle surprised everyone with its goodness

- Dodie Clark’s You EP

- dodie Clark’s “in the middle”

- Critical role had an amazing ending filed with heart ache and epic magic

- The adventure zone’s first big story came to an end with plot twist after plot twist we all loved it

- Disney added it’s first gay character in le fou (not a good start but a start)

- Pokemon for the switch was announced

- Brooklyn nine-nine just got better and better #BiRosa

- Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 has an amazing soundtrack yet again

- The Lego Batman movie gave us the best batman film since the dark night trilogy

- bendy and the ink machine

- life is strange: before the storm

- the final fanf game? Maybe??? Probably not

The more serious good stuff:

- The royal engagement

- Hundreds of nfl players took the knee

- A treatment for ALS has been found

- A device has been created to help heal burn victims

- Stefán Karl stefánsson becoming free of cancer

- A new record was set by Peggy whitson for the most days spent in space

- Malala yousafzai started college

- All the women’s marches

- Everyone from the #meToo movement