21 Questions With KiiDdLyEe

1. hey how are you doing ? im doing good thanks for asking 

2. As a artist what are some of your morals or standards ? to stay true to myself & what i believe in .. 

to never conform for hype or attention & to spread more knowledge then negativity 

3. Which Hip-Hop artist is your biggest influence or name your influences

 i would say nas off top .

4. Who is your favorite Wu Tang Clan member ?

 rae & ghost .. if your a real wu tang fan you would know those 2 can count as 1 the way the come together on a track .

5. Name some of your favorite producers ?

right now im into a lot of underground guys like knx , eli myles , canis major , luxury just to name a few .

6. Where do you envision yourself in 5 years ?

i see myself living comfortably in a great creative space .

7. Tell us about your ties from the West Coast ?

well when i was 16 i moved to san diego *southern cali* & started going to olympian highschool my first day of school i met my whole group of friends everybody really just embraced me with open arms & from there i just kept meeting more & more people .

8. Where do you envision your $x$/FM$ crew at in 5 years

if we stay strong & continue to work together anything is possible we have a lot of people in the squad so if one of us make it we all do

i could see us being on a world tour 

9. what is one of your favorites songs & the story behind it  ? 

i would say amitas dream .. i always promised my first love i was going to make her a song .. cause she always was a genuine fan of my music & she was always moving back and fourth down south and i thought i would never see her again .. & with most of the first verse it was an experience i had one night waiting for a train with this random girl 

who told me her life story & it inspired me, knowing that i would never see her again i felt a certain connection and put the two together.

but the main thing about that song is i put my dreams into existence i gave life to the thought of love .. 

10. tell us about your latest mixtape “The Drop " 

the drop was a collection of unreleased and new songs i have been working on .. i wanted people to get a better understanding of where i was coming from .. the way i put the songs together was so if you listen to it start to finish you will feel like you know me more .. like you have some sort of connection  

11. how do you feel about the music scene in your hometown long island

the scene out here is really .. idk the word for it but everybody is either going for the same mainstream sound that is popular right now .. or just too busy focused on everybody else .. its similar to the city with the crab in the bucket mentality but the only difference is that there is no one "on” from long island .. no one in our generation has really made it from here 

12 . what made you want to get grillz .. ? 

well when i was younger my father had them .. and lots of other flashy jewelry,  me and my little brother use to put on all his chains and rings we wanted to be just like him.. at a young age we were enticed by his lifestyle  .. & as i got older growing up i fell in love with southern culture i was big lil wanye fan when he first came out with the hot boyz 

13 . are you single ? 



14. If you got into a relationship would that effect your music ? Do you even care for relationships ?

it depends on the space that im in sometimes nothing can effect my creative space, & sometimes any little thing can disrupt it .. but all my relationships had some effect to my music because i mostly speak about past experiences and real shit i go through ..  and yes i do care for relationships as much as i like be alone i cherish stability  

15. name a few artist you would like to collab with ..

isaiah rashad, sgp, joey badass, kendrick lamar, sza, robb banks, raekwon, ghost, max b,

j cole, dom kennedy, jhene aiko, freddie gibbs, & bj the chicago kid, sampha

16. how do you feel about people who talk down about you & your music ?

i honestly dont care what people think i make music for myself & people like myself i could never let somebody tell me about my passion what i live & what i love to do .. but i take constructive criticism very well as long as its coming from a positive space

17. you seem to rap a lot about your father .. how was your relationship with your parents growing up ?

well yeah my relationship with my mom has always been on the rocks .. she was a single parent of 3 working 2 jobs & going to


to hold the family down .. we never really had the time to connect i guess

and my father was everything my whole life he did everything for me & was always there for me and my little brother esco .. he caught a murder charge & got locked up when i was 8

18. how did that affect you ? did it break you or make you stronger ?

i loved him to death so it affected me really badly at first .. everything changed , it made me feel like i was alone i felt like i was in there with him ..

it definetly broke me in my younger days but as i got older it made me stronger & gave me a reason to keep pushing forward 

19. what is your creative process like ? do you have to put yourself in a certain mood or does it just come naturally ?

i like to not write for short periods of time .. let my thoughts , ideas & emotions build up naturally it feels more organic to me then just forcing myself to think .. but for the most part ill just be vibing out and start freestyling what i feel and then work off what i got .. & sometimes ill hear a beat and know exactly what i want to say it all just comes to me ..

20. how do you go about picking beats ? some of the production you choose is very different what is the process like ?

it all depends on how im feeling at the moment sometimes i just search for a certain sound or type beats that match my mood .. other times i just check for any new stuff from producers that i follow .. sometimes i find beats that i like but wont exactly know what i want to say on them yet so i put them in the vault and come back to them later .. but i know in the first 30 seconds if the beat is right for me .. if it speaks to me ill get right at it

21. how would you compare yourself to other up incoming aritst ? 

i wouldnt compare myself to anyone .. cause i am my own person.

Questions Provided By Logan Tarantino & Various Supporters