My back spot since 2009, love him to death! Different gyms, same stunt group 💛 Everyone come cheer on Cheer Express Gold at 2:08 in the Jostens! #LYMI (at ESPN Wide World of Sports)


East Celebrity Elite J5 They’re amazing!


Hi tumblr, 

There is a friend, former teammate, coach, and an amazing person who needs everyones help! Her name is AJ and she is 27 years old. She has been battling cancer for the past year and has gotten to the point to it is now stage 4. She needs everyones help, she is going to texas to get treatment, she deserves to be healthy, she is an amazing athlete, coach, family member, friend, and stranger who comes her way. She coaches 5 dance teams and her dance team won the dance worlds two years in a row… she was the first to ever do it! Please help her out by donating whatever you can and reblog this PLEASE so it gets around! She is an amazing person! LYMI AJ! Please help her so she can survive this. She is such a fighter. Praying every single day for her!


Lionel Richie, You are the Sun

Yes! Sunny day will not be rained on by relentless negativity!