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(Sorry if this breaks ruls/faqs. My phone wouldnt lwt me look at them) but, do you know any college friendly spells? Like ones i dont need a candle for. Or ones tjat i can do silently if my roommate is around? Thank you so much!!

None that I’m aware of, but you can make a spell college friendly by adapting it. For example:

- Instead of saying the words, think them.

- Imagine casting them instead of actually casting them (sometimes works, but it’s a more advanced technique)

- Replace a candle with an electric wax melter.

- Spray a mix of a water + a safe herb instead of incense.

if i ever get close at a concert
  • harry:does anyone have a good joke they'd like to share?
  • harry:ok, you. what's your joke? *hands mic to security person*
  • me:*takes mic and clears throat while looking into louis' eyes* i am in fact straight
  • crowd:ayyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee
  • harry:ayyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee
  • security:ayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee
  • louis:ayyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee
  • world:ayyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee