Murder Of Brittni Pater

In the early hours on the 5th of February 2000 in Arkansas, 15 year old Brittni Pater was lure out of her home by her boyfriend Matthew Elliot and his friend William Davis. Pater was pregnant and believed she was being taken to have an abortion, however she was taken to an old gravel pit where Elliot bludgeoned to death before running her over.

The boys had planned the murder in advance as they dug the grave where Brittni’s body was placed. It’s claimed they even bragged about what they did afterwards and where even heard plotting her murder. Authorities believe Brittni knew she was going to die when she left as she left a note for her parents and a bible verse.

Matthew Elliot and William Davis were both sentenced to life without parole

In 2017, Elliot and Davis are facing retrials as they were under 18 when sentenced to lwop

Dylann Roof State Trial part 1

“I do”

Answering questions about his education.

“I was in a courtroom once but I wasn’t charged”.

Judge read the dates of the psy reports and competency hearings.

Dylann Roof is found competent again.

He pleads guilty 9 murders charges.

Roof says he understands he will get LWOP x 9.

Roof says he understands he give up his right to a jury trial.

Roof says he understands he has 10 days to appeal his guilty plea.

anonymous asked:

Has Alan heard anything yet regarding Hurst? Mike heard back hella quick! I'm really praying for alan to get a "better" outcome (LWOP). Statistically speaking, what are the chances his entire sentence can be overturned if he gets LWOP and appeals the sentence from there? He should get a lawyer like Annalise (How to get away with murder; I know she's not real people calm your tits, I just mean someone with the same skills as her)

His sentence was vacated beginning of May, but the State appealed, but then they withdrew the appeal, so his death sentence is officially vacated now apparently. Honestly it’s been such a big mess these last two months, even him doesn’t really know what’s going on - he even asked me on the phone last time if his sentence was or was not vacated now… 
So I guess now we’ll go to a re-sentencing hearing where people will argue if he deserves to live or not… not in a hurry to witness that.

It’s impossible to say what are his chances of ever going out. I believe he would have a fair chance if he could get a new trial, but I’m quite pessimistic about him getting that trial. He has a good legal team, compared to his lawyers back then who were/are absolutely incompetent 😱.

I laughed at “calm your tits” 😅, each time I get mad, Alan says “tough titties” 🤣

James Holmes gets sentenced to LWOP

James Holmes was sentenced to life without parole today by a jury at a Colorado courthouse.

The jury deliberated for just under 7 hours.

In order for Holmes to have received the death penalty, the jury – comprised of 9 women and 3 men – would have had to all agree on death as the punishment for Holmes.

LWOP [life without parole], more than any other form of incarceration, imposes a permanent disruption on the marginal and minority communities. It permanently hardens the psychological degradation of distressed minority communities by conveying the message that offenders from these communities are distinctly irredeemable: they must be locked up forever because they could never change.
—  Life Without Parole: America’s New Death Penalty? Ed. Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. and Austin Sarat