i think this is my favorite scene in little white lie. it was really special because no one was expecting it. duder was so socially awkward and seemed so uninterested that it was almost shocking that he said these things. and the way tanya reacted was perfect because she didn’t know that anyone could feel that way about her because she thought that everyone hated her. and duder meant every word he said to her, even though it was hard for the words to come out


Chuck Criss (featuring Darren Criss) performs “The City” from Little White Lie at The Mint February 20, 2014

While we were writing it, we knew that it was going to be such a music focused show, that we would need to have tons of music…..I had a very good friend named Grant Anderson…..and we said, you are going to the music guy…..and maybe you will play Toby….And it was kind of known thing at U of M that summer, at least among the theater kids, that some of the theater kids had won $20,000 and were going to make a web series…..

And we were talking to this dude who we new from theater classes, but I at least never really talked to, I don’t think Nick had really talked to him either. He was sitting on a stoop and we were chatting about this project - the music thing. And he said “You know, I write music I could help you guys out”, and we said “Yeah, he seems like a pretty cool guy, let’s do it.” And that guy was, you know, Darren…Darren Criss who also went to our college. And this was the beginning of the relationship between all of us and him, as far as I know.

And he came in and he started writing songs. And there was a little bit of tension between him and my friend Grant because Grant thought he was going to be the music guy. But then Darren came in and Darren was writing just incredible songs, like, I think a lot of people know…they know what a good composer he is. That he writes incredible pop rock music, that is so emotional and interesting. And we picked his songs over some songs that Grant wrote. We basically moved the songs that Grant wrote to other places in the show……And we gave, of course, Toby to Darren instead.

—  Eric Kahn Gale on meeting Darren Criss for the first time and how he became involved in Little White Lie (x)