‘Avocado Co-wash’ conditioner
Co-washing basically means ‘conditioner washing’, cleansing the hair using a conditioner as opposed to a shampoo.
This amazing product has Fresh Avocado, Extra virgin olive oil and cider vinegar. It gently cleanses without stripping the hair of its naturally protective oils.

Just wet the hair and slip a piece of this co-wash directly over the hair and massage root to tip then give a really good rinse, then enjoy you silky, hydrated hair.

Imagine the scent of sweet oranges wafting off your gorgeous locks. Braziliant is reminiscent of warm Rio sunshine, perfect for moisturising curly or Afro-Caribbean hair.

Fresh organic orange and sweet orange oil helps remove light dandruff, detangles the hair whilst helping to absorb excess sebum the hair produces. Ylang ylang is a light perfuming flower which creates a light fragrance gently blending with the orange oils in your lovely locks. You simply must try it! It’s Rio-lly good!

Stop scrolling. Take a breath. Lean back in your chair and allow me to transport you away for a few minutes…Imagine yourself aboard the deck of a ship. The rhythmic sway of the sea, fresh salt water spray and a cool breeze relieving you from the heat of the sun. Beside you stands a man. Jason, captain of the Argo and leader of the Argonauts. He is on a quest to find the golden fleece on the far side of the world.

Well my friends, your quest for mythic hair care is over! Jason and the Argan oil is here to soften and nourish your legendary locks. Argan oil, commonly referred to as “liquid gold”, is enriched with vitamin E and adds sleek and shine to dry, damaged hair. It moisturises both the hair and scalp which can relieve itching and can help prevent dandruff. Rose absolute is soothing and restorative while Sicilian lemon oil is wonderful for detoxing, improves the circulatory system and breaks down excess sebum produced by the scalp making it suitable for oily hair. We’ve also added geranium oil as a gentle antibacterial, to encourage the recycling of dead skin cells and promote new growth. The Olympians will be positively sea-green with envy of your gorgeous hair! Why not come by and investigate for yourselves?