Luminary Youth - World Ends (Sleep Sex)

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There’s a kind of peaceful collectedness about the way Orlando producer, Luminary Youth, weaves together hip-hop influenced sounds, subtle vocal samples, and smooth almost floating beats. I recently came upon his soundcloud, and found a huge backlog of really solid tracks. Most recent is his EP, Satorion, just released about a week ago. You can pick that up for a meager $1 on his bandcamp.

There’s not much to learn about Luminary Youth, but I think this French quote found on all his accounts might be telling, so I’ll leave you with that:

Je voyais la réalité, qui est le plus puissant des hallucinogènes 

I saw the reality, which is the most powerful hallucinogen


Luminary Youth- Diamond Skies (Warpaint)


Orlando’s Luminary Youth just dropped his new EP Satorion and “Honey” is certainly one of the notable highlights of the release. Pitch-shifted vocal samples skip and loop around vibrantly atop an almost bleary-eyed and smokey atmosphere while steady beats backdrop the short yet refreshing piece. You can grab the track and the rest of the EP over at Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

MP3: Luminary Youth - Honey